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  1. Any LAS VEGAS RSD strategy tips?? Ooops, booked myself out of town for RSD weekend. Anyone know the lay of the land in Vegas? Best store to stakeout or any tips? Don't have a long list this year but don't know Vegas stores. Thx,
  2. Interesting. Tempted to call out this other shop asking $120 for the Dirty Three.
  3. just saw another Dirty Three pop up on Discogs, "only" $120 w/free shipping. Resurrection Records in Spokane, just straight-up blatantly flipping. It was gone within 2 minutes -- so congrats, someone, still cheaper than UK list+shipping
  4. That's amazing— congrats! Kind of hoped that would happen w/ Fat Beats since they also had it listed. But no response to queries.
  5. Ditto, don't feel bad -- RT posted SAt. (on Insta i think?) they were sold out of Dirty Three. I have a friend who's convinced they hold stock back... but that's speculative.
  6. do you mind saying where you scored? that "inventory count" error is going around ...
  7. THx! Solid tips on Dirty Three. The US store didn't materialize, still hasn't. One UK was still showing stock last nite so I tried it; no conf yet. --seems to just be priced higher in the UK (was mostly $60-70 here) and shipping is always a killer, but that's the game. Saw your later post also -- 135 quid is just obnoxious. Then again, some guy in Ohio sold 3 copies on eBay last nite for $277, with another listed now. --Thanks again,
  8. SAME. Was also 13th in line (5:45 am) and they said they didn't get it. Much later, at another spot, we heard they "had" it but was long gone. Was nowhere online when sites went live. And has sold minimally on eBay if it's really 1500 copies. ANY TIPS?? Holler if you see it! thx,
  9. Haven't seen it online yet, but they had a BUNCH at Rock n Soul (NYC) this morning, it's late enough you can probably call them and have it shipped.