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  1. Interview: ninecircles.co/2018/03/04/profile-nihilistic-doom-duo-nest/ Press blurbs: "Metempsychosis is a modern sludge classic. This type of stuff should make you feel uncomfortable, threatened and generally in danger. That feeling is across every inch of this mean ass fuckin’ record and the songwriting is several ear-slicings above cookie cutter bands with no moxie in their mutilation. Anyone that signed onto the sludge trip with the classic bands and have followed some of its most extreme purveyors should grab up every single thing that Nest has done to date, especially this full-length offering." --Teeth of the Divine "these Kentuckians resemble something closer to the bastard offspring of Satanic Warmaster and Dead is Dead, taking traditional black metal stylings (as opposed to “weeny atmospheric emo-black”) and dragging them through deep, dark sludge. At times the music is a seething maelstrom of trve, grim malice, while other moments find the listener slowly drowning in thick, Neuros-ish mud." --Angry Metal Guy "Post metal and Kentucky seem to be a perfect fit as with Nest we have just that lets mix Post Metal, Black metal , Crust and Metallic Hardcore elements into something that could be weird and distant but really is just suffocation, bleak and nightmarish in a very avant kind of way." --Musical Projects of Clint Listing "NEST you will like if MANTAR is your weakness, a sound where crust and doom go hand in hand, creating a rocky, dark and dirty album." Recommendable 7.5 --Necromance digital magazine "Hateful hardcore, influence sludge samples about us. Nice and violent, then slow and low and then again with the foot full on the accelerator. Variation guaranteed. That variation in combination with the short playing time keeps the whole interesting. Throw Primitive Man and Cult Of Occult into a blender and you get an idea of how Nest sounds." --Lords of Metal 79/100 "A blackened, sludgy wrestle with the harshest predators of the void" --OVERDRIVE music magazine 85/100 "What we have then is a Sludge/Doom record that gives its nods to the parent genres, but constantly shifts both lyrically and musically to create something very different, something at once personal and close to the bone, but also otherworldly and from a void of grime and distortion." --Ghost Cult magazine 8/10 "This project is recommended if you felt like Fistula was too hardcorish, or Thou was too slow, or Khanate needed a big ballsy doom riff or two more. 4.0/5.0 stars. --Grizzly Butts "Nest create a cacophony of terrifying and psychedelic sounds that will pull you into their bleak universe. It’s a harrowing journey, and one that lovers of nihilistic doom will flock to like suicidal lemmings." --CVLT Nation "Flying by in a swirl of meaty bass hooks & melodies, the progressive fuzziness of Divining by the Entrails of Sheep adds layers to Nest’s sound. More than just your average sludgy/doom band, they offer brief respites of light within the gloom." --Games, Brains and a Headbanging Life "Now, I am not normally a fan of blackened doom, but there are a few bands that do it so well that it is hard to not like their music. Nest tops that list, with Dopethrone and a few others. This new album is sick!!! --Tom's Album Reviews, Interviews, and Musical News "Metempsychosis sounds like it crawled right out of the tunnels