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  1. Hi, we got a new preorder for you guys! NEST crawl from a light-forsaken oubliette of hideous malformed space time and burrow directly into the neck-snapping sub-cortex of the modern sludge troglodite's brain. --> Preorder here: http://maniyax.com (out on 1st of April 2019) The American guitar/drums duo generate the kind of sounds you might expect to hear echoing from the mouth of some abyssal gateway, fluctuating between rhythmic, pulsing riffs as of something dragging itself across the floor and the throat shredding howls of a black metal cacophony, struggling against the wind of the void. These guys create something special within the heavily saturated Sludge scene. If pressed to come up with a genre for this release you might say it was noise tinged, blackened sludge-doom amongst others. That might sound like a band having an identity crisis but the Kentucky two piece present an album here with 'Metempsychosis' which is absolutely thematically and musically coherent. It embraces the dichotomy of being both abrasively ear shredding while simultaneously pulling the listener in with the promise of headbanging riffs fit to give anyone a taste for mosh coupled with dynamic performances and a serious sense of scale. Everything on this release sounds huge. The guitars feel like they were recorded at a distance, possibly deep underwater, and have thick black ink dripping from every note. The drums reverberate like the blows of someone carving stone. Over it all the vocals are suprisingly present, tying the listener to the immediacy of the sound while simultaneously evoking the bleakest black metal and sludge records. Moments of Khanate and The Abominable Iron Sloth collide with Celtic Frost and an ever present sense of dread throghout. Certainly one to pickup. Certainly impossible to ignore once heard. __ limited edition of 300 colored copies heavy 380g cover, full colored artwork, UV spot varnish, printed of the reverse side of the board black innersleeve and heavy insert with lyrics and liner notes. Origin: Lexington (USA) Genre: Doom, Black Metal FFO: Primitive Man, Rorcal, Unerathly Trance, Celtic Frost, Khanate... Members: Kyle Keener & Corey Stringer Artwork: Jan Robbe Recorded: Jason Groves @ Sneak Attack Studios Mastered: Jason Groves Labels: Maniyax Records, Sludgeworm Records, Woooargh Records, Minor Label, Solid Choice, Cursed Monk Records. --> PREORDER: http://maniyax.com --> LISTEN https://nestdoom.bandcamp.com/album/metempsychosis :cheers:
  2. THIS CHARMING MAN RECORDS: Wire Love - Leave the Bones LP Nuage & Bassorchester - Es lohnt LP Karies - Alice LP The Tidal Sleep - Be Water LP Clowns - Bad Blood LP Freiburg - Brief & Siegel LP for now just on https://www.discogs.com/seller/maniyaxrecs/profile
  3. Hey. Sale is over, but I started putting my stuff on ebay, so check it out: https://www.ebay.de/usr/maniyaxrecs :cheers: Maniyax
  4. Hi all, our special discount is still running! Enter 25XMAS at the checkout and you will get 25% off your order until the 24th December 2018 23:59:59 (MEZ). You better get your presents right away! Check out http://maniyax.com, the 25% apply to ANYTHING in the store, even already discounted items! Our latest release is still hot and going strong, you should check it out: SIBERIAN HELL SOUNDS and CONVULSING - two of Australia’s finest in extreme music - come together for a split LP. Find hardcore/grind with the chilling vibe of blackmetal on SHS side and a brutal, incredibly violent blackened death metal act on Convulsings side. --> ORDER: http://maniyax.com --> LISTEN: https://siberianhellsounds.bandcamp.com/album/split-w-convulsing Telos is still hot as well, such an amazing record: Taking Blackmetal and Deathmetal into Math/Hardcore with the typical blackened Copenhagen-sound. It can't get any better. --> ORDER: http://maniyax.com --> LISTEN: https://teloscph.bandcamp.com/album/telos Please also check our Discogs. We have more records up there and always best prices! https://www.discogs.com/seller/maniyaxrecs/profile New stuff in Blackmetal, Doom, Postrock, Hardcore, Screamo, you name it. 100% positive ranking, always packed well in protection foil and strong cardboard. Shipped as cheap and quick as possible. _________ So don't forget: Enter '25XMAS' at www.maniyax.com and safe your 25% (until Xmas)!! Thanks a lot, Fabian www.maniyax.com
