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  1. My local has those 3 plus the tangerine. Wonder if the stores order the green and pink off the webstore or not cause mine’s selling those for $75. This is Canada btw.
  2. All 3 other variants are available to order for the next 48 hrs on her store as well as the cds
  3. https://storeca.taylorswift.com/products/1989-taylors-version-tangerine-edition-vinyl?utm_source=dotmailer&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=389956_UMUSIC+-+23.09.13+D2C+Taylor+1989+Tangerine_231774_CA&dm_i=4YU6%2C8CW4%2C4M5TPS%2C171PW%2C1 For Canadians
  4. Well there’s a green and pink cd cover not released so there will be 2 more to come. https://imgur.com/a/Z4snxsh
  5. So apparently Sky Blue is a indie exclusive in Canada and Translucent Ruby Red is everywhere. I got the Ruby Red from Amazon for $40 but I like the sky blue more for a extra $2
  6. Anyone giving any $ to SRC should have their credit cards confiscated.
  7. Anyone know if canada wil be getting copies or is it just US, UK and Australia?
  8. Try these https://vinylstoragesolutions.ca/collections/box-set-outer-sleeves
  9. The Canadian list liking the Sum 41, 54-40 and OLP!
  10. It was the copy. My replacement clean that too and no issues with sound so I guess I got a bad copy.
  11. Just got my Lemon S/T and liberate pops and cracking. Has this happened to anyone or just a bad copy? I have ordered a replacement from Amazon but why is this so quiet?
  12. Anyone know any Canadian retailers getting this? My local is trying but some reason it’s $69. Messaged a few in the Toronto area but no response. I’m staying far away from Danny & his SRC scammy games.
  13. Oh i see. Still waiting for anyone in Canada to have a listing show up.
  14. Why wouldn’t they release them all on the same day instead of 3 release dates lol
  15. So is Themis being released September 2 or December 9th? Some stores list it September 2 and most have December 9th. My store in Canada has no information from the record company/distributor and I do t see any stores in Canada have listings of this.
  16. Mine showed up damaged and not even packaged properly and only in the package that the 5LP came in without sealing the sides. First and last time buying from them. Plus DHL to Canada is atrocious.

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