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  1. Hi, need some cash, hit me with your offers. Please NO "how much..."; get in touch via email: "my username" @gmail.com. Coheed and Cambria: in keeping secrets of silent earth:3 [Equal Vision] - white & orange /400 Record is located in Germany and in perfect condition! I'm first and only owner, bought this directly from EVR back in the days. FYI: Registered and trackable oversea shipping is $14. I'm a legit trader on several boards, ask around. Thanks for looking!
  2. Hi, need some cash, hit me with your offers. Please NO "how much..." Alexisonfire: crisis [Defiance] - red /220 Alexisonfire: watch out! [Defiance] - black /250 Long out of print, blahblah. Bought them directly from Defiance back in the days, records are in perfect shape. Records are located in Germany, so oversea shipping is a little more expensive. I'm a legit trader on several boards, ask around. Thanks.
  3. they selling it on tour. here's what it looks like. it rocks btw, go and buy it! sorry for the shitty pics.
  4. yeah, insane. $81.05 total here for the deluxed edition. tried to contact them twice but it seems they don't care. fxck them!
  5. definitely jealous! Texas is the Reason - do you know who you are? on white here.
  6. wonder how many they got. this was sold out in no time.
  7. yeah, thumbs up for jenn. she rocks!
  8. got nothing yet anyone else waiting for notification or any other lifesign? ordered mine a few days after announce and paid shitlot for oversea shipping.
  9. is this record only available at the dreamover store or can i get anywhere else? tried to order it but the damn dreamover-store won't let me coz i'm from germany. emailed dreamover twice - no response. pm'd him here - same as email, no response. i really wanna buy this shit. maybe someone here can help a brother out and get it for me - will cover all costs! @dreamover: you SUCK!
  10. its a giveaway and you cant buy it. editors always get free goodies like handmade promo boxes, shirts and sometimes vinyl This is the 2nd SEGA Vinyl btw. They did it a comp for Classic Collection too
  11. SEGA Mega Drive Ultimate Collection will soon be released on PS3 and Xbox360. Got my copy today together with this sweety: A fine piece of vinyl featuring songs from MG classics like Space Harrier, Golden Axe, Ristar, Phantasy Star II... 180g clear blue vinyl (GZ Vinyl), embossed cover limited to #3000. wooohhhh Ristar rocks!
  12. linkage for crisis please or i don't believe you. http://www.greenhell.de/suche.html?searchstring=Alexisonfire&bezeichnung=band&searchmediatype=-1
  13. Crisis, Watch Out & s/t are still available on vinyl over here btw. That split pic 12" with Moneen too. so no need to repress them.
  14. most yamaha & denon recievers have phono inputs. the old & new ones.
  15. agreed! plus: Catalyst Conquer the World New Age Records Rivalry Deathwish Words of War
  16. Yes it is nice. What audio components/speakers are you using? I'm in the process of replacing a broken receiver and turntable. I'll post my nerd room soon. Nubert speakers (fine german stuff ), Yamaha 6.1 Receiver (DSP AZ 2) & Pro-Ject Turntable (Xpression II)

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