  5. another review: It’s the Brisbane, Australian band Siberian Hell Sounds that begin thinks with a ferocious blackened style of metal. Meshing hardcore/grind with the chilling vibe of black metal, the intensity rarely drops. When it does it’s just to build back towards delivering blasting hot snippets of metal. The disjointed style of guitars sometimes makes it difficult to feel completely comfortable with what’s being heard here. Forcing you to be constantly on the tips of your toes, edging away from the lip of the cliff. However when Siberian Hell Sounds drop that for a raging torrent of noise, any pretence of safety is forgotten. It’s quite impressive that Siberian Hell Sounds are able to keep up this level of intensity for such a long period of time. Convulsing offers a darker effort. A one-man blackened death metal act, it’s incredibly violent from the moment the thumping bleakness kicks off. After a couple of minutes of unadulterated ferocity, things get a little more melodic but just as dark. Slowing things down to a near stand-still, a soft guitar melody, light drum taps & growling vocals change things up a bit before returning to the wildness. Several times throughout the 20+ minutes of Engraved Upon Bleached Bone, the faster heaviness is brought to a halt. Replaced with dread, haunting sounds & a darkness underlining everything. While it just about works, you can’t help but question the overall structure of the track & by the 15 minute mark you’ll start to check out mentally. through gbhbl.com Click:
  6. NEW SALE!!! Hi, get 25% discount on our website until XMAS! Use code "25XMAS" at checkout. www.maniyax.com :cheers:
  7. . Review vom Occult Blackmetal Zine "In my opinion this is another great sounding track from Siberian Hell Sounds and if you are a fan of raw black metal, crust, grind and post hardcore, you should c heck out their side of the track." "In conclusion I feel this is a very great sounding split and would recommend it to all fans of the more modern black metal style. 8 out of 10." --> MANIYAX.COM .
  8. Review from Metal Trenches. 8,7 of 10. The Pitch: Copenhagen, a current hotbed for the most dark and deranged blackened hardcord sounds, brings us the debut album from Telos via Maniyax Records, WOOAAARGH, Rakkerpak and 5FeetUnder Records. FFO: Hexis, Converge, Eglise What I Like: After teasing us with the abrasive single "Helios," I was excited to hear more from this new force from the darkest corners of the hardcore/mathcore scene. Telos do not dissapoint with this self-titled outing. Like cenobites emerging from some depraved, otherworldly portal, they bring with them both pleasure and pain; frequently blurring the lines in between. Very similar to countrymates Hexis and LLNN, Telos utilize a swirling torrent of cataclysmic drumming, blazing guitars, and blackened/deathened vocals to bring the entire f#%king house down. This is about as metal as hardcore can get. To push it any further would be catastrophic. The opening track, "Hadean," is even named for an eon of chaotic formation during which the surface of the Earth likely resembled what we think of as Hell. From the ripping bass solo of the multitextured "Ape" to the mathy, Dillinger-esque opening riffs of "Deity pt. 1: Wither," this album will own you. The Verdict: I can't get enough of the Copenhagen sound. There's a very specific type of distortion and overall approach to guitar that has come to define the region, and Telos are taking it to its absolute zenith. These guys have jumped the line and arguably become the area's best new export. - Review by FlightOfIcarus in Metal Trenches - Original Review here
  9. Hi all, SIBERIAN HELL SOUNDS and CONVULSING - two of Australia’s finest in extreme music - come together for a split LP. ‘The Breath Of The Beast’ marks the moment when Siberian Hell Sounds transcended the sum of its parts, and emerged as a hypnotically heavy drone machine - more a cataclysmic force majeure than music. Sounding like the bastard child of elusive French powerhouses Deathspell Omega and the cabal of nationless demons known as Hexis, Siberian Hell Sounds draw influence from clandestine corners of extreme music while never adhering to the tropes of any particular subgenre. Convulsings ‘Engraved On Bleached Bone’ exists as a bridge between two selves: between despondency and turmoil of the past, and the uncertainty of the present. It is a knife at the throat of a now-defeated enemy. A bloodied howl of contempt. As the project of Brendan Sloan (Dumbsaint), Convulsings 2016 debut 'Errata' made it's mark with an expansive combination of angular death metal, razor raw black metal, ambient menace and transcendent drone, drawing from names like Ulcerate, Dysrhythmia and Krallice. --> ORDER: http://maniyax.com --> LISTEN: https://siberianhellsounds.bandcamp.com/album/split-w-convulsing Thanks.
