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  1. And a lot of old Starting Line records being put up for sale on discogs for "have your cake and eat it too" prices lol
  2. If it's like the red I just bought, it still has that issue where the last song on side B (I'll Catch You) is right at the end of the grooves, so if you have auto-stop on your turntable, the "....don't ever worry" sounds like it's sang by Satan from that Blink 182 live album...
  3. https://www.polyvinylrecords.com/product/something_to_write_home_about How about this one?
  4. Maybe it's to find out if they even need to try anymore? If they get, oh let's say, 100 people to buy that on Friday then they know that every Friday from now on they can release random shit and they'll have at least 100 suckers
  5. That STWHA situation was weird... It's supposed to be limited to 1,000 but was up for like an hour. I managed to get a copy and have it in hand, but I knew there was more to the story than 1k units selling out on a Friday at 11 PM. It's likely for a tour and they released just a few online.
  6. Same here with the mislabeling. Also the tracklist printed on the back of the jacket has still searching first, then LIEY. Probably a mix up on which record comes first lol
  7. I actually enjoyed it. For the nostalgia. To be clear, I love ETR and have bought a few nostalgia items from them, but sometimes I wonder how many people are actually interested in some of their releases.
  8. That's awesome... I have an A Loss For Words record that's white with blue splatter and it looks very similar, down to the crayon-looking "splatter"
  9. Bought... This is extremely cheap for international shipping. I hope they don't cancel the US orders.
  10. Still waiting on my gold nugget variant of You'll be Fine from No Sleep.....
  11. Like is it a box you have to open to access the records, similar to a the box you take your jewelry home in from the store, or can you slide it into your shelf and pull the records out one by one, the same way you'd expect a book box set to be. I really appreciate the look of a well-made vinyl box set, so I'm curious as to its design. I'm sure discogs will have it at some point.
  12. Thanks. I saw that, but nothing really on the look of the set. That's just the vinyl color. I'm sure someone will put some photos up there eventually.
  13. Were you able to open it? Interested in how the set looks if you have some photos.
  14. Not to pile on, but......... "Enjoy The Ride Records in conjunction with PopMotion Pictures proudly present The Last Blockbuster Motion Picture Soundtrack. The Last Blockbuster is a documentary film about Blockbuster's last store, located in Bend, Oregon, and the rise and fall of the iconic video chain store. Available on vinyl and cassette tape for the first time, The Last Blockbuster Motion Picture Soundtrack features music from Punchline and Wordburglar, as well as covers of "Kiss Me" and "All Star," plus score music by Dave Trichter and Steve Soboslai of Punchline." Man..... Why?
  15. They're probably trying to say that it's the band's fault and that they should have rejected the test press when it came to them... which I guess is true. Kind of a ridiculous oversight.
  16. I got the last splatter. I knew refreshing occasionally for the last hour would pay off....
  17. Can you or anyone else who has it please post photos of it when you get a chance? I'm curious as to the quality of the set. I recently picked up the FFAF box set and was very impressed with the quality of the presentation. Others, like the Underoath one.... Eh not so much
  18. This happened to a friend of mine as well when buying a blink box set. It was way below average. Thankfully he didn't bite