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  1. I may find myself listening to less FWC / TBR these days, but at least they know how to do a bundle. 🤘
  2. I'm waiting for the inevitable $100 vinyl w/ zippo lighter bundle.
  3. My mistake. I Heard They Suck Live was up for a week. It's no fun ordering unless I get to feel like a big shot when they sell out right away. 😄
  4. Also, as someone who grew up listening to punk and was "woke" before corporations ever realized it was something they could backpedal and then profit off of, that slip-mat makes me want to 🤮 despite the fact that I agree with everything on it. 😄
  5. The other 25th Anniversary pressing pre-orders were left up for a week, then Fat orders however many they need to fulfill the demand. They aren't limited to a specific amount.
  6. "Other people's hobbies are serious business." - Hobby Nazis
  7. Why not just ask nicely if they can ship it in a box if you buy it? I don't understand the entitlement / attitude in the wording. Why is this so funny?
  8. Ebay's ditching Paypal has allowed people to make payments with Google Pay, Apple Pay and perhaps some others. More payment options than Paypal provided. Paypal is going more for the crypto market these days.
  9. If I'm gonna pay $40+ just to "Jump Around" for a few minutes, I'd rather have it on a Mrs. Doubtfire soundtrack. "Hel-loooooo" White or "Run By Fruiting" Orange variants please.
  10. That does sound pretty lame. You would think a band would be stoked to spend time with adoring fans before or after a performance, I know I would. I caught them near the end of their signing at Warped as well, was literally the last person in line. Bought a CD and was able to get all members except the singer to sign it. Singer had his arm around some girl who was just ahead of me in line and they wandered off together before I could get his signature. Mentioned something to the band members "where is the singer?" and they looked around saying "I don't know." Kinda irked me at the
  11. How exactly do they treat their fans? What happened exactly? You must be right about something if it's taking this long to sell out /500 on only two variants. And are we talking about "fans" here or are they just giving an attitude back to people who give it to them? The scene is/was full of entitlement and immature trolls, so I can totally understand if some people develop a knee jerk reaction. I know I have a tendency to play devil's advocate and provide alternative perspectives to popular opinions, which makes me quite unpopular at times. I'd rather go against the grain than to
  12. Gotcha. I only watched a few seconds to get the jist of it. Yeah, that kind of language was cringe. I called a buddy out for it back in the day and he started accusing me of being gay for taking offense. We were all assholes. Few of us would want to be judged years later for some of the stupid shit we went along with when we were young and dumb. 😆

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