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  1. Boys Night Out - Make Yourself Sick Parting Gift/Take This To Heart Records First Press: 400: Heavy Splatter - (Colbalt & Canary Yellow) 600: Whirlpool Mix 1000:Color In Color - (Sky Blue & White) https://www.takethistoheartrecords.com/products/732121-boys-night-out-make-yourself-sick
  2. Seeing as the first drop was such a mess I am really surprised the second hasn't sold out yet!?
  3. Just missed the Green, site kept crashing as I was checking out. I managed to grab a splatter so I am happy!
  4. Stoked to finally get this, glad I held out! Went with the /400 Pinwheel. The deluxe is nice but more than I wanted to spend, maybe if I come across a deluxe RSD varint at my local store I might be tempted haha
  5. Officially licensed The Chariot merch. Only available through the MNRK Heavy store. Limited to 250. https://mnrkheavy.com/products/the-chariot-one-wing-cassette?_pos=1&_sid=7b20b093f&_ss=r
  6. My order has already shipped! Went live, sold out with minutes then shipped with 2 hours... Crazy!
  7. Violent Soho's new track Kamikaze has been pressed as a 7" includeing unreleased track Better Homes and Gardens! (Australian Release) Hot Pink /600 SOLD OUT https://24hundred.net/collections/violent-soho/products/kamikaze-7-double-a-side-hot-pink Black/White /600 SOLD OUT https://24hundred.net/collections/violent-soho/products/kamikaze-7-double-a-side
  8. So down for this! Love BIR! Awesome to see people banding together to do a group order! I am in Australia so I always get stung with silly shipping cost haha Trying to decide between clear w/grimace purple speckles and clear with marbled grimace purple!
  9. Hey all! I've had some great luck tracking stuff down from this board mainly because of the great members! So anyway I am looking again this time for Heavy Heavy Low Low Steak, Tits, Football (I Hate Myself) on cassette, any variant I am not to fused. If anyone has one they would sell please let me know and maybe we can make a deal! Thanks.
  10. I went with the DWEU /300 Clear with black & silver splatter, also grabbed the cassette. The US DW store's international shipping is ridiculous!
  11. EU link for anyone who missed out. https://evilgreed.net/collections/new-music/products/new-found-glory-stick-stones-lp
  12. Hey all! Unfortunately I've recently purchased one of these from Discogs and the seller never sent it and tried to take my money! Glad I used PayPal! Haha So yeah, I am now on the hunt again. If anyone has a copy they're willing to part with please let me know! I am cool with any variant. Thanks!