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  1. Selling these Appleseed Cast records that I don't listen to. They're all in near mint condition, opened, and unplayed. Vinyl has been put in anti-static inner sleeves. Prices do not include shipping. Appleseed Cast End of Ring Wars 2xLP Orange $75.00 Appleseed Cast Peregrine LP Black 1st Press $30.00 Appleseed Cast Mare Vitalis 2xLP Baby Blue/White; Black/Gold $60.00 Appleseed Cast Two Conversations LP Splatter $35.00
  2. Selling a brand new copy of the Neurosis - Strength & Vision box set. It's still sealed in the shipping box, never even cut the tape. I finally got the replacement copy of Sovereign's A/B disc this week, so I'll include that in a separate mailer. $350 shipped to the US via media mail (international, I wouldn't bother, it'll be ridiculously expensive to ship). Paypal/gift payment.
  3. Just updated the list, added a couple of new items, and removed everything that's sold so far.
  4. Sorry, should have clarified, these prices do not include shipping, but I'll only charge whatever the actual cost is. Not looking to gouge anyone! Thank goodness for media mail.
  5. I was amazed that the table format copied over too! I just copied/pasted from my google sheet and it worked. Thanks man!
  6. Selling a bunch of records from my collection. Full list below. I've also got the list posted in a google spreadsheet to track what's still available (crossing out the ones that sell). Here is that LINK. Payments via Paypal to [email protected] I can ship internationally as well. Been running my label for 6 years now, shipped all over the place. Let me know if you have any questions! Artist Album Format Color/Pressing Price Agalloch The Serpent & The Sphere 2xLP Burgundy Translucent 1st Pressing (Ordered from band website) $40.00 Anatomy of Habit LP LP Black $5.00 Anatomy of Habit EP LP Black $5.00 Asva & Philippe Petit Empires Should Burn LP Black $8.00 Atlas Moth Master of Blunt Hits LP Orange $5.00 Atlas Moth Glorified Piece of Blue Sky LP Translucent Blue $16.00 Atlas Moth An Ache for the Distance LP Glow in the Dark $40.00 Atlas Moth The Old Believer LP Red/White Split $20.00 Baroness & Unpersons A Grey Sigh in a Flower Husk LP Purple Sealed $35.00 Beck Odelay 4xLP ORG Box Set $175.00 Belle & Sebastian Fold Your Hands Child... 2xLP 180 gram black $20.00 Belle & Sebastian Push Barman to Open Old Wounds 3xLP Black $30.00 Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes Live at the Greek 3xLP Black $20.00 Circle Takes the Square As the Roots Undo LP Bronze/Ochre mix repress $30.00 Daughters S/T LP Baby Blue $45.00 Decemberists Her Majesty LP Black $12.00 Decemberists The Tain/5 Songs LP Black $18.00 Colin Meloy (Decemberists) Colin Meloy Sings Live 2xLP Black $18.00 Elbow The Seldom Seen Kid 2xLP Black $20.00 Flaming Lips Dark Side of the Moon LP Green RSD $20.00 Hexer S/T LP Black $8.00 Indricothere II LP Black $8.00 Kayo Dot Coyote LP Yellow 1st press /100 $40.00 Kayo Dot Blue Lambency Downward LP White $20.00 Kayo Dot Coffins on Io LP Clear with pink-red marble /300 $45.00 LOON S/T LP Green/Black Marbled $12.00 Loss of Self S/T LP Black $12.00 Lychgate Lychgate LP Black $10.00 Murder by Death Little Joe Gould/Volta do Mar Split LP Orange /1000 180 gram $35.00 Murder by Death Skeletons in the Closet 3xLP Orange/Turquoise/White /1000 180 gram $25.00 nine inch nails I-IV box set (pretty hate machine era) 4xLP Black box set still sealed $50.00 nine inch nails The Slip 2xLP Black $20.00 nine inch nails Ghosts I-IV 4xLP + Blu-Ray Limited edition signed box set with blu-ray audio discs, 2 giclee art prints, art book, and 4xLP $350.00 of Montreal Sunlandic Twins LP Yellow/Blue $30.00 of Montreal Satanic Panic in the Attic 2xLP 180 gram black $10.00 of