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  1. Same. Scored Silverstein for $10 less than what most places were selling at (high 30s low 40s)
  2. Will last year's exclusives be on that same page or will we need to go elsewhere? Also, is there a list of your exclusives out there anywhere? I know I missed one of them last year but would like to plan in case there are more and I need to hurry up
  3. Can anyone let me know what the Silverstein LP's retail price is?
  4. Not sure what made you interpret my post as me thinking it's a big deal. Like I said, it's kind of a pain, but I wouldn't say anything about this hobby is ever a big deal. All in all, I enjoy how "mini" this one feels. Makes me feel better about the Good Mourning 10" that's been rumored. I may have preferred if all the Vagrant 25 releases were 10". That would've been cool.
  5. Now that I have it in hand, the 10in isn't so bad... Except for the fact that the spine doesn't have the band and album name. Kind of a pain to organize this since I can't exactly just place this in between my other saves the day 10 inches and use context clues.....
  6. My records are both different shades of yellow/brown. One is more brown than yellow, and the other more yellow than brown
  7. Is this is any way related to No Sleep Records, and does this mean I won't have to wait another two years for my hot mulligan records?
  8. They're really giving Newbury a run for their money. I'm going to hold off on this record until the next Newbury sale where I inevitably spend over $100 and qualify for free shipping. It's gotten to the point where if you're patient, Newbury might be cheaper.... and usually a nicer variant.
  9. Seems like they underpriced it judging by how fast this sold out. This was madness. Like you said, it's a freakin' 5 song EP.
  10. No one's been able to check anything out for a few minutes now. Still 1,548 left of the green... Ooops just refreshed and only 300 left of those now. And those 300 sold out within seconds
  11. Silver is still available if you buy it with the hoodies