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  1. Thank you. Will all due respect, I appreciate your help but I prefer to do this the way I am doing it. I am aware of expressobeans. You logic in your pricing is your opinion. Just because it was sold once in 2017 for 1350 does not make it "worth" $2k in 2020. It does not even make it "worth" $1350 in 2017. Juturna most recent recorded sale is $52 in 2010. Surely that doesn't mean it is worth only $852 in 2020. I agree these prints are collectively worth "Thousands" - but individually they are worth "Hundreds" -- Maybe it is just a difference in semantics, I didn't expect someone to harp on that part of my post as much as you did. ex: $1300 is hundreds. $2300 warrants "thousands". In my eyes, whether literally accurate or not I didn't give it much thought when typing. I've editing the post for semantics. I do appreciate your recommendation but I prefer to first start a conversation with someone and gain an understanding of the condition of the print and the way it has been stored before making an offer to them. Appreciate your posts though.
  2. Thank you. Yes I am completely aware of how much they go for and am more than happy to pay a fair price. Thanks.
  3. Hello there. I am hoping to find someone, probably a Circa Survive fan, that may have acquired a couple of Esao Andrews prints that were sold around 2007 - 2008. The prints would be Juturna, On letting Go, and The Thinker. I am willing to pay a hundreds or thousands of dollars for them depending on condition. If you have acquired one of these prints back then and still have them and want to make a lot of money let me know Thanks