  10. Releasedate is close: 31st of October. Mathcore/Darkened Hardcore from Copenhagen with their typical danish sound (For Fans of Celeste, Hexis, Whorls...) --> BUY http://maniyax.com --> LISTEN https://teloscph.bandcamp.com/album/telos
  11. TELOS s/t Bundle (LP + T-Shirt) Release Date 31 October 2018 black T-Shirt, Gildan Heavy Cotton ((also available without shirt)) limited edition vinyl: 204x doom black / first 25 copies are hand numbered Face destroying Blackened Hardcore monsters TELOS present their debut of the same name. Drawing significant influence from contemporary blast merchants Hexis and angular, chaotic riff titans Converge TELOS create their own sound through an alliance of these concepts. This masterpiece shifts from rushing breathless sections of hasty drums and frantic riff to super aggressive hyperblasting to sudden melodic drops and back again. Coming in at under the 30minute mark this output does an admirable job of exploring the concept presented under the title; TELOS being Greek for 'End', the release follows ideas of environmental collapse, the problems of post-modern society and overpopulation, and plays with ideas of metaphysical beings as metaphors, embodying the eponymous TELOS as a deity-like humanity destroying creature. Following this almost sci-fi story like structure is refreshingly unusual in this genre and the band pulls it off remarkably well. Their sound is certainly comparable to that of a destruction deity. In short this is a brutally effective release in the blackened hardcore genre that will satisfy anyone looking for their blasting dissonance fix while at the same time offering interest and depth for repeated listens with a strong conceptual leaning and unusual instrumentation. --> BUY http://maniyax.com --> LISTEN https://teloscph.bandcamp.com/album/telos Thanks.
  13. Hi all, give yourself a treat and grab one or more records from our discogs. Great records, best prices, safe shipping with vinyl out of the sleeve and bubblewrap in strong cardboard. We ship worldwide and will find the safest + cheapest solution with you. Check all records here. More than 300 records for a bargain! See the full list below. Almost all of them are 12"/LPs. Handfull of 10"es or tapes in there. artist title [ B O L T ] ( 0 4 ) [ B O L T ] / Biblo [B O L T] / BIBLO / HEYER A Flower Kollapsed Brown Recluse (Kreis) Black Sea Of Trees Abest Asylum Abrakadabra, Magnapinna Split Abstracter / Dark Circles Split Actress Glacier (2005-2009) Adorno Year Two Affenmesserkampf / Robinson Krause Affenmesserkampf/Robinson Krause Afterlife Afterlife Afterlife Kids Morgengrauen Aktion X Freiheit Alceste / Hive Destruction A Split 12" Always Wanted War, Ghost Cat Split Amanita The World Is Dead Prose To Me Amber / Locktender Amber / Locktender Amenra Afterlife Amenra Mass I Amouth Awaken Ampersphere / Colaris Ampersphere / Colaris Ancst In Turmoil Ancst Moloch Animal Faces Anomie Anopheli A Hunger Rarely Sated Another Five Minutes Half Empty Arktika Symmetry Arktika Heartwrencher Arktika At Zero Arktika Symmetry Arrowhead, Forever Losing Sleep Arrowhead / Forever Losing Sleep As We Draw Lines Breaking Circles Ashbringer Yügen Ast (5) Fraktale Atlantis Mistress Of Ghosts Autarkeia Autarkeia Baestien Uroboros Bail In Closing Memories Balboa Burnout OKHC Barque Coffin Cutters Batillus Concrete Sustain Battlefields Thresholds Of Imbalance Battlefields Thresholds Of Imbalance Beirut The Flying Club Cup Beneath The Wheel Resignation Bernays Propaganda My Personal Holiday Black Everest Demo Black Table Obelisk Blanche Blanche Blanche Scam / Press Dumps Blank Calix Blckwvs 130 Blckwvs 140 Blood Patrol From Beyond And Below Bloody Phoenix Ode To Death Boden Boden Bon Iver For Emma, Forever Ago