of Kentucky, or perhaps of Pan Em's District 13. It's the spirit of the miner who's never been crushed. It's a sneak record that way. It's got a fairly psychedelic sound, so really, this is blackened psychedelic oily doom metal. Perhaps Kentucky Coal Mine Metal?" --Glacially Musical "To be sucked in by a record upon first listen is an increasingly rare experience; as more and more records are released, and more sonic avenues explored, it can be harder for bands to record music that has that instant “wow!” factor, that feels novel and convincing from the first moment. Yet that’s what Nest have achieved with Metempsychosis." --The Sound Not The Word "In my opinion Nest are a very great sounding blackened mixture of sludge and doom metal and if you are a fan of those musical genres, you should check out this band. RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE "The Cowardice And Rashness Of Courage" "Heretic" and "Life's Grief". 8 out of 10" --Darkdoomgrinddeath blogspot "To me, NEST is a whole different breed then most of the genuine sludge I've ever come across. Metempsychosis is a thunderous, angry, depressive, and emotional journey expressed through the most dire way possible." --Direnotes "Metempsychosis is a sonic thrillride through a blackened doom hellscape. Nest pushes against the boundaries of sanity again and again before drawing back in cycles of tension and release. Wild and unpredictable changes in tempo and intensity mixed with experimental elements and crushing riffs makes for a compelling listen. Kyle Keener's raging guitar crashes in suffocating waves of distortion while Corey Stringer's vocals purge deep wells of agony. The result is both heavy and dynamic for a fierce and creative release." --WRFL lexington Matt Gibson "The thick distortion-encrusted tones are riddled with a nasty evil buzz that brings to mind a union of Unearthly Trance and Unsane that sometimes veers into psychedelic realms worthy of Yob." --The Sludgelord full review: thesludgelord.blogspot.com/2018/01/album-review-nest-metempsychosis.html "Aside from the typical harsh distorted riffage and overwhelmed reverb melodies, this band actually introduces enough spaced out qualities to keep you fixated." --Scumfest Metal666 blog “Metempsychosis is an awesome offering from Nest that demonstrates their startling power and a terrifying amount of potential for the future." --The Burning Beard blogspot Should be enough for now. www.maniyax.com
  2. . IDIOTEQ wrote a review: IDIOTEQ/NO SUN RISES full album stream here: NO SUN RISES Bandcamp and buy the record here: MANIYAX RECORDS thx
  3. also via link to my shop. https://maniyaxrecords.limitedrun.com/supersale --> I keep this link updated all the time, so if you want something, take a look there, not everything is still available. thx
  4. Hi all, so there's a: MANIYAX SUPERSALE. Bundles of 3 records with crazy pricings Please send an email with what you want to [email protected] (name the email SUPERSALE. merci) I´ll tell you the final price incl. shipping. - First come, first serve - as long as stock lasts ARTIST TITLE FORMAT PRICE* 6€-Bundle! Mininum 3 records, 2€ each (you can take more than that off course…) Amber / Locktender Amber / Locktender 7" 2,00 € Beneath The Wheel Resignation 7", EP 2,00 € Black Everest Demo 7", Ltd 2,00 € Blanche Blanche Blanche Scam / Press Dumps 7" 2,00 € Congratulations / The Rabbit Theory Split 7" 2,00 € Dave & Mighty American Jesus 7" 2,00 € Dolcim / Hammers Dolcim / Hammers 7", Cle 2,00 € Duct Hearts If You Prick Us, Do We Not Bleed? 