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  1. Serious answer.... Just open it. No one cares if it's open, especially if it's already not mint.
  2. Like others on the thread, I usually have a good experience with them. Just got a cancellation email now thankfully
  3. AFI - Sing The Sorrow Url: https://www.discogs.com/release/26393102-AFI-Sing-The-Sorrow- Shared from the Discogs App You can probably imagine what it looks like from this. Not sure how to upload photos on this but it's a common enough combo that I'm sure you've seen it before. The most recent TDWP pressing of Zombies EP has an almost identical color scheme.
  4. The red with black smoke has been removed from the webstore. I wonder what the pressing count was on it? I have it in hand and it looks beautiful.
  5. They've been doing this slipcover thing for a while now. Almost got me once or twice, but now I don't even check it out.
  6. I must have gotten lucky. I bought one of the /1,200 45 minutes after it dropped, but figured I'd keep trying my luck and refreshed until one of the /800 was available. Was able to order the /800 and emailed to cancel the /1,200
  7. Rise is doing a great job of repressing their most sought-after records. And they don't even make an event of it. They just put it out. They had a massive blowout sale a few months back to clear inventory. I got like 15 records/cassettes for 80 dollars. Glad to see their stocking their warehouse with things people want to buy.
  8. And I appreciate the info on the second press. It hopefully kills some of the furor for placing your order at 11 AM on the dot. Seems like the crazy drops have been fewer and farther in between.
  9. I can't wait for that one. What It Is To Burn is such a potpourri of styles. I feel like every song on that album comes from a different place in the genre.
  10. That's insane. I cancelled an order like 3-4 days after it was up, reordered using media mail, and am going to receive it two business days after it shipped. They're a mess

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