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  1. Well blink, angels & airwaves, +44, and box car racer but essentially yes.
  2. 90% of the stuff is not for sale. Just a site of my collection. But I sell some of the stuff to fund higher priced items.
  3. Yeah they are pretty hard to get. Took me a few years to find
  4. Yeah sometimes, but most of this stuff has retained it's value so I'm not too worried. When I need the money ill sell
  5. Don't know what you guys are talking about?I have the complete short bus ep set and yellow lemmings. Short bus http://blinkcollection182.weebly.com/vinyl4.html Yellow lemmings http://blinkcollection182.weebly.com/lemmings-vinyl.html Do you see all the categories on the left?
  6. Heres some vinyl. Test press 10/25 http://blinkcollection182.weebly.com/vinyl14.html
  7. Just spent a little bit of time updating my blink 182 collection site and thought i'd post it here incase anyone wanted to take a look. Blink 182, Angels & Airwaves, +44, and Box Car Racer items. Vinyl included www.blinkcollection182.weebly.com
  8. i did not "Stick" the cds to my wall. they were up on thumb tacks.
  9. pretty sure you can never be sure of this when it's from one of several labels. MTS included. then i tell ebay i was under the impression they would be available within 30 days (which i am) This was supposed to ship July 19th. and its August 10th.
  10. report his auction. ebay doesn't let you list until you have things in hand. RJ should only send him 2 and refund his money without telling him so he gets fucked on ebay for selling shit he doesn't have and where's rick angley and will taylor? maybe they should buy a few of those each you might want to refresh yourself on the "Ebay Presale Listings Policy" Policy overview Presale listings generally consist of items that are sold before they're available to the public, such as video games, tickets, and custom-made items. (For the rules on magazine subscriptions and certain promotional i

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