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  1. Music psychologist concluded that listening to sad music positively affects empathic qualities and helps people cope with problems. In his opinion, the listener associates himself with the performer empathizes with him. At this time, the brain regulates emotions, allowing the surplus negativity to escape. At the same time, this sadness does not cause consequences on a par with the actual sadness that occurs under challenging situations. Thus, sad music contributes to the experience of pain without harm to psychological health. Therefore, when listening to https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJcA
  2. Ohhh, that guitar tone really is amazing! I actually plan to throw a vinyl party and have fun with almost all of my friends. Covid really took a while, and there are friends I didn't see in 2 years, and that's crazy. We used to meet two or three times a week, and now I feel like I've become more anti-social, so a party will be a great start. We'll have good music and amazing technical audio-visual services for the night disco. If any of you is from the UK, I think we can meet at my party and get to know each other.

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