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  1. I searched for this before posting so apologies if already a thread on this...

    I always see people posting things like "got my new record, some static but I haven't cleaned it yet" or something like that.  What tool/method do you use to clean records? I don't have anything and wondering if its worth looking in to/how much of a difference it makes.

  2. New Wild Pink record coming October 14.  Love these guys so I ordered right away, but $10 shipping makes this like $42 all in


    Band variant, limited to 300:

    Double LP vinyl version of Wild Pink's highly anticipated new album, ILYSM. Pressed on galaxy bone & orchid opaque vinyl. Artist exclusive variant - limited to 300 copies. 




    Another Label variant, also 300 sea blue transparent vinyl:


  3. 1 hour ago, mjp75 said:

    Really loved his last album Beginners so hyped for this new album.  It doesn't look like any special versions yet of this so probably holding out a bit to see if any other versions.


    Out April 1




    Wrote this while on the phone and just saw that I wrote "special versions" like I just heard about vinyl records this morning


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