7" 2,00 € End Of All Places 7", EP 2,00 € Eric Ayotte Causality 7" 2,00 € Ghostwriter, Abyss A.D. Split Cass 2,00 € Grinding Halt Discography Tape II Cass 2,00 € I Recover I Recover 7", EP 2,00 € janpalach Sensation Cass 2,00 € La Parade Voces Del Exilio CD, Album 2,00 € Lies Feed The Machine Gallows EP 7", EP 2,00 € Lorraine Gimbal Lock / Pitch/Roll/Yaw 7", Single 2,00 € mOck / We Fade To Grey mOck / We Fade To Grey 7", Ltd, Cle 2,00 € Modern Pets Excessive 7", Single 2,00 € Painted Wolves Unholy 7" 2,00 € Paper Wounds Always Hurt 7", EP, Blu 2,00 € Red Tape Parade The Floor 7", EP 2,00 € Sarg Slow Revenge 7", EP, W/Lbl 2,00 € Scold For Wandering / Stellardrive Split 12" 2,00 € Seila Chiara Seila Chiara 7", Whi 2,00 € Sky:Lark! / Meadows Skylark / Meadows 7" 2,00 € Various Holy Goat Records Label Sampler MMXV Cass 2,00 € Vowels Chained 7" 2,00 € Vuyvr Eiskalt Cass 2,00 € YURODIVY When Deep Waters CD 2,00 € 12€-Bundle! Mininum 3 records, 4€ each (you can take more than that off course…) [ B O L T ] ( 0 4 ) CD 4,00 € Afterlife Kids Morgengrauen LP, Album 4,00 € Aktion X Freiheit LP, Comp 4,00 € Amouth Awaken LP, Album 4,00 € Black Love Black Love LP 4,00 € Blood Patrol From Beyond And Below LP, Album 4,00 € Bonehouse The Long Summer 12", EP, Ltd 4,00 € Brito / Grinding Halt Drama 12" 4,00 € Burial Year Pestilence LP, Album 4,00 € Carne Modern Rituals LP, Bla 4,00 € Chambers Chambers LP, Album 4,00 € Crowns&Thieves The Half-Dream Hologram 12", MiniAlbum, Col 4,00 € Crowskin Ganz Ins Herz 12", Album 4,00 € Dark Hansen Schluessel LP, S/Sided, Whi 4,00 € Das eNde Der Teufel Ist Ein Silberfisch 12", Album 4,00 € Fake Empire Fake Empire LP, Ltd 4,00 € Goldust Thirst LP, Album 4,00 € Guts & Guns The Pig Rug Collection 12", Album 4,00 € Häshcut Please Do It Yourself LP, Album, Whi 4,00 € Hexis Hexis 12", S/Sided, EP 4,00 € ISTMO ISTMO 12", Cle 4,00 € Jöey Clash 1st LP, Pur 4,00 € Kick It! Biere, Frites Et Vandalisme LP, Album, Num, Whi 4,00 € Kiwi Sisters ...For The Young And Fertile Bearers Of Fruit... Cass, Album 4,00 € Libyans Libyans LP, Album 4,00 € Locktender / Brighter Arrows Locktender / Brighter Arrows 10" 4,00 € May Diary Fo(u)r Seasons CDr, EP, Bla 4,00 € Mio Jedes Wort Eine Lüge LP, S/Sided, Etch 4,00 € Naive Naive LP, Ltd, Whi 4,00 € No Guts No Glory Yes, We Have Partying Skills LP, Album 4,00 € November 13th Stillstand / Weiter LP, Album 4,00 € Papaya Um/I 12", S/Sided, Ora 4,00 € Post-War Perdition Post-War Perdition LP 4,00 € Saturday's Kids / Kids Return Saturday's Kids / Kids Return 10" 4,00 € The Gentle Art Of Chokin' The Gentle Art Of Chokin' LP, Album 4,00 € The Infarto, Scheisse! Sul Fondo Insieme A Tutti Gli Altri Sassi LP, Num + CDr 4,00 € The Phantom Carriage Falls 12", Pur 4,00 € The Vaders A Link To The Past LP, Red 4,00 € Various Time As A Color - X LP, Comp 4,00 € Years Of Decay / Sandcreek Massacre Split LP, EP 4,00 € Zetkin Vanguard LP, S/Sided, Ltd, Bla 4,00 € Zodiac Rasierter Affe 10" 4,00 € 18€-Bundle! Mininum 3 records, 6€ each (you can take more than that off course…) Afterlife Afterlife LP, Album, blck 6,00 € Battlefields Thresholds Of Imbalance 2xLP, Album, Ltd, Bla 6,00 € Blank Calix LP, Album, Ltd, RP, Tra 6,00 € Blckwvs 0130 LP, Album, RE 6,00 € Chambers, Sunlun Chambers / Sunlun 12", Ltd 6,00 € Common Enemy Living The Dream? LP, Album 6,00 € Death Engine Amen 10" 6,00 € Death Of Youth Death Of Youth 12" 6,00 € Dephosphorus, Haapoja Collaboration Lp LP, MiniAlbum 6,00 € Dominic / The Third Memory Split 12" 6,00 € Genital Jiggling Genital Jiggling LP, Album 6,00 € graben graben LP, Album, Ltd 6,00 € Grand Detour Grand Detour 12", S/Sided, EP, Ltd, Whi 6,00 € Human Hands Morning Sun LP, Album 6,00 € Hungry Like Rakovitz Nevermind The Light LP, Album, blck 6,00 € I Am My End I Am My End LP 6,00 € Kühl Drittweltstrauma LP 6,00 € Lambs Betrayed From Birth LP, S/Sided, Etch, Ltd, Tra 6,00 € Lockerbie Olgusjor LP, Album 6,00 € Maskros, Kaji, Astrid, This Too Will Pass, A City Sorrow Built 5-Way-Split 12", whi 6,00 € MNMNTS The Choir Belongs To You 12", S/Sided, Etch 6,00 € Nadja / OvO The Life And Death Of A Wasp LP, Album, Ltd, blck 6,00 € Nihiling Egophagus LP, Album, Ltd, Num 6,00 € Old Soul, Lentic Waters Old Soul / Lentic Waters LP 6,00 € Out On A Limb Drowned LP, Album 6,00 € Plans For Nobody Plans For Nobody LP 6,00 € Recreant Recreant LP, Album 6,00 € Sangharsha / Blank Intermundia Split LP LP, Album 6,00 € Sin Logica Fuel Of Death LP 6,00 € Spitting Nails Spitting Nails LP 6,00 € Sugartown Cabaret Beyond Foams LP, Album, Whi 6,00 € Sunlun Ceaseless Exhausting Pursuit LP, Album, Ltd 6,00 € War Emblem Constant Defeat LP, Album 6,00 € Whitehorse Fire To Light The Way / Everything Ablaze LP, MiniAlbum, Comp 6,00 € Withers Lightmares 12", Ltd 6,00 € Yfere Zirkel LP, Album 6,00 € Zinnschauer Hunger . Stille LP, Album, Ltd 6,00 € 24€-Bundle! Mininum 3 records, 8€ each (you can take more than that off course…) Aesthesys Achromata CD, Album, Dig 8,00 € 30,000 Monkies starrrrrrrring 10", S/Sided, EP 8,00 € Abrakadabra / Magnapinna Split 12", EP 8,00 € Arktika Heartwrencher 12", S/Sided, EP, Etch, Pin 8,00 € Calvario Calvario 12", EP, Ltd 8,00 € Careless / det är därför vi bygger städer / Sans Visage Careless / det är därför vi bygger städer / Sans Visage 12", S/Sided, Scr 8,00 € Farce Ich Sehe Im Vorbeifahrenden Auto Den Unfall Mitvorbeifahren, In Zeitlupe Und Rueckwaerts 12", MiniAlbum 8,00 € Glorious Home Giving 12", EP, Ltd, smo 8,00 € Miles&Feet Portrait 12", whi 8,00 € Nebraska / Diplomat Split 12", EP, Ltd 8,00 € Ostraca, Flesh Born Faces of the Moving Year 12", Ltd, Tra 8,00 € Razoreater Vacuum Of Nihil 12", S/Sided, Etch, Ltd, Yel 8,00 € Regarde / Pastel / Saudade / Marmore 4 Way Split 12", Tra 8,00 € Actress Glacier (2005 - 2009) LP, Comp 8,00 € Amanita The World Is Dead Prose To Me LP 8,00 € Arktika Symmetry LP, Album, RP, Gra 8,00 € As We Draw Lines Breaking Circles LP, RE 8,00 € Bail In Closing Memories LP, Album, Num 8,00 € Burial Oath Beyond The Vale Of Shadowlands LP, Album 8,00 € Bymyside Affogare, Risalire, Ricadere LP 8,00 € Centuries Broken Hyms LP, Comp, Ltd 8,00 € Council Of Rats Coarse LP, Album 8,00 € Death Mercedes Sans Eclat LP, Album, Red 8,00 € Drawbacks Common Impairments LP, S/Sided, EP 8,00 € Elizabeth Where Vultures Land LP, Comp, Dlx, Whi 8,00 € Feral Doomwalk LP, Sol 8,00 € Gli Altri Prati, Ombre, Monoliti LP, Album 8,00 € Huata / Bitcho Huata / Bitcho LP 8,00 € Human Cull Stillborn Nation LP, Album, Gat 8,00 € Human Cull Stillborn Nation LP, Album, Ltd, Whi 8,00 € Hyperwülff Volume One: Erion Speaks LP 8,00 € I Not Dance We Are Guilty And So Are You LP, Album 