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  1. Last album finally releasing on vinyl.. Shipping is a bit pricey, but there is a secret limited Pink vinyl that you can try to get as well.... https://www.diggersfactory.com/vinyl/227227/lavinia-sallowed
  2. I was tracking that Autumns vinyl release for the longest time and never saw any updates. I am pretty sure the label is done and I'm not sure we will ever see a vinyl release. Amazing album that really needs to be put on vinyl.
  3. New Iris track.. https://iriss.bandcamp.com/track/clementine First single from new album November 15th supposedly. Would love to find the vinyl pre-order.
  4. Waiting on my vinyl to come, but streamed this and it is definitely spectacular! Agreed on AOTY contender.
  5. Fleeting Joys new album PO - http://fleetingjoys1.bandcamp.com/album/speeding-away-to-someday?from=fanpub_fnb_merch Limited to 300 copies..essential..don't wait!
  6. I ordered the special edition as well..I am looking forward to seeing the drawing.
  7. http://www.badabingrecords.com/cross-record https://badabingrecords.bandcamp.com/album/cross-record-3 https://www.roughtrade.com/gb/cross-record/cross-record-cross-record/lp-plus
  8. New song is sick! Ordered the /200 from Translation Loss.
  9. I rereleased the first te' album in the US on CD with bonus tracks and I completely forgot to mention them as well. So amazing live!
  10. Rooftops - A Forest of Polarity - https://topshelfrecords.bandcamp.com/album/a-forest-of-polarity Monobody - https://monobody.bandcamp.com Silian Rail - https://silianrail.bandcamp.com
  11. It now says this on the ROG website: "The Fire Theft’s self-titled debut album was the 21st fan-voted title and 22nd ROG release pressed on vinyl. Limited to 1,390 LPs worldwide and expected to ship around April 26th. If you missed out on the pre-order check our store locator to find an authorized Run Out Groove dealer near you."
  12. Saw them at some random spot in West Palm Beach...great show in an awkward strip mall. Vote! Vote! Vote! If Run Out Groove wants to continue to surprise me - Year Of The Rabbit "S/T" next please.
  13. Voted!! The Fire Theft album on vinyl has been on my want list for soooo long. This needs to happen Run Out Groove.
  14. Yeah..apologies..after listening some more, i am not as interested..thanks for the offering though