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  1. Lol I'm the only poster on this board who can order a black record without going catatonic, silly...
  2. Not to be a party pooper but that looks like the ugliest vomit that ever came out of me when I was 14.
  3. Yeah the first 3 weeks or so of constantly replaying it in my car and on the turntable had me discovering new aspects every few listens. I might be past that now as a greater level of familiarization sets in but I'm sure at a slower rate I'll keep hearing new things for years to come. There's a lot happening all throughout the album. The aggressive parts of the verses of The Spell of Mathematics give me life and I'll never forget where I was when just how much they slayed me really sunk in for me. I'm sure I'll have more moments like that to come but that was powerful as fuck.
  4. These sets don't seem to offer very much. It's not bad to get a new copy of White Pony especially since stock of the standard edition has pretty much dried up at least in North America. But they don't even mention if the original 2xLP is remastered or newly mixed or anything like that. Not that its really needed to remix or remaster WP as it is a pretty amazing sounding record since the original release. The standard 4xLP doesn't seem like a terrible price at $60. Its not great but its not unheard of. But more than doubling that price to include two CD's, a 24 page book and litho s
  5. Ohms is still bonkers a month and change later. Jus' sayin'.
  6. Kind of just feels like Trent and Atticus are just jaking any and all and every possible commission job for soundtracks that get offered. I'm not hating but damn these projects from them just don't stop. They're like the new Danny Elfman and Hans Zimmer. It feels endless. They must be banking hard.
  7. That tends to happen with the first album you hear by a band that you end up loving. For me its basically all the songs that start with "G" that plague the overall score of the album. It just so happens that those are the tracks that have the least intrigue of all the tracks. So Goon Squad really fucks the flow between two of their greatest songs for me.
  8. Yeah, it pretty much already tops KNY for me. There are a lot of great songs on KNY but there are like 3 on the B-side that just feel uninspired. It really hurts the overall score for it as an album but I really do love the songs that are good. I feel like "Poltergeist" suffers from a really lackadaisical final vocal take/edit. I just know he could have done that with more feeling but I really love the song itself and the idea of it. Just feels like he phoned in the majority of that vocal for the record. Early live versions were better.
  9. Yeah, Team Sleep or Palms would have been greatly preferable to Crosses for me. Oh well. Can't win 'em all. At least Ohms is one of their best albums of their career.
  10. I just want to say that is all Deftones albums finally come back into print like they had been for years recently, I hope to god that when S/T comes back in print, they decide to do it the justice it deserves and package it with a full color, complete reproduction of the the CD booklet but in a roughly 11x11" or 12x12" size. I could pretty much die happy if that would happen. The CD booklet is integral to that album and should be immortalized in the LP size as well. EDIT: Same goes for the SNW CD booklet. That shit needs get the same treatment as I mentioned above.
  11. Perfectly succinct and literally tells the entire story. The rest is just scenery.
  12. Yeah, I noticed that listing today. Don't know anything about it. I really hope the back catalog goes back in print in the US editions of the LP's. I need to replace my White Pony. And I just think these records should always be in print. They were all in print steadily since about 2011 when the S/T and SNW represses came out and every new album that was released since then pretty much stayed in print until about 5 months ago or so. Its weird how they all dried up but probably has something to do with Covid and potential staffing downsizing at pressing plants and vinyl resource manufacturers.
  13. Thanks for asking, man. I love dissecting this shit. So overall, my issues with the album are all like you said, minor qualms. Its really nothing drastic at all. So, I first want to say that I get your hang up on the Error chorus. And yes, that song in its totality is Goddess-level gorgeous. Literally the entire second half is like a free jazz full band explosive flourish filtered through the style of Deftones at their most spacey/psychedelic but modern. Like, I can't believe how much that didn't register in my first 15 listens to the album. When I finally took the time
  14. Right on! Of course, that status of potential future Palms material has remained the same since roughly 2015. I just gave up hope on it. Chino mentioned something about it in a recent interview regarding Ohms and his comments didn't sound super promising. He certainly didn't hint that it was impossible but he didn't make it seem imminent either.
  15. Before I heard the album I had read people saying the same thing about that ending which made me stupid excited to hear it and in all of my listens today, and there were MANY, that reality never really sunk in until I went and listened specifically to that part alone with that assessment in mind and putting it under the microscope like that and truly hearing it in that way for the first time and being elated by it; it makes me realize that in all my multiple rotations of this album it still has not fully revealed itself to me. Like its so brimming with layers and depth and moments of pure musi

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