Boneflower I'll Be The Bones, You'll Be The Soul Bonehouse The Long Summer Brighter Arrows Dreamliner Brother/Ghost Buried Buioingola Il Nuovo Mare Burial Oath Beyond The Vale Of Shadowlands Burial Year Pestilence Burning Bright Domesday Bymyside Affogare, Risalire, Ricadere Calvario Calvario Capsule No Ghost Captain, Your Ship Is Sinking / Mio (9) Captain, Your Ship Is Sinking / Mio Carne Modern Rituals Carnist Unlearn Cavalcades Lights Begin To Dance Centuries Broken Hyms Chamber Chamber Noir Chamber Slaves To The Locust Chambers, Sunlun Chambers / Sunlun Chambers Chambers Clearer The Sky Held In Merciful Light Clinging To The Trees Of A Forest Fire / Nesseria CTTTOAFF / Nesseria Cloud Rat Qliphoth Code Orange Kids I Am King Coffin Dancer Pax Romana Common Enemy Living The Dream? Converge All We Love We Leave Behind Council Of Rats Coarse Counterblast Nothingness Cranial Dark Towers / Bright Lights Crowns&Thieves The Half-Dream Hologram Crowskin Ganz Ins Herz Crowskin / Black Freighter Crowskin / Black Freighter D.U.N.E. Marmo Daephne Full Circle Dark Hansen Schluessel Das eNde Der Teufel Ist Ein Silberfisch Dave & Mighty American Jesus Dawn Ray'd A Thorn, A Blight Dead In The Water Less Days Left... Until The Final Rest Dead In The Water Dead In The Water Dead To A Dying World Litany Deafheaven Sunbather Death Engine Amen Death Mercedes Sans Éclat Death Of Youth Death Of Youth Deer In The Headlights Mental Health Dephosphorus Ravenous Solemnity Dephosphorus Ravenous Solemnity Dephosphorus, Haapoja Collaboration Lp Depravation (2) Feast With The Rats Desidia / La Ciencia IC 1396 Diavolo Rosso Never Follow... Direwolves Aegri Somnia Dolcim / Hammers Dolcim / Hammers Drawbacks (3) Common Impairments Duct Hearts If You Prick Us, Do We Not Bleed? Duct Hearts Feathers EF Ceremonies Elizabeth Where Vultures Land End Of All Places Eric Ayotte Causality Euryale Euryale Explosions In The Sky, David Wingo Prince Avalanche: An Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Fake Empire Fake Empire Fall Of Messiah Empty Colors Fange Poisse Farce Ich Sehe Im Vorbeifahrenden Auto.... Future Punx This Is Post-Wave Genital Jiggling Genital Jiggling Ghostwriter (6), Abyss A.D. Split Gli Altri Prati, Ombre, Monoliti Gloom Sleeper A Void Glorious Home Giving Goldust Thirst graben graben Grand Detour Grand Détour Grim Van Doom Grim Love Grinding Halt Discography Tape II Guts & Guns The Pig Rug Collection Häshcut Please Do It Yourself Hässig Adie Merci Hate & Merda La Capitale Del Male Haut & Court Troffea Heat (23) Old Sparky Hexis Hexis Holodomor Témoignages de la Gnose Terrestre Hourvari Ep Huata / Bitcho Huata / Bitcho Human Cull Stillborn Nation Human Hands (3) / The Blue Period Human Hands / The Blue Period Hungry Like Rakovitz Nevermind The Light Husten Husten HVÖSCH Thornsmoat I Am My End I Am My End I Hate Sex Circle Thinking I Not Dance We Are Guilty And So Are You I Recover I Recover Icarus Ascending//Descending Idre Unforgiving Landscapes Images Five In Twilight's Embrace The Grim Muse Infarto Sul Fondo Insieme A Tutti Gli Altri Sassi Iron Heel Book Of Grief Iselia II: Dawn ISTMO ISTMO Jöey Clash 1st janpalach Sensation Japanische Kampfhörspiele Deutschland Von Vorne II Jessica 93 Who Cares June Paik June Paik Kick It! Biére, Frites Et Vandalisme Kidcrash Demo Killeur Calculateur Valley Of The Dead Kishote Kaleidoskop Kiwi Sisters ...For The Young And Fertile Bearers Of Fruit... Kongh Counting Heartbeats Krupskaya, Foible Instinct Krupskaya / Foible Instinct Kumulus (2) Kumulus Kyrest { Fractures } Kyrest Life.Life.Disaccord La Parade Voces Del Exilio Lambs Betrayed from Birth Late Night Venture Birmingham Lazarus Blackstar / Black Shape Of Nexus Lazarus Blackstar / Black Shape Of Nexus Libyans Libyans Lies