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  1. Trees sounded fantastic last night. First show in almost 8 years which is insane to me. New song was reeeeeally good live
  2. Bones is solid but definitely my least fav of theirs. Some songs just sounded unfinished imo & the bass drum sounds like a wet fart throughout. Never forget the great “cover art debacle” lol. Above the Earth can’t be topped though. I dig the new single although it’s a very paint by numbers ITTCT song.
  3. I’m sad Dreamwell isn’t on any lists here
  4. I love this band dearly but they’ve lost their mind with pricing things lately. $65 for 3 extra songs. And then previously that ridiculous cancelled Fest they tried throwing.
  5. I feel like Galaxie 500 is a band I only recently started checking out & thinking I couldn’t believe how good they were & the sound they had for a late 80s band. But even so I forget to revisit them unless they pop up on my shuffle. This thread has actually inspired me to dive back in tomorrow.
  6. I can’t believe in the year 2023 Macho Man is the most sought after & hardest to get RSD title lmao. I’ll never forget listening to this in college after my friend told me about it. It’s The Room of albums. So unbelievably horrifically great. Very upset I couldn’t get the 1 copy my shop got.
  7. I’ll pay whatever for this but oof at that price. Gonna wait and see if there’s anything else before rushing.
  8. New song rules. It actually has a more mainstream feel with the vocals being more pronounced but still with that lethal bass. Very excited for this.
  10. Day 12: We Lost the Sea - Triumph & Disaster (Aqua Blue / Halloween Orange / Brown Tri-Color Merge with HEAVY Deep Purple, Grimace Purple and Neon Violet Splatter, /200)
  11. We’ve reached the end. Thank you so much to all who bought something and especially those that added a donation to my friend’s Go Fund Me. I like doing the 12 Days thing here to not only clean up some inventory but to give folks a chance at some real cheap stuff before the holidays. But the giving spirit from others is so awesome to see. Anyways, today’s last record will be posted sometime between 12:00-12:30 EST. And getting this one for $12 is ridiculous imo lol. Best of luck! Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanza, Happy Holidays, etc to everyone!
  12. Down to the last 2 days! Day 11: If These Trees Could Talk - S/T (2nd pressing, orange w/ black splatter, /100)
  13. Holy Fawn AA Williams Crosses Lowercase Roses All good stuff the back half of the year.
  14. Guess we’re losing interest here. Day 10: $6 holla. All records $6 each. * Metallica - Hardwired...To Self Destruct (2xLP, black) * Mint Field - Sentimiento Mundial (smoked marble) * Sun Burns Bright, The - In Death We Rest (dark grey?, /100) * Tennis System - Pain (RSD 2018, clear w/ red splatter, /1000) * Pray For Sound - Dreamer (magenta, /150)
  15. Day 9: This Will Destroy You - Young Mountain (11th pressing, black/white cover, black vinyl) Anything I sell today will be donated to this Go Fund Me for a friend having some financial trouble. Any extra donations would be amazing. https://gofund.me/9620b045
  16. Day 8: Puig Destroyer double play. Both for $12. * Puig Destroyer - EP (half white/half dodger blue, 1st press, /400) * Puig Destroyer - S/T (RSD 2015, white w/ red splatter, /700)
  17. Looks like Day 5 was a dud! Still available for $6 each. Day 6: If These Trees Could Talk - The Bones of a Dying World (1st pressing, NA copy, 2xLP, black, etched D-Side)
  18. Day 4: Coastlands double dose. $12 each. Coastlands - Death (silver, blood red & black 3-color merge w/ heavy blood red, grey & silver splatter, /150) Coastlands - To Be Found (random multi-colored vinyl, hand-numbered, #'d 2/25)
  19. Day 3: Caspian - Dust and Disquiet (2xLP, half black/half white Hobbledehoy exclusive, /300)

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