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  1. Anyone know if there have been any updates on that translation loss white w/red merge variant?
  2. I ordered a copy of Misery Signals Ultraviolet from Basick Records/Supplies in the UK (I live in Canada). Record shipped at the beginning of August and still hasn't arrived. Others who live in my area who ordered the same got theirs by the end of August. Tried 4 times to get in touch with them since September just asking for tracking info and was never responded to. Had to start a PayPal dispute, which I have never had to do. Pretty bummed tbh.
  3. Yep! I'm in Kitchener Ontario and I just got both today!
  4. Patiently waiting for my copy (got the Red Merge variant from Translation Loss). Love this new LP.
  5. New Yashira "Fail To Be" pre orders are up https://goodfightmusic.com/collections/yashira Black/Yellow Hand Pour Translucent w/Opaque Purple Splatter
  6. Was one of the lucky early drop-ers and snagged both records and a shirt at 11am. Very stoked for these.