8,00 € Iron Heel Book Of Grief LP, Album, cle 8,00 € Krupskaya, Foible Instinct Krupskaya / Foible Instinct LP, Album 8,00 € Kyrest Life.Life.Disaccord LP, Ltd 8,00 € Lazarus Blackstar / Black Shape Of Nexus Lazarus Blackstar / Black Shape Of Nexus LP 8,00 € Link Chapter IV LP, Album, Cle 8,00 € Marais / Auszenseiter Marais / Auszenseiter LP, Gre 8,00 € Marais / Auszenseiter Marais / Auszenseiter LP, Num, Bla 8,00 € Mariesena Ruth LP, Album, Ltd, Tra 8,00 € Monuments Collapse, Breag Naofa Monuments Collapse / Breag Naofa LP, Album, Ltd 8,00 € Negative Standards Fetters LP, Album 8,00 € Nihiling Same LP, Album, Ltd 8,00 € Notions Rorschach LP 8,00 € Old Soul, Lentic Waters Old Soul / Lentic Waters LP 8,00 € Patsy O' Hara Sings The Bourgeois Blues LP, Album 8,00 € Pettersson Rift And Seam LP, Album, Ltd, bla 8,00 € Sangharsha / Blank Intermundia Split LP LP, Album, Ltd, Whi 8,00 € selve eleo LP, Album 8,00 € Sleeping Bear Parinae LP, S/Sided, Album, Etch, Ltd, Bla 8,00 € Slow Bloomer Nudity LP, Album 8,00 € Sol Upheaval LP, Album, Ltd 8,00 € Tempest Tempest LP, Album 8,00 € The Caulfield Cult Cult LP, Blu 8,00 € No minimum, regular pricing: Coffin Dancer Pax Romana CDr, EP, Ltd 9,90 € Suffocate For Fuck Sake In My Blood CD, Album 9,90 € Anteros Cuerpos Celestes 12", Album, Ltd, Mil 13,90 € Arrowhead, Forever Losing Sleep Arrowhead / Forever Losing Sleep 12", S/Sided, EP, cle 9,50 € Cold Leather Smart Moves 12", Album, Bla 11,90 € Dym Ray´s Front Teeth 12", EP 9,90 € For Them All Thoughts 12", EP, Tur 9,90 € Hundred Year Old Man Rei 12", S/Sided, EP, Etch 9,90 € Lessener Lessener 12", S/Sided, EP, Cok 11,90 € Membrane Erase 12", EP 9,90 € Noise Trail Immersion Symbology Of Shelter 12", Album, Ltd 11,90 € Numenorean Demo 2014 12", S/Sided, EP 10,90 € Stalker Vertebre 12", EP 9,90 € Trainwreck Trainwreck 12", Bla 9,90 € Who's My Saviour Wall Of Sickness 12", EP 9,90 € You Could Be A Cop You Could Be A Cop 12", EP 9,90 € [ B O L T ] / Biblo [ B O L T ] / BIBLO / HEYER LP, Album, Ltd 11,90 € An Early Cascade Alteration LP, Ltd, whi 9,90 € Breag Naofa II LP, Album, Ltd 9,90 € Carson Wells No Relic LP, Album 9,90 € City Light Thief Shame LP, S/Sided, EP, Whi + CD, EP 9,90 € Clearer The Sky Held In Merciful Light LP, Ltd, Yel 11,90 € Collapse Under The Empire The Fallen Ones LP, Album, Ltd 14,90 € Daephne Full Circle LP, Album, Ora 9,90 € Dephosphorus Impossible Orbits LP 9,90 € Direwolves Aegri Somnia LP, Ltd, Blu 9,90 € Duct Hearts Feathers LP, Album, Whi 9,90 € Forkupines Here, Away From LP, Album, Ltd, Whi 17,90 € Freiburg Brief & Siegel LP, Album, red 11,90 € Ghost Of A Chance Arboretum LP, Album, Ltd 9,90 € Haut & Court Troffea LP, Album, Mar 9,90 € Human Hands / The Blue Period Human Hands / The Blue Period LP, Pin 9,40 € Hypnodrone Ensemble Plays Orchestral Favourites LP, Album, Ltd, Lig 15,90 € Karies Alice LP, Album, Blu 13,90 € Magma Waves and who will take care of you now LP, Album 15,90 € Marnero Quando Vedrai Le Navi In Fiamme Sarà Giunta L'Ora LP 11,90 € Meraine Meraine LP, Album, Ltd, Tea 9,90 € Morgue Doors of no Return LP, Album 9,90 € Moss Rose, Caton & Ophalie, Duct Hearts, Child Meadow Moss Rose, Caton & Ophalie, Duct Hearts, Child Meadow LP, S/Sided, bla 9,90 € Nuage Es Lohnt LP, Album, Ora 12,90 € Pogavranjen Sebi Jesi Meni Nisi LP, Album, Ltd, Whi 9,90 € Porta Nigra Kaiserschnitt LP, Album, Ltd, Red 9,90 € Shipwrecks Shipwrecks