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  1. Bent Blue stuff up at War Rec… linking the /100, but a couple options up https://war-rec.com/collections/all/products/bent-blue-where-do-ripples-go-purple-in-blue-w-screenprint-out-of-100
  2. Couple more... https://badreligion.store/product/21968/generator-lp-neon-green https://badreligion.store/product/21969/generator-lp-greenwhite-galaxy https://artistfirst.com.au/collections/bad-religion/products/generator-30th-anniversary-lp-neon-green-black-half-half-vinyl
  3. Bad Religion - Generator https://eu.kingsroadmerch.com/shop/product/21393/generator-lemon-icecream-vinyl https://eu.kingsroadmerch.com/shop/product/21392/generator-dirty-pink-vinyl https://www.newburycomics.com/products/bad_religion-generator_exclusive_lp?variant=41565588750516
  4. https://www.newburycomics.com/products/the_weakerthans-left_and_leaving_exclusive_2lp get your bank account ready!
  5. New page, gonna repost those links and the EU copies are up now as well https://fatwreck.com/collections/new-releases/products/making-friends https://fatwreck.com/products/no-use-for-a-name-making-friends-color-vinyl-bundle?_pos=2&_sid=6196fb979&_ss=r https://eu.kingsroadmerch.com/fat-wreck-chords/product/21378/making-friends-colored-vinyl https://eu.kingsroadmerch.com/fat-wreck-chords/bundle/2038/making-friends-colored-vinyl-bundle
  6. There is a bundle up as well https://fatwreck.com/collections/colored-vinyl/products/no-use-for-a-name-making-friends-color-vinyl-bundle
  7. https://jadetree.ffm.to/alk3-hwm - looks to be a couple more options showing up
  8. I'm guessing the same if Epitaph does indeed have the vinyl rights for this. Guess I can unload my pic disc now, lol
  9. So few songs, so many dollars. Hopefully someone else gets to press that AK3/HWM split...
  10. Lets bump this fucker instead.... https://www.newburycomics.com/products/alkaline_trio_hot_water_music-split_exclusive_ep
  11. lets gooooooooo! Hoping soon? maybe?!?!?
  12. I haven't heard anything besides what you know. There was a drop this week, so maybe next week?
  13. Just saw this was up at rev: https://revhq.com/products/speedway-paradise I see a link for the indie exclusive, but it says I don't have access. Haven't ordered from rev in forever, so maybe something for fancy pants people.
  14. https://fatwreck.com/collections/new-releases/products/the-holiday-has-been-cancelled and a bundle as well https://fatwreck.com/collections/colored-vinyl/products/mad-caddies-the-holiday-has-been-cancelled-10-color-bundle
  15. https://eu.kingsroadmerch.com/shop/product/21254/group-sex-light-blue-vinyl This popped up as a new PO. I'm not super up to speed on these 40th annv pressings, but sharing this one anyways for the EU folks.
  16. https://vagrant.com/products/blitzen-trapper-all-across-this-world-lp-evergreen not a 25 year repress, but this seems like the best spot for it 🤙🏼
  17. Damn! Would definitely grab that just for the Greg vocals, sheeeit. Just scanned his FB feed and no mention of it, was hoping he might have a stateside link randomly. Great to hear him singing though, as little of it that’s there.
  18. https://eu.kingsroadmerch.com/shop/product/21235/same-old-tunes-turquoise-vinyl https://millencolin.com/store/shop/new-products/sameoldtunes-bananapeel/
  19. Also up at Kings Road /500 neon green https://epitaph.store/product/21710/sing-sing-death-house-lp-neon-green And Kings Road EU /1000 https://eu.kingsroadmerch.com/shop/product/21234/sing-sing-death-house-yellowgreen-wblack-vinyl
  20. A new 1234 Go exclusive is up: https://1234gorecords.com/exclusives/thedistillerssingsing
  21. Ahhhhh, okay. The PO stuff on the page made me assume otherwise.
  22. repress timeeeee https://hopelessrecords.myshopify.com/collections/sincere-engineer/products/sengbmp0pp-lp
  23. Damn, I missed that, which is where I saw it was up for PO to begin with. Oh well, it's sold out on her site now, hopefully amazon doesn't cancel this order....

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