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  1. Neck Deep sent me a paper airplane in the mail. I'm guessing it's to hype this up
  2. Discogs scammer: Username: SamjacksonATL / Lyyyynnnn (changed their name afterwards) Email: [email protected] Likely a hacked account, last activity 2017. Shows up out of nowhere selling a ton of OOP 2000s-2010s pop punk/emo records at reasonable (but not clearly scam-level) prices. I figured I'd shoot my shot as long as it's protected through PayPal. Started off bad with the PayPal not working; the excuse being she hasn't been on the site for many years. She eventually gets it to work and I send my money on 9/6. She says she is on vacation and will ship 9/11. No response to updates on shipping since 9/6, and bogus shipment info submitted through Discogs after I pressed 'Seller Not Responding' (no tracking number and "Shipped by Manual"). I contacted Discogs and the user has been suspended, and have contacted PayPal for a refund. Posting this here in case they somehow get back on Discogs or PayPal.
  3. The pink blob Brooklynvegan variant looks pretty cool too, but what are the odds it actually looks like that? I can see this one being severely underwhelming
  4. That's what's been tripping me up. I added 250 to my cart and it didn't round it down or say unavailable. I don't want to go much further up because you need to manually add one every time, but looks like there are more than 152
  5. I have an OG clear, so I'll pass on this, but the white/black pinwheel is the nicest variant this record has.
  6. Any indication on the number of the hand-numbered alt covers? $60 shipped is a hard sell, especially if it isn't very limited. It would be cool if it was limited to 152.
  7. Sounds like a pretty aggressive response to a joke. I hope everything's OK at home.
  8. I never owned a physical copy of this, so I'm looking at the album art for the first time. Also seeing that Daryl Palumbo of Glassjaw was involved in this record. I bet he helped designed the album art. Look at the front and back cover and you'll know what I mean lol
  9. The vinyl craze is dying. You can still get out. And for God's sake, open your records and listen to them
  10. I've been listening to this album and Room's Too Cold on CD in preparation for their anniversary show later this year. Pretty cool to get the vinyl in the mail at the same time.
  11. Got the UO version.. This album has the ugliest variants. Glad to see they're continuing the trend
  12. This would be one of those records that I spend a ton on for a more exclusive variant, then listen to it once, go meh, move on with my life, then find it months later at a record store and think, "man, I should've just held off and bought it here"
  13. Damn, the green/coke bottle is different than the mockup. It was perfectly matched with the album cover

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