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  1. I guess that's fair. Personally, I'm not going to hold them particularly responsible unless some hard information comes about that can really indict them on it. I still love TDAGARIM and Daisy. Never got deep into any of their other albums but still am curious about Science Fiction.
  2. To be fair, isn't it only one member that's disgraced or did they prove the rest of the band was somehow aware and/or complicit in his creepage? Also, $30 for any new single LP is idiocy. I didn't even notice the price.
  3. I just can't believe it took VMP to shake Interscope up off its ass and get this reissued. I guess I shouldn't be surprised.
  4. You can still get it for regular price on store.qotsa.com and their merchbar.com store. Sucks about the price but its still available.
  5. Just cranked Rated R and am currently cranking SFTD and I have no complaints. Sounds baller. I enjoyed R a lot more today than I remember enjoying it in the recent past. Part of me wants to say these might be slightly altered mixes, in addition to being new vinyl cuts, from what I'm used to hearing from any other format. And I only mean to imply that there are very minute variations from the other formats I've played these albums on but a few things felt a little different than I remembered. Anyone who's on the fence about getting, especially if you don't have any vinyl edition, I would just grab these if I were you. Who the fuck knows when they'll dry up. Don't kick yourself later. Looking forward to hearing the new press of Lullabies even more now.
  6. Usually the engineer doesn't get to strongarm the worldwide major record label to influence what the source mix is going to be for the cut. That's just not the power dynamic. I would love to believe that we don't live in a world where that would ever happen but it does happen. Here's to hoping its not the case with this title.
  7. Touche. I at least assumed it was going to be better than that. My point is it could either be stellar or merely "good enough" but at the time that I posted that, I did forget that particular detail. So yeah, I'm assuming it will at least be better than clipped to hell but to what degree, I'm still in the dark on. Working the late shift tonight so won't be able to listen for another few hours. Still, the fact that it comes from a major leads me to believe that there's a chance they may have only supplied a mere retail CD copy to cut from. I don't think that would be up to him and the majors have been known to do that.
  8. My standard black edition from bestbuy.com arrived today. I'm thoroughly satisfied with the packaging. The spine is closer to a classic dual gatefold thickness and the records themselves are not obnoxiously thick. Feels like a normal release and not some overbloated 10 lbs. behemoth of extraneous raw material and that pleases me. Now I just hope the cut is better than the UK original. That one sounds a little crispy/burnt/hot. I wonder if we'll ever know whether this got cut from CD or a stereo master closer to the production process.
  9. Please teach me your secret. Not sure what that experience cost but this cruise starts at roughly $1700 it looks like and that without pre or post cruise hotel accomodations and other travel expenses and specialty restaurants and alcohol.
  10. I can't imagine who of the C&C's fanbase is actually going to or can afford to go.
  11. I dig all that. That could be really cool if it is finally the repress. Could really suck if its cut from CD like the recent A-->B was.