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  1. Would be great if shipped from within the US, but I’m also willing to pay for shipping from Canada. Discogs link just in case. I would like to keep the cost under $100. Maybe around $50-$70?
  2. I have the pillar variant. The condition is NM/NM. I have never spun it, the plastic is on it but cut because I put mofi sleeves on the records. This is the record I’m searching for. I’m also just willing to pay straight out if you prefer. The condition isn’t that important as long as it plays.
  3. @stl_ben yeah, it’s been there for a long time now. I’m not looking to pay over $200 for a 7” single
  4. hi all, i am looking to complete my TM collection! i am still searching for Lovely, Little, Lonely and Pioneer. The variants don’t really matter, though, i am partial to the smoke one for LLL. i have made trades on r/vinylcollectors and have bought a lot of records from discogs & depop without a problem! if you need proof to feel safer to sell to me, i will happily provide it. thank you!
  5. Hello, I’m new to this forum. I usually buy from discogs and r/vinylcollectors but haven’t had much luck. I have been trying to complete my Patrick Stump collection. I am still missing Love, Selfish Love and Spotlight (New Regrets) . If anyone has any of these and would like to sell them please let me know!