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  1. Yeah, and that's pretty much the way I put my systems together. Just ravenously stalked eBay and craigslist and managed to get lucky on a few key pieces of gear.
  2. $1500 by what metric? I have a cobbled together vintage system, several actually, but my main system is an Ortofon Red on a Technics SL-5300 into a Marantz 2270 feeding a pair of Pioneer CS-G301W speakers. The cost to me for all of those components was roughly $1000. Speaker cable cost is negligible. Its fairly heavy gauge from a spool that I'm pretty sure is Monster brand but by no means is it some wild, boutique level component. All of those components, had they been bought brand new around their production years, may have costed well over $4000. Adjust for inflation
  3. A mention but no tag? What's up with that, bro? 😋 In all seriousness though, I've slept on this. Wanted to listen to the single first but was too busy last night. Might just scoop that 180gimmick black anyway but that wait though. If I don't get it, I'm sure it will go out of print and then I'll end up loving the album so much that I'll wish I had just bought it. I held out hope they would eventually repress HYSMPC on black at some point but obviously that didn't happen. I actually have that on the original translucent green and red. Never got into YAOMM. I'd probably enjoy it but
  4. I can't believe its been just over a years since this came out digitally. It really struck a chord with me immediately and one year later I have to say it really holds up. I started playing this again when I heard the news about Bryan yesterday.
  5. Yeah, they are good about updates at the very least. They seem to be doing it all themselves among the band members so considering that, its pretty understandable about manufacturing delays and shipping delays.
  6. Looks like! What the fuck! They still found a way to fuck people out of this. Why make it exclusive to fucking concert-goers? Why ever have exclusivity at all? For that matter, there's no way they are fitting the entire Forum performance on a single LP. And if they do, they're idiots and it will sound like shit. The likely scenario is that they are only pressing the encore to the single LP. That is, if my understanding of these is that they are literally (3) single LP's. The first two LP's, especially including "Convectuoso" on W&T, are deeply pushing the limits of
  7. Nice detective work. That really is a superb set. I was hoping it would have included "Stuck Pig" but I guess you can't have everything.
  8. I think that's more of a reference to when the tour will start than the pending pre-order for these LP's but I do agree that the pre-order season will be long and hard and cold.
  9. Yeah, well it looks like its a moot point now as tickets seem to be sold out. I'm sure I'll regret not going on my deathbed or something but I saw them a lot and have great fond memories. Now, what I really would like to see is a new album and maybe a tour in support of that. A comprehensive remaster of the past discography would be plenty welcome as well.
  10. Obviously, I CAN. Its a matter of budgeting for show ticket, airfare, lodging, time off, etc. I'm not totally sure how comfortable I am to get on a plane at this point as well.

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