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  1. Agreed, that Countless Skies album is definitely worth the purchase.
  2. New Dordeduh album 'Har' available in black & gold (ltd to 400): https://dordeduh.bandcamp.com/album/har https://en.prophecy.de/artists/dordeduh/dordeduh-har.html UPDATE: orange repress of Dar De Duh also now available (ltd to 500): https://en.prophecy.de/cd-bis-9-99-euro/dordeduh-dar-de-duh-vinyl-2-lp-gatefold-orange.html
  3. The first two Wilderun albums are now finally available on vinyl at Triton Style. According to the band's FB post (https://www.facebook.com/OfficialWilderun/posts/261434018687081) the albums have been remastered for vinyl There looks to be a coloured version for each album (linked below) & standard black as well. Also sounds like US pre-orders will be available at Holy Mountain on Tuesday. https://shop.tritonstyle.com/Wilderun-Sleep-at-the-edge-of-the-earth-COLOR-2LP-Gatefold_1 https://shop.tritonstyle.com/Wilderun-Olden-Tales-and-deathly-Trails-COLOR-2LP-Gate
  4. Bodom After Midnight EP (Alexi's band after COB break-up) is up for pre-order from a few different sites. Napalm has a few options available including a red with black ink spot variant: https://napalmrecords.com/english/bodom-after-midnight/ Record Shop X has a clear variant with some slipmat/post options as well: https://www.recordshopx.com/artist/bodom_after_midnight/
  5. If it's any consolation, I ordered the similar Tchornobog LP/painting set from Markov through bandcamp back in 2019. I had a similar experience there in that it took quite a number of months before it was delivered, but he did reply back to messages through bandcamp & in the end it was worth it once it arrived. Good luck with the order, I hope it ends up getting sent
  6. Mine was from the band's store. Pretty impressed with the delivery time too as I'm in Australia
  7. Received my copy a couple weeks ago and thankfully no playback issues over here
  8. Also some EU options below from Inside Out: /200: https://www.insideoutshop.de/Item/Haken_-_The_Mountain_-Vinyl_Re-issue_2021-_-Gatefold_brown_2LP-CD_-_LP-Booklet-/16759 /400 https://www.insideoutshop.de/Item/Haken_-_The_Mountain_-Vinyl_Re-issue_2021-_-Gatefold_creamy_white_2LP-CD_-_LP-Booklet-/16760 And Affinity repress also available: /200: https://www.insideoutshop.de/Item/Haken_-_Affinity_-Vinyl_Re-issue_2021-_-Gatefold_red_2LP-CD_-_LP-Booklet-/16762 /400: https://www.insideoutshop.de/Item/Haken_-_Affinity_-Vi
  9. Some cool new releases up for pre-order through Debemur Morti including White Ward, The Amenta & Forhist (featuring Vindsval from Blut Aus Nord). Debemur have done their usual nice 'special edition' version for each one (limited to 100 each) which I've linked below. Standard versions also available. White Ward: US: https://www.indiemerchstore.com/item/96095 Euro: https://www.debemur-morti.com/en/white-ward/1422-white-ward-origins-exclusive-dmp-edition-vinyl.html The Amenta: US: https://www.indiemerchstore.com/item/96128 Euro: http
  10. Holy crap! Now this is an instant pre-order... Thank you for sharing!
  11. Bal-Sagoth's last album 'The Chthonic Chronicles' (released in 2006) is finally getting a vinyl release through Night of the Vinyl Dead, limited to 400 copies. It's an expensive one, but looks like they have gone to some effort with the packaging. More info on Byron's (vocalist) Blogspot page: http://byronbalsagoth.blogspot.com/2020/10/the-chthonic-chronicles-double-vinyl.html Not sure how widely distributed this will be, but it appears it's gone already from the Nuclear Blast site. Still copies available at No Remorse though: https://www.noremorse.gr/products/bal-sagoth-chthoni
  12. Xoth's 'Interdimensional Invocations' album is finally up for pre-order on vinyl with a few variants available at their bandcamp page & from Dawnbreed Records directly. Looks to be 100 copies each for the black & clear, and 200 each of the blue & green variants. Probably worth the pre-order for the artwork alone https://xoth.bandcamp.com/album/interdimensional-invocations https://www.dawnbreed.com/

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