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  1. I think cloudy refers to the "clear". As in, it's hazy. I'm talking about this effect, which looks like it's what's being done to the orange:
  2. People are funny. Both are out of /1000 but the first one that appears sold out significantly faster than the second. Either people really prefer red over blue, or they panicked and clicked the first assuming it was more limited.
  3. I'm getting that Zia exclusive. I think it's going to look better than the mockup. Seems like a clear base with heavy orange splatter/ghouly looking things. Actually, while I'm at it: does anyone know what they call that design? It's not exactly a splatter; seems like the effect you'd get if you used too much splatter in one place and made little blobs of the color.
  4. First time I've ever had this many technical issues with a drop (where it wasn't widespread).... I guess also the first time I've ever done it on a phone. Ended up with the /700 after getting errors for the other variants.
  5. I wonder if it's just a standard black. I was able to get both of the first 20th anniversary press, so I'll be sitting this one out.
  6. There's 817 of these left so I'd guess 820-850? Probably going to be up there for years
  7. A handful were released yesterday but went in minutes, so maybe you'll get another chance. Today's drop was a bit more substantial; lasted like an hour.
  8. There are some leftovers of the Lost and Chasing box set variants up on their site. Code is ALWAYSWATCHING https://voyeurist.co/products/theyre-only-chasing-safety-2020-observatory-vinyl
  9. Vagrant is really going to town with these releases. Does anyone know when the last batch of these 25th anniversary will go on sale? I'm guessing they're saving the best for last.
  10. Well, looks like we'll be having this easily attainable for quite a while.

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