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  1. New Raspberry Bulbs track is great! Had no idea they signed to Relapse. Stoked for a new album!
  2. Listened to this today... I thought about passing on this since remixes usually are not for me. Glad I did not, because this is really good! I surprisingly enjoyed all tracks! Packaging is cool too. (I opted for the CD since I don't like picture discs)
  3. I also recently got this one. My fiancée cuts my hair with them. I think I've gotten 3 haircuts with them so far. No complaints. Definitely better than my previous cheap clippers.
  4. Too much for me. Hopefully this gets some US distro or a US press.
  5. Always excited about new Baroness! LOL at an 8 second teaser
  6. New song is good! Looking forward to this album!
  7. My favorites so far this year... Also, I haven't listened to it yet, but am excited to hear the new Runespell that just came out! https://ironboneheadproductions.bandcamp.com/album/runespell-order-of-vengeance
  8. Woah, didn't know this was in the works. More excited for this than any other Body collabs! Instant order!
  9. I was at the show in Lancaster tonight. The tour LP was still available at the end of the show. I passed because it was more than I wanted to spend and I didn’t have that much cash on me anyway.
  10. Ordered the Lockin' Out version! Listened to the 7" a ton when it came out. Was wondering when we'd here more from this band. Excited for the LP!
  11. The discogs pictures are pretty much correct. See the original thread from this release for all the info on 1st and 2nd press from the label and band...
  12. Nice. Preordered this and Genocide Pact! Thankfully the release dates are close.