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  1. Just had mine arrive in the UK. The inner rings were visibly loose before I opened it. Both of them had damaged their slots. The middle ring has a visible scuff on it. Very tempted to go down the Chargeback route.
  2. Been wanting thing on vinyl for years. Got very fortunate today; well chuffed.
  3. Really hoping Fuck Content gets a UK pressing. I keep getting burnt by Greg related products being out in the US much earlier, and getting them only for UK options to arrive months later
  4. My /100 Evil Greed isn't flat, doesn't seem badly warped, but warped either way. Not tried to play it yet. I looks lovely though, so there's that! Getting pretty into the album in general.
  5. Ok, that's fairer, I guess. It's no burden for me having an extra version. Just seems a waste, when someone else could buy it.
  6. I boight a US /1000 version before I realised there was a UK one and tried to cancel the US one, but they won't let me. They responded thusly: "These have already been manufactured and are about to ship later this month. Since this was a pre-order, we are unable to cancel orders this late in the process. Sorry and thank you for understanding. " Seems odd as it's sold out. Surely there's an easy demand for it? It is a superba album afterall...
  7. I also went with the Banquet version. I'm assuming there's no pressing info on the picture disk?
  8. Seems shipping from the official site is also more than the record itself. Bit annoying, as I love paying slightly, but not loads extra for superfluous platic.

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