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  1. So excited to finally release this album on vinyl! Originally released on CD in 2008, "What You Were" was one of Decibel magazine's "best of 2008" releases. Limited to 100 copies in the Cavity Records webstore (50 white / 50 black) Link to buy here! http://cavityrecords.bigcartel.com/product/north-what-you-were-lp Listen to the album here.... http://cavityrecords.bandcamp.com/album/what-you-were
  2. Hey guys! Real pumped on this album, Super aggressive mathy/prog/space-rock craziness from Italy. Co-released with some other awesome Euro labels (Small Pond, Subsuburban, To Lose La Track) I have only 85 copies available in the US for now on green colored vinyl (exclusive to Cavity, top left in the giant picture below) Listen to the whole album here for free..... http://valerianswing.bandcamp.com/ and buy the vinyl here..... http://cavityrecords.bigcartel.com/ Thanks for the support! Dan/Cavity
  3. cavitycreep

    Paulson - All At Once 2xLP

    Hey dudes! Dan from Cavity here. Thanks for the love, YES it is for sale for only $5. We pressed too many of these and the band broke up, I'm still sitting on quite a few, I would love to start getting rid of more of these and press more new stuff! I do believe I have some of the other colors available, feel free to email me at [email protected] and we can figure something out....depending on how many are left I might charge a "normal" price (10-15 bucks?) for the more rare copies, who knows, get a hold of me! Dan ps - Will be posting new threads soon for TWO new albums I just released, VALERIAN SWING from Italy (amazing mathy/prog rock, SO good) and the vinyl for NORTH's "What You Were". Trying to get the label up to speed again in 2015, thanks for the support! Dan
  4. Last day of the sale, ends at midnight!
  5. Thanks everyone for all the orders! Will have them all shipped out in the next day or two! ps - incase you didn't see it, the Paulson "All At Once" 2xLP is craaaaazy cheap. If you're in the US, it's only $7.25 after you include shipping and the discount, check it!
  6. Thanks man! And thanks to everyone who ordered so far! dan
  7. Hey people I'm moving out of my office and would like to lighten my moving load as much as possible, so for the next week I'm putting everything on sale, it will be 25% off your total when you check out at the webstore, just make sure to use the promo code CAVITY when you check out! This includes all Cavity releases plus distro items (I just added a bunch of killer stuff). Sale ends 8/17 Also just put some other stuff on sale as well, so shit is super cheap!!!! Check it out, thanks!!! Dan http://cavityrecords.bigcartel.com/
  8. cavitycreep

    Cavity Records

    Very sorry for any delays folks. Any and all pending orders are going out today! Thanks for being patient with me, been a rough month.
  9. Hell yes they do! Awesome dudes as well.
  10. One more day to order and be in on the test press contest, will announce winners tomorrow!!!
  11. Hey all, first off sorry to anyone who tried to get this on Record Store Day, the delays have been MASSIVE, but they are finally here and shipping now! I'm also going to give away FIVE test press copies of this record to five random people who order in the next week (including those who have pre-ordered) You can purchase HERE http://cavityrecords.bigcartel.com/product/across-tundras-lark-s-tongue-split-lp Stream / Download for free here.... http://cavityrecords.bandcamp.com/album/across-tundras-larks-tongue-split Pics..... Consisting of two absolutely epic songs from each band, the Across Tundras/Lark's Tongue split LP is the first collaboration between these two groups. Across Tundras was born on the Western High Prairie and has been sighted recently in the hills north of Nashville, TN. Countless mysterious audio artifacts and sonic expeditions have been made by the un-herd collective since their inception in 2003, both delighting and bewildering musical excavators who have encountered the aural, physical, and meta-evidence of this pastoral beast. Hailing from the Midwest, Lark's Tongue formed in 2010 of seasoned travelers informed by all manners of cosmic pursuits. They conjure heavy, layered psychedelia with an emphasis on harmony and narrative, atop beguiling squalls of guitar, shimmering keys, and a thick low-end. This LP comes packaged in a gatefold layout with woodcuts from Travis Lawrence @ Infinity Prints. Pressing info: 250 - Red Translucent/black splatter vinyl 150 - White vinyl 100 - Brown Translucent with White "starburst" colored vinyl Thanks everyone!!! Dan
  12. 3rd press up for sale.... http://cavityrecords.bigcartel.com/product/rosetta-a-determinism-of-morality-2xlp
  13. cavitycreep

    WTB Rosetta Determinism of Morality

    3rd press up for sale! http://cavityrecords.bigcartel.com/product/rosetta-a-determinism-of-morality-2xlp
  14. http://absolutepunk.net/showthread.php?p=112082612#post112082612