LP, Album 11,90 € Spirit Desire Distract Your Mind LP, Album, whi 11,90 € Storm{O} Ere LP, Album, Ltd, Ora 11,90 € Suffering Quota Life In Disgust LP, Album, blu 10,90 € Telos Telos LP, Album, Ltd 14,90 € Terraformer Mineral LP, Album, Ora 14,90 € The Smudjas What We Have Is Today LP, Album 10,90 € Thisquietarmy Exorcisms LP, Album, Ltd 14,90 € thisquietarmy Blackhaunter LP, Album, Ltd, RE, 180 17,90 € Vukari Matriarch LP, Album 9,90 € Wake Sowing The Seeds Of A Worthless Tomorrow LP, Album 9,50 € Wilt Moving Monoliths LP, Album, Ltd 9,90 € Arktika At Zero 2xLP, Album, RP, Tra 11,90 € Battlefields Thresholds Of Imbalance 2xLP, Album, Ltd, Cle 9,90 € EF Ceremonies 2xLP, Album, Ltd, Num 16,90 € Hundred Year Old Man Breaching 2xLP, Album, Etch 21,90 € Ilydaen Veil 2xLP, Album, Whi 21,90 € Immanu El They'll Come, They Come 2xLP, Album, RE 14,90 € Naevus Heavy Burden 2xLP, Album, RP 14,90 € Nihiling Batteri 2xLP, Ltd, Num, Whi 19,90 € Schönesende Schönesende 2x12", Ltd, 180 11,90 € Sunpocrisy Eyegasm, Hallelujah! 2xLP, Ltd 13,90 € We Stood Like Kings USSR 1926 2xLP 17,90 € Thou Ceremonies Of Humiliation 3xLP, Comp, Ltd 24,90 € new in, check my discogs: LEECHFEAST neue LP FRIISK “de doden van’t waterkant” LP WITCHCULT “cantate of the black mass” LP LIGFAERD “den ildrode konge” LP QUALLUS - s/t LP TIDES OF SULFUR - Paralysis of Reason LP SHALLOW GRAVE - s/t LP LORD SNOW - Shadowmarks LP MONPLAISIR - The Agreement LP CULT OF OCCULT - anti life DLP CULT OF OCCULT - five degrees DLP LOTH - apocryphe LP WHITEHORSE / UPYR - split LP PLEASE, BELIEVE! - ...In Potential 12" LP JET BLACK - L'Ère Du Vide 12" LP DRIP-FED - Drip-Fed 12" LP OSTRACA - Enemy 12" LP Cheers
  5. got a few copies left! https://convulsing.bandcamp.com/album/split-w-siberian-hell-sounds
  6. NO SUN RISES DEMO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_pqBMToXto
  7. PREORDER Hi all, another preorder is online! Together with Alerta Antifascista Records, Shove Records and Nothing to Harvest we´ll release the first LP from NO SUN RISES called "Ascent/Decay". Expect some awesome black metal / blackened crust from this Muenster (Germany) based band. With a strictly antifascist attitude No Sun Rises cleary articulate their opposition to NS-friendly bands or venues in the (Black)Metal scene and support a gayfriendly, profeminist and animalfriendly attitude. Check them out. You can listen to their demo here: https://no-sun-rises.bandcamp.com/ You can PREORDER the record here: http://maniyax.com The record is available in black (350 copies) or coloured (ltd to 150) vinyl, with A2 Poster, patch and DL-Code. THIS IS A PREORDER. Releasedate is first week of May 2019. BUY: http://maniyax.com Thanks, Fabian
  8. Hey there, NEST - Metempsychosis is out since a couple days now and it looks and sounds absolutely fantastic. Check them out, the record comes with different colourways and UV-Varnishing, Inlay and thick cardboard: GET IT HERE: http://www.maniyax.com The thick distortion-encrusted tones are riddled with a nasty evil buzz that brings to mind a union of Unearthly Trance and Unsane that sometimes veers into psychedelic realms worthy of Yob. “Metempsychosis” is an awesome offering from Nest that demonstrates their startling power and a terrifying amount of potential for the future. The Sludgelord Straight from the void, a new manifestation of doom, gloom, and utter disgust has unfurled itself in the form of NEST; a two piece outfit from the misty shadow cast hills of Appalachia, whose compositions tower above the hollow shell of humanity as remorseless as the void from which they sprang. - Frontview Magazine The Final Score - 9/10 - gbhbl.com FFO: Primitive Man, Rorcal, Unerathly Trance, Celtic Frost, Khanate, Bongripper... http://www.maniyax.com Thanks.