Montreal Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer? 2xLP 180 gram black $15.00 of Montreal Aldhils Arboretum LP 180 gram black $12.00 OM Variations on a Theme LP Black $15.00 OM Conference of the Birds LP Black $15.00 OM Pilgrimage LP Clear $35.00 OM God is Good LP Black $15.00 OM Advaitic Songs LP Black $20.00 Pelican Fire in our Throats with Beckon the Thaw 2xLP Black German Pressing $22.00 Pelican City of Echoes LP Clear + Light Blue $25.00 Pelican What We All Come To Need 2xLP Clear $25.00 Pelican Forever Becoming 2xLP Black $15.00 Pinback Blue Screen Life 2xLP Blue w/ Black Splatter RSD 2015 $32.00 Poison the Well Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder 10" Black (jacket shows some wear on edges) $15.00 Russian Circles Geneva 2xLP Clear $35.00 Russian Circles Empros 2xLP Black $13.00 Russian Circles Memorial 2xLP Black $14.00 Sleep Dopesmoker 2xLP Translucent Green 180 gram reissue $35.00 Strapping Young Lad City LP+CD+Shirt Box Set $60.00 Strapping Young Lad Heavy as a Really Heavy Thing 2xLP Black 180 gram Blood Music Reissue $40.00 Torche S/T LP Red/Orange/Yellow 3 way $20.00 Torche In Return 10" Pink $20.00 Torche Meanderthal LP Lizard Skin w/ crazy fold out jacket $25.00 Torche Songs for Singles LP Maroon/Pink (The envelope has been opened) $20.00 Torche Part Chimp Split LP Blue vinyl Chunklet exclusive signed by artist $50.00 Torche Harmonicraft LP Black $18.00 Troller S/T LP Black $25.00 Velnias Sovereign Nocturnal LP Black $13.00 VHOL S/T 2xLP Black $22.00 Ween Pure Guava 2xLP Black (Schnitzel Reissue) $50.00 Ween Shinola, Vol. 1 2xLP Black (Schnitzel Reissue) $65.00 Brian Wilson Smile 2xLP Black $65.00 Windhand Soma LP White/Purple Merge /1000 $20.00
  7. Selling some relatively hard to find box sets. I'm pricing around the lowest current prices on Discogs for reference. Send me a PM if interested! nine inch nails - Ghosts I-IV Limited Edition (signed by Trent Reznor) This is the set that comes with the two giclee art pieces, blu-ray audio discs, and 4xLP of the album. I'm the original owner of this set, #2484/2500. I never played the vinyl. I did display the two art pieces in frames and I've put them back in the original art booklet. Asking $350. Beck - Odelay 4xLP ORG set. Never played this one, it's been sitting in the plastic sleeve on my shelf for 8 years. Time to let it go. $175 Sigur Ros - In A Frozen Sea 7xLP set. Also never played this one. Selling for $150. In a few weeks I'll be selling my Neurosis Strength and Vision box set, just waiting for the pressing plant to ship the replacement disc for Sovereign. Should be a week or two. Impulse buy that needs to go.
  8. Just came to post the same thing. I placed my order this morning. Got a call from my local record store last night that it would be available on Monday, but not having to drive, pay tax, or pay for shipping, I'd always rather from bullmoose. Plus their reward points program is awesome!
  9. I listened to Number of the Beast last night (that I ordered from Bullmoose) and I agree that it sounds like a wet blanket over the speakers. I've been listening to the mp3's in my car recently and the vinyl really disappointed. I'll see how the next round sounds.
  10. I got my "bootleg" copy from Bullmoose yesterday. I was kind of disappointed because I didn't realize it was such stripped down packaging. I just thought it was a numbered version. The cover is very plain, and there's no insert or anything. Not sure if the standard edition comes with an insert though. I listened to the A side last night, I enjoyed it quite a bit. It's not Pork Soda, but I'll definitely listen to it more than once or twice.
  11. Hell yes, buying it now. I haven't listened to this album since I was in middle school, but I can't stop. Nostalgia + awesome music.