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  1. https://www.thisiscrimewave.com/wave/v/5w7kdyp63edt75nnrtblfn2n2akb4a?fbclid=IwAR0qbYX3UF3H1ZUdpHGP99e3a3-cMLzuS7kh30sApBYOeViUpxY29tHEoqE hope it's not a 1-song-project
  2. Anyone plan to visit some shows on current tour? Looking for your version Love this cover
  3. https://www.jpc.de/jpcng/poprock/detail/-/art/yeah-yeah-yeahs-cool-it-down/hnum/10964730 Red with patch and signed print. Also they deduct VAT, so it will cost 23.52 before shipping if you locate outside of EU
  4. Got an shipping date few days ago, before it was same message as you. And was charged and shipped today. Also they change the price to 17.99
  5. Looks like vol.3 will be issued as well 0075678645730 - barcode, release date 20.05
  6. Looks like vol.3 will be issued as well 0075678645730 - barcode, release date 20.05
  7. Quickness PN is shipped also punk note is back https://badbrainsrecords.com/collections/bad-brains/products/babrqkpncl-lp
  8. https://trustrecordscompany.com/collections/vinyl/products/circle-jerks-wild-in-the-streets-3-color-striped-vinyl
  9. Use them pretty often Just one issue since it's a big distribution shop, sometimes they list stuff that can be sold out at the distribution But mostly they are cool Have like 20+ orders from them on last year. For some reason they subscribe to their magazine on German language and I receive some German xmas CDs each yeah)
  10. https://shop.startracks.se/en/vinyl/refused-songs-to-fan-2lp-colored.html Eu version which will be out in February Also the deduct vat
  11. uh, looks like another "russian-like" bootleg but i will check arount, may be will have some more info "Saint Petersberg" didn't looks like it's Russian guy made it as well as "Музыка Records" (Music Records) and those strange umlaut up У letter I have old bootleg from Antrop with funny mistakes Sounds terrible https://www.discogs.com/release/2311460-Ramones-Acid-Eaters
  12. Litemf.com But those prices will be for Russia only I believe. Also we have 200eur custom limit
  13. So looks like I end up with 2 copies: 1 from Amazon which was shipped 2-3 days after it come non available to purchase and 1 from discogs for 35+5 USD. Was pretty afraid to don't get this release, so I order it the moment I saw it cheaper than other sellers sell it. So if someone wants it for 40+ shipping sent me a message. It will cost me 8 USD to reship it to Russia so it's better to work something out asap. Also I will sent you a proof of purchase from discogs. Yellow with black splatter according to description but I didn't have a chance to check it since in consolidation company warehouse
  14. Just wondering how and why some companies like pirates press, fatwreck etc still give them records or some promo stuff

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