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  1. I imagine he gave a similar talk at every show but around halfway through TOCS they took a break and Spencer said something along the lines of "we forgot what this band was about and we forgot how to forgive but 3 years is a long time, it doesn't seem like it but it is and we've had time to mend. We realized something was missing from our lives and it was this, what we share with you here. We're back together because you wouldn't let us quit, you made us stick with this so give yourselves a round of applause". I imagine ending up broke would make anyone realize what they're missing but it still seemed pretty sincere and either way I think they intend to be around again for a while.
  2. Mentioned it in small talk but yeah, caught the Atlanta show last night and it blew me away, first time seeing them after being into them for like 13 or so years and it blew me the heck away (Caspian too). Got the same "they're gonna repress it" story from the merch dude but honestly I really don't care about this double album thing, I already have TOCS, DTGL is where it's really at for me and I'd only be getting it to get that. Really hoping something happens either way but echoing others that I'd vastly prefer DTGL 2XLP. Honestly I'd be really irritated if they didn't because they did the 180g 10 year anniversary repress for TOCS and if DTGL doesn't get one this year they're really dropping the ball lol.
  3. Got home a few hours ago from seeing Caspian/Underoath in Atlanta with some friends yesterday. Insanely good and unreal. Been into UO since I was 14 but this was actually the first I'd gotten to see them live and it was one of those cliche "this is really important because I grew up with this band" moments. Haven't been checking on here for a while so I didn't realize the double LP was already sold out but I found the RSD Appleseed Cast reissue at Criminal Records so that was cool. Oh also I recently got a 50mm lens finally for my camera and I'm in love.
  4. Got me some Jets. It was ok but only just imo. Still, a pizza's a pizza.
  5. Honestly I've always been 100% fine with just a cheese pizza, I'm a simple man with simple tastes haha. Margherita is about as fancy as I get but I definitely wouldn't complain if I could frankenstein a Margherita out of their topping options.
  6. Would if I wasn't vegetarian haha but either way I'm definitely gonna try some jets soon. The 8 corner pizza sounds awesome tbh.
  7. It's... interesting I guess? you drag on the screen the direction you want to go, wherever you tap right as you start dragging brings up a virtual analog stick (is that contradictory? I don't know what to call it lol) on the screen for you to control motion, it's not too in the way so it works. In the bottom right screen is an action button and a back button, if there's an instance where you need the actual d pad and/or circle/square/triangle/x setup (like the sword fight with Blank in the beginning) it puts those up on the screen too. Whenever you walk up to people it also now brings up a small icon beside the action button to play Tetra Master. There's a small pause icon in the top left corner, if you tap it to pause it also brings up 4 small icons which are: High Speed Mode which just speeds up certain parts of the game, not sure which, I haven't tried it yet, Battle Assistance which gives you full ATB gauge, HP, MP and Trance is always on (god mode basically), 9999 self explanatory, maxed out damage, and Safe Travel which eliminates random encounter battles (this includes the friendly monsters). Also you get the option to skip cutscenes now (not sure why you'd want to, they look amazing in this). Other things they've added include options to get max gil, max levels and automatically learn abilities from items (actually using the ability one because I always hated having to keep an old item long enough to learn an ability when I had new ones to use). All of these are permanent once you set them so it's kind of a "make sure you really want this" deal. Essentially they've enabled you to gameshark this shit and remove all the challenge if you just wanna experience the story. You also can upload saves to the cloud so if you install this on more than one device you can continue your progress whatever you play on. My only real complaint is the models for enemies and characters are fresh and cleaner looking but the backgrounds aren't redone so it's kinda this weird contrast of cleaned up graphics VS old ones. Either way it still looks better than it did on the PS1 IMO, not a deal breaker for me, just noticeable enough to mention. I'm only so far as wrapping up dealing with the Evil Forest so I can't say how things are throughout the whole game but I'd say it's worth the buy. Sorry for the huge write up, just figured I'd break everything down in one place for you if you're interested!
  8. There's a Jets near me I've driven past a ton and never really took much notice of because I just assumed it was some one off local thing not worth checking out. Honestly it never even registered with me until I went past it after reading about it in this thread. Y'all got me curious to try a turbo crust corner piece now haha.
  9. Just bought Final Fantasy IX on my phone, my life is forfeit.
  10. Holy shit I wish I'd seen this thread sooner, pizza is my life (literally I'm killing myself slowly with carbs please help me) Margherita is pretty much my favorite if I can get it but otherwise my second go-to is doing a custom cheese pizza from pizza hut with the premium crushed tomato sauce and balsamic drizzle with hut favorite crust. Also I cook really solid tomato bisque and if I get a frozen pizza from the store I'll usually fancy up the sauce on it with that and it's super good.
  11. Jesus being born in a country with universal healthcare... seems too obvious.
  12. I just realized ted cruz wears two watches and I want to know what the second one is for. Is it a reminder how often he should say something dumb? Does he just like to keep track of time in another country because he had really good coffee at a cafe there one time? Is he an alien and have a countdown until his homeworld comes to destroy and assimilate our planet??? What is his agenda this is alarming.
  13. Part of me wants to say he could use the me time considering he averaged like 1.3 design pieces per day last year. The amount of work he does is vicariously overwhelming haha. Too good of a dude.
  14. *casually reminds brian that all his friends like his music to guilt him into making more*
  15. I always wondered how much it varied between each record. I'm really into how smokey mine is haha. Good shit either way though!