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  1. I like this "mix up" but it sucks because the shipping from kingsroad sucks and I would have just snagged an indie to save the 25 bucks.
  2. Got an email from kingsroad eu saying the clear, blue splatter was delayed. Shipping around early/mid December. This might be the only variant that was delayed? Seems like some people already have their copies 🤣
  3. 95 cdn all in after exchange and shipping. I'm definitely sitting this one out 🤣
  4. Damn the price jumped like $12. Saw this on pre order status a bit ago and got it for $25 shipped with the pre order price guarantee. Glad they're still getting more through. It was unavailable the other day
  5. Someone referred to this time in vinyl buying/flipping as "peak beanie baby" time and I fuckin died lmao. Shit is getting crazy.
  6. I guess I accidentally deleted my order confirmation email so I don't know if I fall into the shipping batch or the waiting another 4 months batch. Guess if I get the shipping confirmation soonish I'll know 😂
  7. Got mine just outside of Toronto today and expected the worst. Other than a micro tear in one of the slots, it was basically as mint as it could be lol. Gonna play it this weekend.
  8. I really like it. I managed to snag one on Amazon.CA pre order for 40ish all in. Definitely worth that price
  9. Mine came this week. Finally spinning them and TOCS was totally fine for me. Minimal crackling, 0 skipping. Define the Great Line sounded great, and those gaps are barely noticeable. 0 skipping. LITSOS is definitely bowled, but plays perfectly for me. I'm using a Kenwood with a counterweight and an ortofon red cartridge. I'm definitely stoked on mine. I hope others are when they get their also.
  10. I also thought you could stock check the sellers, and if they didn't have the items in hand, they had to take em down. Can't remember where I saw that.

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