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  1. I would also like to know this... I'd buy it in a heart beat! That record changed music for me!
  2. For how much of a mess the first pressing was I am surprised its been this claim!
  3. Pressing numbers for those interested: 250: Color in Colour (Baby Blue in Orange Crush 750: Orange Crush w/Tangerine & Baby Blue Heavy Splatter 1000: Half Light Blue / Half Orange Crush
  4. I was going to grab one but the international shipping is crazy! Guess I am waiting till Monday haha
  5. I just checked and it's only showing 'Ready to ship' 'Order Information received' at the moment. If anything pops up I'll let you know!
  6. Okay yeah that international shipping is just crazy! It was also $68 to Australia! Had to use my US forwarding address P.s I went for the baby blue, it looked the closest match to the cover to me
  7. Also some gold deluxe still available on DW Europe. https://deathwishinc.eu/products/quicksand-slip-deluxe?_pos=2&_sid=78b2dd0ef&_ss=r Postage was a bit cheaper for me to Australia than evil greed. I almost just grabbed the bone w/red & black splatter but at the last minute went the deluxe... Just something about the gold on the slip case, gold on the label and that gold swirl is just class!
  8. A third pressing of WATR 20th anniversary has been added. Red/Blue https://www.hellomerch.com/collections/botch/products/we-are-the-romans-12-red-blue-double-vinyl-3rd-pressing
  9. After WAY over thinking my decision I decided to go with silver/blue to match the black/blue repress of WATR Stoked on this!
  10. I took a screenshot on Friday and was going to post it but this is the first time I've been able to get on the site for days! Anyone else have this issue?
  11. Hey all, Long shot here... Anyone got a Violent Soho Everything Is A-Ok cassette they would part with? Thanks for reading!
  12. Got my notification a couple of days ago, forgot I ordered this one haha Wasn't on the spreadsheet!
  13. Hey all, I am looking for a Code Orange Kids 2010 Demos cassette & Embrace Me//Erase Me cassette if anyone has one or both they would part with? Lets make a deal! Hope everyone is well.
  14. The Chariot are like my favourite band ever and I am sucker and pretty much buy anything they release but even I cannot support this NFT stuff!
  15. Sorry to bump this but I thought I would share. When I reached out to FP a month ago about getting the grey splatter instead of clear blob they asked for photos of the splatter and even the sign card for the person who packed the order! I then never heard back... Til today when the correct record randomly arrived!
  16. Hey all, I am on the hunt again! For Your Health/Shin Guard: Death Of Spring Split Cassette and or Vinyl this time. If anyone has either or both that they would part with hit me up! Thanks for reading.

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