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  1. retrospectacle

    NHL Discussion

    Stats don't mean squat in the post season. I'm making another prediction: devils stun philly in 6! Not that I care one way or the other, just calling it as I see it. Apparently, I gave Philly more credit than they deserved. Still called it pretty close though.
  2. retrospectacle

    Looking for an opinion of this band

    Not connected to the band at all, I'm a friend of someone connected to the band. They're really not my taste which makes it hard for me to judge. You're input is greatly appreciated. No offense taken whatsoever.
  3. I thought there was a thread for checking out new bands but, that damned search feature is useless. Anyway, I'd love an honest opinion of this band. They're name is Love in War and they just self-released their first cd and video. Check it out if you have the time. I'm kind of biased so I was hoping for some constructive feedback. So, if you dig it, please spread the word. If you really like them, I can get a few promo copies of the disc and pass along for further review. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.
  4. retrospectacle

    NHL Discussion

    How so?
  5. It's now the on line equivalent of hanging out at the mall food court. The only thing worth reading now are the pro sports threads. Sad really.
  6. retrospectacle

    NHL Discussion

    Stats don't mean squat in the post season. I'm making another prediction: devils stun philly in 6! Not that I care one way or the other, just calling it as I see it.
  7. retrospectacle

    NHL Discussion

    I'm calling it now; Devils in 2nd OT.
  8. retrospectacle

    MLB Discussion

    Michael Pineda is done for the season and will most likely miss all of spring training next year, too. Sucks to be a Yankee fan today.
  9. retrospectacle

    NHL Discussion

    This just gets better and better... Milan Michalek will not face discipline after he appeared to kick Dan Girardi with his skate Monday. It was reported that the league would review the incident but Brendan Shananigan only issued a warning to Senators general manager Bryan Murray. No suspension or a fine for Michalek even though there has been precedent for discipline on such plays. Carolina's Jeff Skinner and Anaheim's Bobby Ryan both earned two-game suspensions for similar incidents in the past. Shananigan needs to be fired now before it gets any worse.
  10. retrospectacle

    NHL Discussion

    This is why Shanahan sucks and this is why Chris Neil is an asshole: Chris Neil doesn't get reviewed by the League after his hit on Boyle, then he get's a taste of his own medicine last night night with a good hit by Michael Del Zotto and then in a post-game rant he promises revenge for the hit. “I’m sure I’ll catch him with his head down one of these times,” Neil said. Now, even though everyone says Neils hit on Boyle was "clean", if you watch the replay from the camera that follows Neil as that play unfolds, you clearly see his eyes on Boyle the entire time as he lines up for the cheap shot. No doubt he intended to injure. So, since he wasn't disciplined, he has no problem telling the media what his intent is for the next game. It's a joke. The best part about the hit last night is after he get's up and makes his way back to the bench he is LIVID!! He is screaming his head off about the non-call and the hit to HIS head. You can actually read his lips as he screams over and over "Oh, you want to play that way! That's the way you wanna play, OK, OK?!?" He's so mad it looks like his head is going to explode. I mean, correct me if I'm wrong but, isn't HE the one that decided to "play that way"? He's an ass. And by the way, Chris Neil's feet played a major role in BOTH of Ottawa's goals last night (the first goal ligit, the second, not so much).
  11. retrospectacle

    NHL Discussion

    None. Speaking as a Ranger fan, I can care less about the Sabres. Unless we're playing them on New Years Eve in Buffalo. We ALWAYS lose on NYE in Buffalo.
  12. retrospectacle

    WTT David Bowie & Ryan Adams 7 RSD

    Anything from previous RSD's you might be willing to trade for? I'd be interested in the Ryan Adams 7".
  13. retrospectacle

    NHL Discussion

    Philly needs to drive the stake through the heart next game, quit fuckin' around already. I don't need the Pens pulling a Boston Red Sox comeback and riding that high all the way to the cup finals.
  14. retrospectacle

    NHL Discussion

    Hagelin has never even been dealt a major penalty...ever, let alone ever injure anyone. Shanny needs to be suspended! I'm fuckin' perplexed! It wasn't even the most violent moment of the game! Not even close! The kid is a cream puff compared to all the other thugs who have received far less for doing much worse! It's a joke! Sorry for all the exclamation points but I'm just so pissed! I hope they bring in Chris Kreider now to replace Hagelin so he can put up a hat trick in his first NHL game.
  15. retrospectacle

    NHL Discussion

    Can someone get the brooms out? I will be so happy to see a sweep!