  9. Hi, we got a new preorder for you guys! NEST crawl from a light-forsaken oubliette of hideous malformed space time and burrow directly into the neck-snapping sub-cortex of the modern sludge troglodite's brain. --> Preorder here: http://maniyax.com (out on 1st of April 2019) The American guitar/drums duo generate the kind of sounds you might expect to hear echoing from the mouth of some abyssal gateway, fluctuating between rhythmic, pulsing riffs as of something dragging itself across the floor and the throat shredding howls of a black metal cacophony, struggling against the wind of the void. These guys create something special within the heavily saturated Sludge scene. If pressed to come up with a genre for this release you might say it was noise tinged, blackened sludge-doom amongst others. That might sound like a band having an identity crisis but the Kentucky two piece present an album here with 'Metempsychosis' which is absolutely thematically and musically coherent. It embraces the dichotomy of being both abrasively ear shredding while simultaneously pulling the listener in with the promise of headbanging riffs fit to give anyone a taste for mosh coupled with dynamic performances and a serious sense of scale. Everything on this release sounds huge. The guitars feel like they were recorded at a distance, possibly deep underwater, and have thick black ink dripping from every note. The drums reverberate like the blows of someone carving stone. Over it all the vocals are suprisingly present, tying the listener to the immediacy of the sound while simultaneously evoking the bleakest black metal and sludge records. Moments of Khanate and The Abominable Iron Sloth collide with Celtic Frost and an ever present sense of dread throghout. Certainly one to pickup. Certainly impossible to ignore once heard. __ limited edition of 300 colored copies heavy 380g cover, full colored artwork, UV spot varnish, printed of the reverse side of the board black innersleeve and heavy insert with lyrics and liner notes. Origin: Lexington (USA) Genre: Doom, Black Metal FFO: Primitive Man, Rorcal, Unerathly Trance, Celtic Frost, Khanate... Members: Kyle Keener & Corey Stringer Artwork: Jan Robbe Recorded: Jason Groves @ Sneak Attack Studios Mastered: Jason Groves Labels: Maniyax Records, Sludgeworm Records, Woooargh Records, Minor Label, Solid Choice, Cursed Monk Records. --> PREORDER: http://maniyax.com --> LISTEN https://nestdoom.bandcamp.com/album/metempsychosis :cheers:
  10. THIS CHARMING MAN RECORDS: Wire Love - Leave the Bones LP Nuage & Bassorchester - Es lohnt LP Karies - Alice LP The Tidal Sleep - Be Water LP Clowns - Bad Blood LP Freiburg - Brief & Siegel LP for now just on https://www.discogs.com/seller/maniyaxrecs/profile
  11. Hey. Sale is over, but I started putting my stuff on ebay, so check it out: https://www.ebay.de/usr/maniyaxrecs :cheers: Maniyax
