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  1. Anyone like The Churchill Garden out of Switzerland? Releasing their debut album in a few weeks
  2. Transparent pink vinyl, first album release on the Speedy Wunderground label Chance to win a test pressing if ordered here - https://www.resident-music.com/productdetails&product_id=69872 Also at all the usual UK stores
  3. Picture Disc version at UK Recordstore https://www.recordstore.co.uk/recordstore/Haim/
  4. Ads for this pop up on Facebook several times a day and have done for over a month, almost bought one just to frisbee outta the window
  5. The peacock vinyl arrived today - stunning! No print but digging the lyrics/artwork booklet a LOT. Listening now...
  6. This was one of only 3 things I wanted on LRS Day. Rough Trade (one of my usual go to sites) crashed right at 9 AM. Sped around some of the other UK record shops like Norman, all sold out. Went to the official LRS Day site and started clicking through al the participating shops they had listed. Sold out, sold out, never had it, etc etc. About 30 shops in the angels sang, the harps played and I found a copy - HALLELUJAH! So happy! Sent the link to a pal who also wanted it but was sold out by the time he tried 10 minutes later. Maybe it is all in the chase...?