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  1. Yep. It really depends on the amp. Some are surprisingly hi-fi. Heck, my first bass speaker was an Acme low B2. at the time they were only about $350. It is a 3 way bass speaker and a pair could be the speakers for a KILLER hi-fi system. They were that good. In fact, the biggest complaint from some people was that they were too "flat". And yes, they faithfully produced the low B from my fiver (32 hz). Flat is good in a world where tone comes, not from the speaker, but from the electronics and effects. My Boss GT 6B puts whatever tone I want into my speakers. Edit: HAHA! I just c
  2. I'm a member of a lot of forums on various subjects. Something I notice that is interesting is that if they allow politial posts or threads, it takes little time before if you select the "latest posts" tab, virtually ALL posts are political. Fortunately, this site doesn't have that problem. It has "PO", instead. At least it's related to the site purpose.
  3. Because I have so many records already, I don't really "look hard" for new stuff, but I recently discovered Vinylmeplease, ironically, via a youtube video about them raising their membership price. I ended up buying five records that I really like a lot. And one of the reasons, I'm embarrassed to say, is the cool colored vinyl as well as the album art. But then I noticed an album pair by Sturgill Simpson called Cuttin' Grass. And their version is seven dollars more than another one (also colored vinyl, but not quite as "cool"). I remember getting a Tomita album called The Bermuda
  4. Funny thing: After my comment I went to yelp to find them and they said the same thing I said on prices, as well as them being small. And that latter can not be emphasized enough. The place is smaller than a large bedroom. But they have a LOT of stuff for their size. I think this is a case of "Low overhead, and we pass the savings on to you." This is a record store you go to in order to actually BUY STUFF and not just look around. They also may have enlarged since I was there.
  5. We have come to agreement on the concept you very succinctly described in that previous post to which I was referring. And I appreciate that. Regarding whether or not you or anybody else should be wearing a mask is highly controversial and the subject for another thread. This is my last word on it. I hope we all enjoy RSD this year! I really am looking forward to the crowd as long as I don't have to wait in a long line. I was at Waterloo records in Austin Texas a few weeks ago and the line was crazy. I ended up going online and just ordering from my phone in the parking lot, and th
  6. I truly love when posters with opposite opinions can come to agreement. And we have! Thanks!
  7. It's a critical part of who I am and no, I did not see it coming. Most of my friends and even "virtual" relationships on the internet either agree with me or have room for the opinions of those who disagree with them. But as a newbee, it did give me a feel for the culture of the site. That's a good thing.
  8. That was a great, informative, and funny post. Thanks for that. BTW, I tried to put my musical tastes in my profile but the site is not allowing me to edit my profile, so I'll just wait until it does. My tastes are ridiculously eclectic. The only "music" I don't like is Hip hop and Rap. But that's just a taste thing.
  9. The only "pre-order" i've ever been involved in or cared about was the DVD release of the Pulse concert by Pink Floyd. I lost my laser disc copy in a divorce back in the late 20th century and waited YEARS for the DVD release, and followed it carefully. Now it's just another disc on my shelf. i.e. I don't do pre-orders any more. I just look for what's actually out there. I was being pushed to "pre-order" an awesome three wheel commuter car about ten years ago. It was always "just around the corner". It never happened. But I didn't do the $100 pre-order, because I've gained th
  10. I'm quite new here and I'm seeing something I've never seen in a hi-fi/music forum: PO threads. I always think "Purchase Order" but discovered quickly it meant "Pre-Order". I clicked on one of the links in one and got a malware warning immediately. But my question: Every site/forum as its own core purpose even though it may overlap with others. Is this site more about ordering new music than anything else? I notice the site is now owned by SRCVinyl. That, and all the PO threads are the hints that cause me to ask this question. Other than that, I don't actually understand the reaso
  11. Heh. I collect branded TT mats from any store I visit. I went in there last year and asked for one to go with my purchase. They don't have one. But they DID have a "Now Playing " block of wood to hold the record jacket of the record I'm "currently playing" with their logo on it. So that's what I now use when playing records. Nice guys in there too! BTW, for me a real "sleeper" is Purple Dog records. I couldn't figure out why it was where it was. It seems like an absurdly quiet location. Then I realized it was right next to a commuter train "station", so he picks up all the commute
  12. I'm going to add my favorite record store here because they no longer show up in google maps. It's Siren Records in McHenry Illinois. The back section of the store is like an early 70's hi-fi store. For me it was like stepping back in time. But the whole store is awesome. The record selection is great, and they have live acts (though I don't know if the lockdown is affecting that now). They also have a facebook page. I live in Kentucky, so whenever I go there I will pick up an album from their "local acts" section. I've come up with some real winners!
  13. After what has happened in the record day thread, I felt the need to go back and read this list. I don't understand what is happening over there. I'm doing all I can to be respectful but these guys came out with a vengeance. My option, which I'm exercising, is to ignore. I'm fine with that. The reason I'm posting this is that being new, I feel I may have violated a policy on this list and don't want to get "suspended and/or banned without any warning." If I continue to act respectful, but they continue with the personal attacks, should I be concerned about being banned? The reason
  14. It's important to remember, regarding pretty much everything, that opinions vary. I don't think this thread is the place to argue it.

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