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  1. Why are the rest of the Jimmy records on that site $36? Anything limited?
  2. I think that pressing sounded awful though. This one is supposed to be much better
  3. Hah got on here to post about that one. Seems like it's gone though.
  4. Yea, I'm not seeing the /500 anywhere. Hard to believe it sold out.
  5. Sucks. This is the first record I care about that I miss since joining this site. This would've been nice to have.
  6. FFTL on Discogs for $38 shipped. Same seller had Eternal Sunshine for the same price, but it lasted one minute...
  7. I guess I'll add another fun tidbit: the guys who started this band are from my hometown, and they went to a really snobby private school. This record is exactly what I would expect someone from that school to put out in 2008. I actually really like this record to this day. It's hilarious. I forget if the snobby private school was the one the really smart kids go to or the one the really dumb kids go to. But it's one of those two.
  8. Holy shit. I'm confused as to why this guy gets so much hate around here. Is it because he posts POs to music certain other people don't like? That sounds creepily childish. As in, I sincerely believe I'm missing some information because only a literal child would be upset by that. People posting POs on these forums I'm sure is the reason why a lot of people are here. Can someone explain?
  9. https://www.discogs.com/sell/release/19526632?ev=rb FFTL up for 49.99 on discogs by Zions Gate... Probably the most reasonable of the unreasonable prices.....
  10. It's on discogs for 25 right now, but it'll probably be gone by the time you get on it. I'd just keep refreshing discogs for a few hours EDIT: gone
  11. I can't believe people are buying FFTL off discogs for 80 dollars... It was literally just on there for a few bucks higher than retail. I'm refreshing now just for shits and giggles, and have seen high prices drop off a few times..
  12. People are already trying to sell FFTL on discogs for $100+ lol....
  13. When should we start seeing these pop up online? Is it 1 pm est?
  14. That pink with gold splatter looks great. I hope they keep the scheme going for the second press
  15. However, that black/clear split is interesting. I like it...
  16. Don't like the two singles so I probably won't buy. Lately I've been buying the hopeless releases on sale off Amazon because I don't care enough for the music

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