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  1. Why doesn't every label have a Canadian site so I don't have to pay $25 Canadian to ship one record.
  2. Over $50 Canadian for the coloured copy. I’m so fucking dumb.
  3. I'm not trying to tell you what to do but if you have so little in your account that buying a record makes you go into over draft, maybe it's time to rethink some of your spending habits.
  4. I don't know much about what would pair well with your turntable. There should be lots of information available on different forums. I've got a Ortofon 2M Blue on one turntable and a Goldring 2300 on another one, but they're both more modern TT's.
  5. You can clean the actual stylus using a magic eraser. There's videos on youtube but be careful.
  6. Sounds like you have it set up right if you can hear everything okay. Is the stylus visibly dirty? I'd try cleaning it first and see if that makes any difference.
  7. Bump. Someone has to have these. Hook me up!
  8. Anyone order this from Amazon.ca and actually get it? It seems like they sold green copies without actually knowing they’d get any.
  9. I've got a first press of Floral on the floral colorway. I live in Canada so shipping will suck but if you can't find a copy PM me.
  10. I need both the color copies of this album. If you'll sell them let me know. I also need Deep In A Hole on green, which is apparently the retail color. I've never actually seen it but Bird Attack records says it exists.
  11. Canadian pop punk band (surprisingly) signed with No Sleep and the new album is up for pre-order. New song rules! www.youtube.com/watch?v=T9txyaiAes4 US Preorders here: http://store.nosleeprecords.com/catalogs/Living-With-Lions Canadian Preorders here: https://www.bloomrecords.net/store
  12. $65 US? Yeah I'm good. Will there be a normal version of this?
  13. This was a classic ska album when Catch 22 did it just fine the first time.
  14. Yeah the new album rules! I'm usually not a fan of slower stuff but it's just so good. Yeah it's super weird that bands grow up and don't want to write songs about killing people and breaking hymens.
  15. Only on the third song but I'm loving it so far. I got shipping notification from Kings Road EU a few days ago.
  16. Shipping to Canada is usually $12 to $15 most of the time for a single LP. So saving very little by doing this and probably not worth the hassle.
  17. How the fuck are you shipping records that cheap from Canada to the US?
  18. Just checked out the track list and So Busted isn't on it. Damn I was hoping it would be I love that song.
  19. Aren't these discontinued? I was eyeing them up as well awhile ago and all of a sudden I couldn't find them anymore.
  20. If you don't listen to The Creeps, you need to listen to The Creeps. New album is Beneath The Pines and Old Crimes is a collection of their EP/7 inches. Both albums can be pre-ordered here

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