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  1. A lot of S. Florida stuff, including Amboogalard, would be awesome. Cell 63, Quit (repress), etc...
  2. I've wanted this for so long and had some paypal balance, so pulled the trigger....but yes - very expensive!
  3. https://coldgawd.bandcamp.com/releases Stumbled across on Bandcamp. I don't know much about the band, but enjoy what I heard.
  4. Searched, but did not see this on here.. cannot wait for this full length on vinyl https://www.fleshandbonerecords.com/product-page/dead-sun-a-b Listen to a bunch of tracks: https://deadsunchicago.bandcamp.com/
  5. Dangers and Daughters 7" now sold. Please keep your offers coming. Thank you!
  6. No advance list this time... looking to see what's out there
  7. I have a purple cover copy with clear vinyl..not really sure I want to sell, though, because I love all the songs on it.
  8. Jessica Dobson and crew back with a new one and now on ATO Records. Limited Sunburst vinyl and signed versions. Test Presses sold out early. https://thedeepseadiver.bandcamp.com/
  9. Looking to sell some hardcore/punk 7" to help during these times. Please message me with offers. 86 Mentality - 86 Mentality (7", EP, RP) (Grave Mistake Records, Minor Disturbance Records) Bloody Phoenix - Bloody Phoenix (7") (625 Thrashcore) Dangers - Dangers (7", yel) (Old Guard Records) Daughters - Daughters (7", S/Sided, EP) (City Of Hell) End Of A Year / Three Fifteen - We Mate For Life / Nights Like This (7", Gre) (Slave Union) Graf Orlock / Hurry Up And Kill Yourself - Split (7", EP, Gre) (Attrition Records) Outburst - Miles To Go (7", RE, Blu) (Dead Serious Recordings) The Saddest Landscape / Pianos Become The Teeth - The Saddest Landscape - Pianos Become The Teeth (7", Rus) (Topshelf Records) Some Girls - The DNA Will Have Its Say (7", EP, Pin) (Three One G) Such Gold / A Loss For Words - Such Gold / A Loss For Words (7", EP, Num, Sub) (No Sleep Records, Mightier Than Sword Records) Thank you for your interest!!!
  10. Ordered the cloudy clear..yes pricey especially with $6 shipping, but I'm really enjoying the tracks
  11. I still haven't gotten shipping confirmation on my order?!?