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  1. Don't have a large collection but have ended up with some things that I don't listen to. PM me offer or I'm open to trades. 7" Bright Eyes | Singularity / In The Real World | Clear Pale Blue Bright Eyes | When The President Talks To God Promo 10" Matt & Kim | To/From | Black 12" Alkaline Trio | This Addiction | Black Bright Eyes | The People's Key | Red/Black Streaks Bright Eyes | There Is No Beginning To This Story | Black (The cover and jacket are a little damaged, was sold to me this way without my knowledge) Frightened Rabbit | The Winter Of Mixed Drinks | Black imadethismistake | It's Okay | Grey Marble Iron & Wine | Our Endless Numbered Days | Black Reverend Deadeye | The Trials & Tribulations Of Reverend Deadeye This Charming Man | Every Little Secret | Black Tom Gabel | Heart Burns | Black
  2. Dude...pm'd you about the Avett Brothers record I payed you for almost a month ago and still haven't received. Would like to know whats going on.
  3. What's the link to use this code? Fuck, sorry. This should be it http://www.saddle-creek.com/digitalvinyl/index.php
  4. Tim Kasher - Bigamy UPC: 648401016611 Code: BM2P9FQR
  5. Ended up with a copy of Mumford & Sons RSD and I'm not particularly keen on keeping it. If you've got something interesting I'd defenitly be down to trade it. Specifically if anyone could offer something that include John K Samson - City Route 85 that would make my damn day. But again, feel free to make some offers.
  6. Lucero - Nobody's Darlings www.downloadmyvinyl.com CODE: 1teqze8kj6
  7. The only reason I did it was because I could split the cost. So glad I was able to swing it though
  8. Picked this up before it ran out. Stoked. Was able to pawn some of the cost off on a (hot female) coworker who wants the shirt, cd, and posters.
  9. Justin Townes Earle - Midnight at the Movies www.bloodshotrecords.com/jtedownload code: YXPHZXSPQ9
  10. This thread is amazing. I ordered this but haven't heard anything until I checked this. Just amazing
  11. This would be awesome. Got this today and I love this album for what it is. Just a metric shit ton of fun!
  12. got mine from No Idea today after a shit ass day at work. Got the clear without the comic.
  13. Looking to sell my framed Derek Hess "Jitterbug" print. Professionally framed and looks pretty damned good. Frame is brown with subtle blues to match the print. Hand #ed and a pretty rad picture but I'm tired of it and all it does is hang on my wall. Let me know if you're interested.
  14. -ex got married last week, thought I was completely over it but feel like some wounds have been reopened +good friends to share beer and music with ++++William Elliot Whitmore live
  15. Happened to me last week. It was strange...thought it went through when I bought but maybe they're waiting to actually charge until it ships?

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