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  1. This go 'round, it wasn't anything I really wanted, it was one that I was kind of interested in hearing before purchase it "Psyche France: Vol. 6" but the two stores in my town didn't get any shipped but found out only one of them actually pre-ordered it but I'm not worried, I'll probably find it at some point. There was a Big L. album too "Danger Zone", I was tempted to get it but the album was just a collection of freestyles and songs I already owned on various 12"s, only two songs I wouldn't mind having on vinyl but I'm not about to buy a vinyl for two songs though, I'm good. Anyway, the store I went to, I was surprised to see a few more people than last month, the first person in line was hyped as hell, he was ready to cop the Notorious B.I.G. box set and he got it; the store owner told me he pre-ordered 20 copies and was lucky to get only one in, another store said they pre-ordered 10 copies and ended up with none, lol. Items I saw go very quickly I didn't think would were the Jerry Garcia box set (it's still Dead-heads out there?) the 1st store had four copies and all of them sold within the first hour, the 2nd store I went to said they had six copies and sold five of them. Coolio's "Gangster's Paradise" like who really wants that album, ever since that record came out I would ALWAYS see copies of it on vinyl and it would always be priced under $20 but now with a repressing people are snatching it up, uuhhh okay; I think I still have a promo-dj copy of that album sitting around in a crate somewhere, I've never played it. Fleetwood Mac, don't they re-issue an album by them every RSD, I swear the album I saw was the same one from last year but maybe it was a different version of the same one from last year's RSD? Roger Waters "The Wall: Live In Berlin" & Shooter Jennings "Live At Bonnaroo" both were being asked about if the stores had any copies left the entire time I was at both stores, not sure how many either stores got in but obviously a few but they didn't last long. I hope with the 3rd installment of RSD on Oct. 24th that at least there is something I want, from what I see on the site so far (I hope they are adding more to that list), nothing is worth waking up so early for.
  2. This is the first RSD I've ever attended cause I've always worked in retail and when RSD started in 2011 I so happened to be working at a store that FYE owned (that use to be owned by Value Music before they went bankrupted). The one store in my town that did participated in RSD always had people camping out the night before or 3 to 4 hours before they open, so I wasn't even going to waste my time trying to find what I wanted that weekend, and when I did go there that following Monday to see if what I wanted happened to still be sitting in the bin, nope, they say "it got snatched up the first hour of opening", so I just why even bother. To make a long story short, the store I worked for that was owned by FYE got shut down at the end of 2018, so now I decided to try and go to one of the three stores that in town that participate in RSD, and ended up getting there when the doors opened and find 1 of 2 records I was looking for (the instrumentals to Pete Rock's "Retropolitan" https://www.discogs.com/Skyzoo-Pete-Rock-Retropolitan-Instrumentals/release/15575694 ) but they didn't have the reissue of Magnum's "Fully Loaded" https://www.discogs.com/Magnum-Fully-Loaded/release/15796695 , I called the other stores in town and they didn't have it either. One store did get it in but only had 1 copy to come in, and that sold within hours of opening. :( I checked two other cities and they don't have it in either, I guess I'll have to go online but I just don't want to pay the inflated prices it's already going for, oh well.
  3. How I found this message board, well I just did a simple google search. I was looking for an active forums that talked about vinyl other than discogs & facebook ones cause they generally getting stale for me. Anyway I saw a few that came up in the search, checked to see what forums seemed promising and boom, I'm here, what up doe.