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  1. Moose with the Bull, you get the horns... But anyway, fuck Amazon. Been avoiding them like the plague for years now.
  2. That just happened last year. https://www.discogs.com/Oasis-Whats-The-Story-Morning-Glory/release/13866837 So now someone else is doing ANOTHER remaster/reissue?
  3. fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuu...... I was really looking forward to getting this soon.
  4. Preferably at least VG+ all around. Would also settle for purple vinyl if someone is looking to offload that one.
  5. True that. I'm super happy they waited til it was just a month away before making the announcement. Makes it feel so much easier than wondering about it for 3 to 6 months
  6. Yeah, I'm the same way. My point still stands. If you play the shit out of this particular song before the LP is released, its still the song you'll hear the farthest in time away from the time in which you "wore it out" each time you play the album.... Feel what I'm saying? I realize it may not make the implied impact in practice but I think there might be something to the temporal distance principle of what I'm saying. Maybe I'm just crazy.
  7. Hey, at least is the very last song you'll hear each time you play the album. That's gotta account for some measure of wear-out avoidance, right?
  8. Though it was hard to accept a first single doubling as an album closer, I watched the video for my first listen and I'm super impressed and truly excited for this album now. I feel bad for whoever said they were let down by the single. Will pre-order from my local brick and mortar guy. May just grab a bullmoose copy as well.
  9. I just heard a few seconds of the one track this is currently streaming on bandcamp and I am absolutely getting this. Gonna ask my local indie store to order it but yeah, this sounds fucking amazing. ERR sounds fucking amazing over this band.
  10. Listening now and up to track 3 and I'm convinced I need to get this. Getting heavy Jesu vibes. That's not a bad thing at all. I wasn't sure what super grown up Hum was going to sound like. It sounds good. Little bonus for analog nerds is that its highly likely this release is AAA.
  11. Looking for any black vinyl copy of Southern Discomfort. Also looking for any black vinyl copy of the 2XLP edition of Dopesick, preferably the white cover edition. I'd prefer a minimum rating of VG+ on the vinyl at least. If you're looking to unload either of these, please get in touch through PM and let's work something out. Peace.
  12. Damn, just realizing that I never got any copies of the CFUTF repress and its completely sold out now. Fuuuuuuu..... I have a couple of other editions but I was excited to hear this new one. I think I just up and forgot to get it.