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  1. Aw, mr converge hoodie wannabe nft has to go upstairs to the ground floor to cry to his mommy.
  2. Ok Beavis, that's a pretty long winded way of justifying toxic behavior by saying "Boys will be boys. 🤷‍♂️" or "MAi MuziKZ iS bEtTeR ThaN uR MUzikZ!" 😆 Try not to sound so much like a group of frat boys attempting to justify last weekend's gang-rape. Funny thing is, you have a specific clown in these forums who: -changes his account name with the sole purpose of trolling and harassing members -dishes out cringe insults from two decades ago that highlight his own age, ignorance, and bigotry -literally can't *not" respond to a post by someone he doesn't like (so easy to troll the guy) -cyber-stalks members of the board that he has disagreements with (which are plenty) Yet when someone gives these clowns a taste of their own medicine, you little pussies can't handle it and cry to your little JHULUD Admin to block threads or block said member from posting while the abusive clowns who consider themselves "elite members" of the forum carry on with toxic tribalism and cyber-bullying in 2022. Guilt by association is a thing. FYI, just because a person doesn't post often doesn't mean they are new to the boards. All of us lurkers know how cringe the behavior of some of the "core" members of this forum are and believe me people talk outside these boards... this is a publically accessible place after all. In any case, much of this response is in regards to one or two members specifically. I understand where you are coming from, I don't agree with it at all, I'd rather see someone posting links to pre-orders rather than being an arrogant self-entitled douchenozzle who only responds with negativity, but I understand your perspective, Mr Macho Man Randy Savage. I have no beef with you overall, I just thought it was fucking hilarious that someone with nearly 20k posts criticized someone else using these exact words, I'm gonna call that ironoy out every single time: In any case, pretty damn funny watching a certain someone or two flip out when all I did was react to a few posts while I was blocked from responding. I just stand out of the way and let the clowns reveal their circus.. 😆🤡 The guy who made the comment about us living rent-free in a certain someone's head is absolutely spot-on. 😆
  3. Me going out to celebrate St Patrick's Day knowing VC panties are in a bunch for getting called out for bullying someone who posts preorders on a vinyl preorder forum. 😆
  4. Comic Book Derek likes to bully people who post preorders on a vinyl preorder forum (see Flogging Molly Drunken Lullabies) and gets his panties in a bunch when people give him a taste of it and call him out for his assholery.