Feed The Machine Gallows EP Life Long Tragedy Runaways Link Chapter IV Litovsk Litovsk Locktender Rodin Locktender / Brighter Arrows Locktender / Brighter Arrows Marais / Auszenseiter Marais / Auszenseiter Mariesena Ruth Masada Masada Membrane Erase Meraine Meraine Miles&Feet Portrait Minion Out Of The Carnage... Let Me Back In Mio Jedes Wort Eine Lüge Mio / Duct Hearts Mio / Duct Hearts MNMNTS The Choir Belongs To You mOck / We Fade To Grey mOck / We Fade To Grey Monuments Collapse, Bréag Naofa Monuments Collapse / Bréag Naofa Morgue Doors of no Return Mount Logan Mount Logan Mumrunner Gentle Slopes Naevus Heavy Burden Naive Naive Nebraska / Diplomat Split Negative Standards Fetters Nihiling Same Nihiling Egophagus Nihiling Batteri Nine Eleven 24 Years No Guts No Glory Yes, We Have Partying Skills No Waves Immaculate Protection Noir Reva Nuance Northless / Light Bearer Northless / Light Bearer Notions Rorschach November 13th Stillstand / Weiter Numenorean Demo 2014 Oaken King Beast Old Soul, Lentic Waters Old Soul / Lentic Waters Oremus PopioÅ‚y Ostraca, Flesh Born Faces of the Moving Year Out On A Limb Drowned Painted Wolves Unholy PAPAYA Um/I Paper Wounds Always Hurt Paramnesia / Unru Paramnesia / Unru Patsy O' Hara Sings The Bourgeois Blues Pettersson Rift And Seam Phantom Carriage, the Falls Piri Reis / Coma Regalia Piri Reis​ /​ Coma Regalia Planks / Lentic Waters Planks / Lentic Waters Plans For Nobody Plans For Nobody Pogavranjen Sebi Jesi Meni Nisi Porta Nigra Kaiserschnitt Post-War Perdition Post-War Perdition Protestant Judgements Razoreater Vacuum Of Nihil Recreant Recreant Red Apollo Marche Funebre Red Apollo Altruist Red Apollo Meta Red Tape Parade The Floor Ritual Mess Vile Art Robanera Meco Discordia Rorcal κÏέων (Creon) Sangharsha / Blank Intermundia Split LP Sarg Slow Revenge Saturday's Kids Saturday's Kids Scheissediebullen Aufschwung Schnipo Schranke Rare Scold For Wandering / Stellardrive Split Sed Non Satiata Le Ciel de Notre Enfance / Split w/ Daitro Seila Chiara Seila Chiara Shadow Of The Torturer / Ghost Of Wem Shadow Of The Torturer / Ghost Of Wem Shipwrecks Shipwrecks Sin Logica Fuel Of Death Sky:Lark! / Meadows Skylark / Meadows Sleeping Bear Parinae Slow Bloomer Nudity Spitting Nails s/t Stories From The Lost For Clouds Suffocate For Fuck Sake In My Blood Sugartown Cabaret Beyond Foams Sundowning / Red Apollo Sundowning / Red Apollo Sunlun Ceaseless Exhausting Pursuit Sunpocrisy Eyegasm, Hallelujah! Svffer Svffer Svffer Lies We Live The 101's For The Years The Caulfield Cult Cult The Gentle Art Of Chokin' The Gentle Art Of Chokin' The Low Frequency In Stereo The Low Frequency In Stereo The Prestige Black Mouths The Psyke Project Guillotine The Third Memory / Dominic (14) Split The Third Memory / Dominic The Tidal Sleep Vorstellungskraft The Vaders A Link To The Past Thurm Thurm Tiger Magic If Nothing Works Out At Least I Do Tim Hecker An Imaginary Country Toundra II Trainwreck Trainwreck Trap Them Seizures In Barren Praise Trautonist Trautonist Various Holy Goat Records Label Sampler MMXV Various Time As A Color - X Vowels Chained Vukari Matriarch Vuyvr Eiskalt Wake Sowing The Seeds Of A Worthless Tomorrow War Emblem Constant Defeat We Stood Like Kings USSR 1926 WERL HH.2016.09.08 Whitehorse Flames To Light The Way / Everything Ablaze Who's My Saviour Wall Of Sickness Whorls Petrichor Willy Fog Harlekin Geisterpfeifenfisch Wilt Moving Monoliths Withers Lightmares Woe Hope Attrition Wojczech / Krupskaya Split 12" Years Of Decay / Sandcreek Massacre Split Yfere Zirkel Yith Dread Your Neighbour The Liar It Seems We're Made To Suffer Zetkin Vanguard Zinnschauer Hunger . Stille Zodiac Rasierter Affe Find the MANIYAX RECORDS DISCOGS here! Thanks a lot, Fabian www.maniyax.com