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  1. Obsessive collector culture is rampant. It can already be assumed that many people will buy multiple copies of an album if its made available in multiple colors. The label sells exponentially more copies than it would in a normal, old-fashioned music consumption setting. If you press multiple colors, they'll buy more than one. The bundle in question simply makes this process easier for both parties I assume.
  2. mcpherson123

    Stoner/ Doom Metal Discussion Thread

    Sing it, sistah!
  3. mcpherson123

    Stoner/ Doom Metal Discussion Thread

    Re: bolded quote: EXACTLY! hahaha. Yeah, I figured its worth a shot to spread the word. Maybe I'll post a WTB thread in the Sales forum. I think I may be golden on the Black Masses. Just found a specific listing right after I posted here. Its lucky for me that most collectors treat black vinyl like a disease but unfortunately, a lot of the editions I want are shipping from expensive places with an exchange rate that puts the USD on the wrong side of the inflation.
  4. mcpherson123

    Stoner/ Doom Metal Discussion Thread

    Thanks, guys. So as my signature would likely suggest, I'm trying really hard to locate guaranteed black and preferably, lower weight editions. I just picked up a Witchcult Today from Earache USA's eBay page which they seemed to think will be black but this year saw the release of two different color editions of that record. Since RA hardly ever put stickers identifying the color with few exceptions its really hard to be certain and Earache are hardline against opening sealed stock that they are selling as brand new/mint which I understand. So if the Witchcult Today arrives NOT black, I'll be looking for that, preferably the 2014 non-180gm repress: https://www.discogs.com/Electric-Wizard-Witchcult-Today/release/6376933 Then I'm looking for Black Masses but specifically this edition: https://www.discogs.com/Electric-Wizard-Black-Masses/release/5659685 Its the 2013 Rise Above (as opposed to Metal Blade US) black vinyl reissue with the candle graphic cover as opposed to the pink psychedelic caped "witch" cover. And unless you got a line on a dirt cheap Wizard Bloody Wizard on black, I think I can manage to acquire that one with ease at this point. Its still relatively new and people are generally not taking to it all that well it seems but I happen to think its pretty damn good. Production sounds almost exactly like Sabbath's Paranoid or S/T but with better drum tone. The timbre of the guitars is worth the price alone. Plus Garrett from Windhand co-engineered/co-produced it. That's reason enough for me. I know that's super specific. Been scouring Discogs but not coming up with much in the way of affordability. Trying to cobble this collection together as inexpensively as possible. If you guys have any of these that you're looking to sell or trade I'd be down to work with you.
  5. mcpherson123

    Stoner/ Doom Metal Discussion Thread

    Currently looking for some Electric Wizard LPs to round out the discography and unfortunately the label itself (GBP currency and all) is one of the most expensive options. Trying to find some US stock that they're having trouble moving and may be looking to let go a little cheaper. The shipping alone for Rise Above is like an entire record add to that the exchange rate and its a total no-go. If you can think of anything better for EW, I'm all ears.
  6. I would count on RFC orders going out before mwY get home, provided the LP's actually get finished and delivered to the label before the band gets home.
  7. I'm certain pre-orders won't go out until this leg of the tour is over. Their website disclaimers that they run all .com sales themselves and nothing gets shipped until they're home. This could be a while.
  8. mcpherson123

    Stoner/ Doom Metal Discussion Thread

    Hey, guys. I've been out of the loop on metal/stoner/doom online distros. Its seems like a lot of places I used to go to are down or gone nowadays. Where do you guys shop online for this stuff? Here are the ones I frequent that are still standing: https://www.shadowkingdomrecords.com http://hellsheadbangers.com/ revhq.com That's all I can really think of right now. Where else do you guys go?
  9. mcpherson123

    System of a Down Re/Pressings

    Ooooooooohhh... I can definitely defend SOAD's first album to anyone. Toxicity less so but it doesn't really need it since it was so popular and then the rest of their discography hasn't really resonated with me. But I have no issue telling people this album is awesome.
  10. mcpherson123

    System of a Down Re/Pressings

    Why is it uncool to have this on LP?
  11. mcpherson123

    PO NOW: Circa Survive - The Amulet

    Have you ever heard of a little album called Reinventing Axl Rose?
  12. mcpherson123

    WTB: TOOL Aemina LP

    You can believe this report when you're holding these remastered records in your hands.
  13. mcpherson123

    Smashing Pumpkins

    For real? I didn't get that but there are so many back channels of different info focusing on several variable aspects of this project that I may have just missed that. I haven't seen that confirmed but I hope you're right.
  14. mcpherson123

    Smashing Pumpkins

    Ummmm... I just want this: https://www.discogs.com/The-Smashing-Pumpkins-Machina-II-The-Friends-Enemies-Of-Modern-Music/release/923067 ...without being re-sequenced and interspersed with the Machina I songs. Why can't I just have that? Those albums have stood as separate entities for nearly 20 years. They're good like that.
  15. So I finally listened to this on YouTube with headphones. Still not really into the title track and the first song feels a little bit like an unintentional retread of "The Black Plot" which is not a bad just feels too repetitive but other than those two small gripes the rest of this album is pure gold. I especially dig the drag of the longer tracks and the later half of the album altogether is where it really shines. Looking into ways to get this on vinyl as inexpensively as possible.