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  1. I'm hoping they take 100 of the Swamp Green variant and add a zippo lighter and screen print for $100.
  2. I loved the last album when it came out but now I can't stand it aside from a track or two. Not sure what you call this phenomena.
  3. Is this the first time on color vinyl aside from the box set?
  4. Sounds more like someone's running on pure emotion. I also find fault with the whole "grooming" complaint. Are we not supposed to be friendly to people anymore? Is every transaction supposed to go from stranger to sex with no getting to know someone? Also, she was 21. She's a grown woman. At what point are we responsible for our own actions and decisions? As for the going for a second round while she's asleep... if that's true that's absolutely disgusting. But none of us were there, so there really is no way for any of us to know for sure unless someone openly admits to it. It would be wrong for us to make assumptions either direction. People go multiple rounds of sex in one night all the time and it's not malicious. There's too much grey area in this story. Is Ray a creep? Probably. But she sounds like one too. Sounds like it was just a toxic relationship in general that she was a consensual participant in. This feels like something I might've said about my ex after our toxic relationship ended and I realized how dumb I was for going along with it for so long. I do feel for her and what she endured because toxic relationships can be quite damaging, but the moment I "matured" was when I stopped blaming my ex for things that I actively participated in and enabled. Doesn't mean my ex was a saint, but doesn't mean I have to destroy their livelihood either. Hopefully both parties can learn something from the experience, move forward, and grow.
  5. There's also a lot of grey area. I am highly skeptical when someone complains about a person's behavior only after having spent significant time with them. If she thought his behavior was so misogynistic then why did she continue talking to him and hanging out with him after the first glimpse of such behavior? Like if he said "Hey tits, let me buy you a drink." and she let's him buy her a drink, can she really complain about being called "tits" after the fact? She enabled it and gave him the go-ahead that she was ok with it by going along with it and not halting the behavior right there. Chances are she enjoyed the attention initially and only changed her tune after the fact. I've seen it happen countless times. Girl likes guy, girl hangs out with guy, girl learns guy isn't as serious about her as she is about him, girl gets upset, girl turns everything from the past in to a malicious act. 🤷‍♂️
  6. Really need to see the actual post before anyone can accept hearsay. Not defending the band by any means, but this is exactly how stories get stretched out of context.
  7. Feel free to DM me an invite if you like Simpsons memes with your record posts. 😆
  8. Just to be clear, Fat Wreck Chords themselves aren't the issue. I've had nothing but excellent service from them over the 20+ years I've ordered from them. And yes, they do have reasonably priced albums at retail. My issue is more with the entitled attitude that pervades a portion of their fan base . I mean, I get it, we all feel upset when our favorite band releases a limited vinyl variant, we miss out on the announcement, and end up having to go to the second-hand market if we decide we really need it so badly. But not every fan base has so many people who like to complain so much about it either. I left all the NOFX related trading groups I was in because I got sick of seeing the "look how much someone is trying to sell this variant for" posts on a near daily basis. It just reeked of toxic tribalism. It's very noble when people can make groups for a trading niche and help each other out, but there are ways to do so respectfully and there are ways to go about it like an immature entitled jerk. They aren't the only fanbase that does it, but it's definitely the most vocal that I've seen. Confession of a flipper scum. A big part of the reason why some people collect records is for the collectibility, otherwise the hobby might not be doing as good as it is. A lot of us have bought multiple copies of an album with the idea of trading an extra copy to help recoup some of the expenses of owning one. Many of us might not be able to afford to enjoy the hobby otherwise. Some of us accept this aspect of the hobby more than others. I missed out of the stupid uncensored variant of Green Day's FOAMF, but did I "have the time" to whine about it on Billie Joe's IG or send death threats to the first person reselling a copy online that made me angry? No, I pulled up my pampers and made a big boy decision about my hobby. That decision meant spending $100+ after waiting a few months hoping for a cheaper copy to surface and never finding one. Feel free to trash talk my Green Day collecting all you want, I already know I'm an "Idiot." Heck, I once had 10 variants of Warning before I realized I had a problem and thinned it down a bit. 😆 FYI, I've had some awesome experiences with some Fat/NOFX collectors, one of which helped me recover a previously sold variant of Eating Lamb as a thank you for helping him get a store variant or two. Those experiences are what make collecting enjoyable and I certainly don't intend to offend those in the fanbase who contribute respectfully. Without going in to specifics, I've just witnessed a lot of immature behavior from one particular fan base far more than any other. Most of which leans more towards petty annoyance, but others leaning towards behavior that is far less humorous. It just gets really old after a while.
  9. Never said they wouldn't buy it, lmao. Junkies need their fix no matter what the price. 😆
  10. It's pretty well known throughout the vinyl community that Fat/NOFX collectors are some of the biggest whiners when it comes to price entitlement. It is what it is. 🤷‍♂️ Must have something to do with their fan base being filled with 20-something year olds who glorify drug abuse and think that harassing women who show up to store events to buy records is ok.
  11. Came here to see price complaining and wasn't disappointed. 😄
  12. I still remember calling Hot Topic when their website wasn't letting me order the last copy of the Infinite Sadness box set. Store manager put me on hold, bought the box set himself and then told me "it JUST sold out! Sorry!" 😄

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