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  1. dstrange

    Post Your Record Storage Area

    Here's a holder I made for my recently played:
  2. https://tankcrimes.merchtable.com/pre-orders/pre-order-fucked-up-year-of-the-snake-vinyl-12-ships-week-of-march-24th-2017#.WJnV7VMrK70 https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B01N9UV1JK/ref=pe_386430_126088100_TE_item
  3. These look amazing! Do you think this will hit Amazon.ca for Canadians or will it be a smaller press? $52 after shipping is killing me
  4. dstrange

    Radiohead - A Moon Shaped Pool

    Amazon Canada pre-order is up https://www.amazon.ca/Moon-Shaped-Pool-Vinyl/dp/B01FDF12UI/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1462972778&sr=8-6&keywords=radiohead+vinyl
  5. dstrange

    Radiohead - A Moon Shaped Pool

    Still waiting on something better suited for the Canadians Anyone got any news on this? amazon.ca perhaps?
  6. Is there a chance the vinyl is hitting Amazon.ca for Canadians or any cheaper option shipping wise? Would love to support DW directly but the shipping (not DW's fault) is killing me @ $16.50 to Canada. $44.42 Canadian in total for an lp......................... Any pressing numbers?
  7. New Fucked Up in April.... https://fuckedup.merchtable.com/lps/pre-order-zanzibar-vinyl-lp-ships-week-of-april-15th-2016 http://exclaim.ca/music/article/fucked_up_treat_zanzibar_score_to_vinyl_release
  8. Tomahawk were pretty smart with their boxset and included a space for their next planned album. Now that would be nice.
  9. I just wish the 1st album got repressed :S
  10. Anyone watch the live set today yet?!?!?!? Sounds awesome so far
  11. dstrange

    Post Your Record Storage Area

    Yes that would be very helpful! Thanks
  12. The price after shipping and conversion for Canada was nuts @ $172 but I had to pull the trigger, no complaints. Can't blame DW for a shitty exchange rate and shipping. $100 US seems pretty reasonable to buy considering what's involved in the contents and that it's a pretty low run. People on this board need to better understand the manufacturing process and what's involved. That book and box aren't cheap and probably cost more in comparison to the vinyl production. Also consider the amount of time sourcing and editing 3 blu-rays worth of material for the past I dunno 8 years or so. It's definitely a massive labour of love project and you know DW are going to deliver.