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  1. Actually, I've been reading up, it looks like Sonos is the only one (or only one I can find) that actually has RCA inputs for either your receiver or any individual device so, technically I could use my selector switch, go straight into the hub and have it send the signal to a Sonos speaker in the other room. I just have to hope the quality is decent because lots of people seem to talk about it negatively. MusicCast sounds great, but I don't want to have to buy another receiver.
  2. We're moving into a new place in a month and my wife and I have noticed that because of the layout, our stereo where we listen to mostly CDs, records, and a large collection of music on harddrives will be down a long hall from the kitchen/dining area where we're likely to spend enough time to want to be able to hear music there as well. Without running speaker wire down this long hall, is there some way to have wireless speakers that essentially just play whatever the stereo system in the living room is going to be playing at any moment whether it's records, CDs, the hard drive music, etc? I d
  3. Does anyone happen to know of any shops in Canada I can buy boxes for records for a move? Just 13 * 13 * 13 or something similar. I need about 10. I used to order from SleeveCity when I lived in the States, but I'd rather have something local for shipping cost. Thanks!

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