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  1. https://www.eelpierecords.com/store/p11296/The_Police_~_Live_Vol._1_[RSD_2021_Drop_1].html 👍🏼 you too. All the luck.
  2. https://www.eelpierecords.com/store/p11296/The_Police_~_Live_Vol._1_[RSD_2021_Drop_1].html if you haven’t found one already. Also, to the group at large, I’m still looking for a copy of Alkaline if anyone’s got a link or phone number to a local shop with one. UGH!!!! 😩
  3. Does anyone have a link for Alkaline Trio? Being out of 3000 I didn’t think I’d have this hard a time finding one. Fuck.
  4. https://phoebebridgers.bandcamp.com/album/copycat-killer Got the Mountain Blast on her Bandcamp! Still up. Secretly Store wasn’t getting anywhere fast. Was able to get the Spit when it first went up.
  5. Damn the Blister Marble Red is sold out. Craft Records has the Red listed as limited to 500. Still haven’t found anything about pressing numbers on the other colors tho.
  6. •Glow in the Dark- out of 298 •Birthday Candles-Black w/ Yellow Splatter- out of 411 •Funfetti Cake- White w/ Rainbow Sprinkles- out of 500 (Also comes w/ a zine made by Julia) •Afterglow- Maroon in Black- out of 813
  7. Can you post the links you used? The ones in this thread and the other are still showing up “page not found” for me.
  8. Hey thanks for the suggestion on this one. Like the others, I was bummed there wasn’t a vinyl pressing and the cassette was sold out but just picked up one of the 2nd tape run!! Stoked! Only 17 out of the 200 left FYI.
  9. I didn’t get a shipping confirmation email either but I did receive the Warner email about the possible black LPs mixed in today. I checked out my order status on Green Day’s webstore and it said “shipped.” Went to UPS tracking and it’s supposed to be out for delivery today by 9p. So maybe yours is too. Hope you get yours soon.
  10. Ah the 11th is the Standard one. That makes sense.
  11. Thanks a lot for getting all this info and links. Also did anyone find out if Brooklyn Vegan/Revolver are the same 300 Clear w/ black blob? BV had 150 & Rev had 150? or BV 300 & Rev 300 to = 600 Clear w/ Black blob. If it’s the first option then we’re missing one variant. If it’s the second that’s kinda weird.
  12. TEXT15 for Newbury discount. When I typed it in price came down from $45 to $39 and change shipped. I still didn’t buy it tho. I already have a 6131 variant and everyone’s right about these Newbury prices getting out of hand. But if someone wants to use the code and if it’ll help y’all buy it go for it.
  13. Does anyone have a link for the 300 – US Indie Retail – Half Grimace Purple / Half Clear w/ heavy Hot Pink Splatter on Clear side only?

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