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  1. I’ll add to the opinion that this pressing sounds great. EVR did a great job with this one.
  2. Deathwish has 8 copies of red left in stock. Just in case anyone was waiting to grab it, I’d do it quick.
  3. On their Instagram they commented in one of the pictures when someone asked about a Rescue repress. They said “at some point I think”.
  4. Ordered the purple and white along with the This Day Foward - In Response color I don’t have. This is sick. Such an underrated album from that time.
  5. Grabbed a Deathwish red. Hope the album rips. Loved pretty much everything they’ve put out.
  6. I’ve literally only listened to s/t once and it’s interesting. Hell Songs on the other hand was on repeat for me back in the day. Whole albums rips.
  7. I found this place a long time ago. I forgot how but I’ve just recently come back. Probably a bad idea though as I’ve almost filled a shelf in my living room already and my wife is getting pissed about it. I need to slow down.
  8. I’ve come back after like a 13 year absence from this place. Hopefully not too much has changed.
  9. Ended up getting brown for Hell Songs after like 5 tries. That website is awful. I don’t know if Robotic Empire is still around but someone needs to put out Canada Songs.
  10. Merchtable. It fucking times out every time. Fuck it. I don’t need hell songs.
  11. I snagged a pink copy as I slept on the first pressing. Sirens is a must though. I prefer Sirens over this album but both are great though.