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  1. They did, and it seems Maybe I'll Catch Fire has an orange pressing now. Which is new, as I got the half/half earlier this year. lolz
  2. Thanks for this heads-up. I didn't want to spend Newbury prices, and this DW variant on the Kings Road shop comes with a free Converge pin!
  3. Haha. Mine refuses to, only plays black and clear. And, I do collect and refuse to play certain records, and if I can drop $26 to wear one out and not play this splatter, I will.
  4. Mine has shipped as well. So stoked to have this in hand. Considering snagging the retail copy off of Amazon just to have one to spin all the time.
  5. I started a google sheets document that I update with each on. Lists band, album, variant, /qty, vendor, and estimated ship date. Best thing as I have so many old emails it took forever to remember and find them. Lol
  6. I just happened to the splatter listing on GF last week. It let me add one to my cart. Remembered a friend not able to get one so I let him know, he bought it and immediately it was sold out again.
  7. I luckily turned on notifications for Acrobat's Insta and it popped up 40 minutes early on my phone. Snagged the /200 but interested in the new 2nd press variants that'll go up.
  8. I still do not have shipping confirmation from my Newbury variant. I wouldn't be surprised if the represses this fall shipped before my December 2020 preorder. lolz
  9. Not sure how many variants the band will be offering, but the pre-order is already live on Amazon for: Black Inside Grimace Purple Inside Trans Highlighter Yellow https://www.amazon.com/Colors-Inside-Grimace-Purple-Highlighter/dp/B097F12WNT/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=between+the+buried+and+me+colors+2&qid=1624586329&sr=8-2
  10. I was able to call, pay over the phone, and curbside pick up for the RSD release (only neat thing Covid provided, lol). As mentioned above, Art of Balance would be nice.
  11. Mine hasn't shipped from Newbury, the Ink variant. Ugh... We're approaching WV pre-order waits. haha
  12. Head over to Nesimedia for your specific timezone, but these go live this Saturday, RSD. I'm on PST, so it is 9am for us if that helps...
  13. I snagged the blob. I liked the all grey variants, but the "unlimited amount for 72 hours" scares me, as I'd rather have a nice /150 than a possible /32,000. lolz
  14. Pre-orders are live for Waiting from Thursday. @ Thursdaywaiting.com
  15. This is turning out to be even more hilarious than it was when I saw it launch last night. Hahaha
  16. For the Parks & Rec fans out there: A few variants here - https://www.dualtonestore.com/collections/parksandrec and here - https://magnoliarecord.store/collections/mouse-rat?fbclid=IwAR1q0sVwl-u-iO-gRo_u8-iEoxxWPxThqzVFAmmiPbwvdjwSqwHmkYTaWVc
  17. It's awesome to see Black Metal bands that don't follow the typical ideology of your far-right leaning artists. I hate liking a band and then reading the shit inside the sleeve and being absolutely disgusted and then using the vinyl/cd as a frisbee shortly after. I think I'll pick this up and show them support. This is a good song and the one on the bandcamp is as well.
  18. Thanks for the heads up on the new pressing of Slaughter. I have it on black but it’s been a favorite of mine for decades. I’ll take a color variant for sure
  19. I have set up email notifications on like 8 records, I’ll be grabbing for sure!
  20. Are we really still on about this?! Jesus Christ, even hardcore has some changeups here and there, run in a circle for a bit until this wears off.
  21. they are refunding shipping as a fix. No more burst variants available.
  22. Those two marble color almost are what is pictured in the solid color image. They aren’t starburst

oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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