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  1. I recall the album notes stating that "no computers were used in the recording of the album," or something like that, which, maybe because i'd been working in a studio almost exclusively with tape at the time, i always felt was a stupid and needlessly pretentious piece of info to provide...
  2. 'Eons' by Neptunian Maximalism was on my top ten for the year for 2020. I wasn't so stoked on the live nor the 1track drone albums they dropped since though...
  3. Technically not new?? I got the edition of his last album, Solstagia, which was bundled with Agitas Al Sol on cassette, so I'm expecting it'll be an exploration/expansion of that cassette release.
  4. Whoa. Haven't heard the name Bloodjinn, since they signed and released that on Goodfellow back in 2002...
  5. Right. Those are better comparisons for their last two albums. Can't help be influenced by their bandcamp address and cuz I first heard them a few albums back as postmetalcoregrind, somewhere between Converge, Nails, and Pig Destroyer: https://wakegrind.bandcamp.com/album/sowing-the-seeds-of-a-worthless-tomorrow
  6. Killer grind band, WAKE, from Calgary, Canada, announced a new one. https://napalmrecords.com/deutsch/thought-form-descent-red-marbled-vinyl.html https://wakegrind.bandcamp.com/album/thought-form-descent Only those two versions so far, but more should be listed soon: https://www.metalblade.com/wake/
  7. But why does it seem so so so much less heavy than i remember them being???
  8. A user on reddit that Amazon has listings for these. Should mean some announcements coming soon... kick ii: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09VFFJ36S/ kick iii: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09VFDV3H8/ kick iiii: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09VFFDWQX/ kick iiiii: https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B09VFGBQYJ/
  9. Seems they're sold out now. Used to be a bunch more options here: https://fatpossum.com/collections/vendors/?q=El-P
  10. Is it possible to close this thread and push any future convo to be about Lingua Ignota and her work? Full support for survivors.
  11. Reading this completely ruined my mood yesterday... Absolutely disappointed to hear this about him, but far more saddened hearing her experience.
  12. This may be a tad early still, but publications are already posting them, so I'm curious about everyone's year end lists for best albums in 2021 (to be sure I haven't missed one for mine, lol~~).

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