  12. Hi all, our special discount is still running! Enter 25XMAS at the checkout and you will get 25% off your order until the 24th December 2018 23:59:59 (MEZ). You better get your presents right away! Check out http://maniyax.com, the 25% apply to ANYTHING in the store, even already discounted items! Our latest release is still hot and going strong, you should check it out: SIBERIAN HELL SOUNDS and CONVULSING - two of Australia’s finest in extreme music - come together for a split LP. Find hardcore/grind with the chilling vibe of blackmetal on SHS side and a brutal, incredibly violent blackened death metal act on Convulsings side. --> ORDER: http://maniyax.com --> LISTEN: https://siberianhellsounds.bandcamp.com/album/split-w-convulsing Telos is still hot as well, such an amazing record: Taking Blackmetal and Deathmetal into Math/Hardcore with the typical blackened Copenhagen-sound. It can't get any better. --> ORDER: http://maniyax.com --> LISTEN: https://teloscph.bandcamp.com/album/telos Please also check our Discogs. We have more records up there and always best prices! https://www.discogs.com/seller/maniyaxrecs/profile New stuff in Blackmetal, Doom, Postrock, Hardcore, Screamo, you name it. 100% positive ranking, always packed well in protection foil and strong cardboard. Shipped as cheap and quick as possible. _________ So don't forget: Enter '25XMAS' at www.maniyax.com and safe your 25% (until Xmas)!! Thanks a lot, Fabian www.maniyax.com
  13. another review: It’s the Brisbane, Australian band Siberian Hell Sounds that begin thinks with a ferocious blackened style of metal. Meshing hardcore/grind with the chilling vibe of black metal, the intensity rarely drops. When it does it’s just to build back towards delivering blasting hot snippets of metal. The disjointed style of guitars sometimes makes it difficult to feel completely comfortable with what’s being heard here. Forcing you to be constantly on the tips of your toes, edging away from the lip of the cliff. However when Siberian Hell Sounds drop that for a raging torrent of noise, any pretence of safety is forgotten. It’s quite impressive that Siberian Hell Sounds are able to keep up this level of intensity for such a long period of time. Convulsing offers a darker effort. A one-man blackened death metal act, it’s incredibly violent from the moment the thumping bleakness kicks off. After a couple of minutes of unadulterated ferocity, things get a little more melodic but just as dark. Slowing things down to a near stand-still, a soft guitar melody, light drum taps & growling vocals change things up a bit before returning to the wildness. Several times throughout the 20+ minutes of Engraved Upon Bleached Bone, the faster heaviness is brought to a halt. Replaced with dread, haunting sounds & a darkness underlining everything. While it just about works, you can’t help but question the overall structure of the track & by the 15 minute mark you’ll start to check out mentally. through gbhbl.com Click:
  14. NEW SALE!!! Hi, get 25% discount on our website until XMAS! Use code "25XMAS" at checkout. www.maniyax.com :cheers:
  15. . Review vom Occult Blackmetal Zine "In my opinion this is another great sounding track from Siberian Hell Sounds and if you are a fan of raw black metal, crust, grind and post hardcore, you should c heck out their side of the track." "In conclusion I feel this is a very great sounding split and would recommend it to all fans of the more modern black metal style. 8 out of 10." --> MANIYAX.COM .