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  1. Correct me if I'm wrong but that album was never pressed to vinyl. Also this album rips so hard. I love it.
  2. Two if these trees could talk albums are on sale. Fantastic albums.
  3. Thanks, just got one and says one left. P.s. Anyone know what color record this comes with? I'm guessing the yellow /1000.
  4. There was also a reprint of MS Paint posted on convulse today btw. https://www.convulserecords.com/product/mspaint-post-american-12
  5. Nice, Jyocho should be going the same time. I can’t wait for both of these. Ow let’s get the back catalogs pressed!
  6. Like straight up what is with the Brooklyn Vegan/Revolver price gouge? It's $40 shipped for that Squint record. It's $24 before shipping on Deathwish. $6 less.
  7. I'm about to bite the bullet and buy a copy on discogs of Waves. They can hover around 40-50 and I've been waiting years for a repress.
  8. I have a very deep rooted love for Moving Mountains and I think the S/T is their best and most cohesive work besides the Prawn split.
  9. Also, if you go on Wax Bodega's site. In the Vinyl Records category. You will see that they also have As Tall as Lions, Firework, Northstar and Receiving end of sirens listed as well but nothing listed at the moment. Hopefully they are repressing Fireworks - All I have to Offer...
  10. I need a repress of Waves. I wonder if this is like a one time thing with Triple Crown or are they repressing more?
  11. Looking forward to picking up a tour variant soon. Album is solid.
  12. I bought the Tiger one. It's so much but was only $10 more than the regular one and I've been holding off for a repress. Honestly the cheapest you can get it even though it's still expensive. This one is hard to swallow but I've been waiting for it for a long time.
  13. Not sure if you guys listen to Axe to Grind but on the podcast today they said Pain of Truth Lp's and some merch is going up today at noon. Keep your eyes peeled.
  14. I got that Revhq exclusive. 1. Because Revelation is the fucking bomb. 2. Because it matches. Good single also.
  15. Equal vision doing 20% off for Memorial Day. https://equal-vision-records.myshopify.com
  16. I feel like this album deserves a tour more than WTDWYAD. Dream blows that album out of the water. Both are good though.
  17. I meant to order the cloudy blue but somehow ordered the orange moon phase. Oh well. Still kind of irks me I messed up earlier.
  18. I believe I saw a post from Skeletal Lightning about a 2nd press.
  19. My heart always sinks a little when a record comes that rattles a little. Like just package it right, it's not that hard and takes like one extra second to throw some bubble wrap on it.
  20. I just saw it. I picked up a rev copy since the color matches and it came out on Rev first which is cool. Remaster sounds solid also.

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