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  1. That's pretty expensive for a 2XLP. I'll wait to see if anyone has it cheaper.
  2. I think this new album is going to basically blend all the best of Brother, Sister, Pale Horses and maybe some [A-->B] but also incorporate a different element of Shoegaze like the first single which is pretty new to mwY. There's nothing wrong with all that.
  3. I have to say that the first three albums are essentially the perfection of this band for me. Its hard to rank those three in particular but if I had to rank all of them it would probably look something like this: 1. Brother, Sister 2. Catch For Us The Foxes 3. (A) --> (B) Life 4. Pale Horses 5. Ten Stories [.........Earth's mantle and lava and shit..............] 6. Its All Crazy! Its All False! Its All A Dream! Its Alright! I seriously thought they were going to call it quits after It's All Crazy..... or just keep making progressively lighter and more 1-Dimensional albums. Some of the lyrics on some of the songs were so basic and nowhere near the caliber of all of Aaron's other lyrics on past albums but he definitely came back with a vengeance and has been on fire ever since.
  4. Same for me regarding your "hidden content" portion. I just can't do it with that album. Everything before and after is pretty much awesome.
  5. I hear where you're coming from. I used to really be adamant about not listening to any songs from certain artists' new albums because I didn't want the album to wear out on me unevenly. I'm much more open to listening to multiple singles ahead of time these days. Maybe because I'm older and I hate more things about the day than I enjoy so I try to soak up every modicum of new music I can as soon as I can but I'm less concerned about spoiling albums now. I say go for it. These two singles are back to back on the album anyway. I just listened to "Red Cow" live after listening to these two songs and that song still slays me and I remember listening the shit out of it before the album came out.
  6. Ummm... New jam is complete fucking fire.
  7. "Love It If We Made It" is the first 1975 song that I've ever heard that I felt like I wanted to hear again. Never been a fan. Never hated them, just never was a fan.
  8. Yeah, all that white in there? That shitty kitten is gonna be noisy as fuck.
  9. Fair enough but at least we spent a little time talking about something besides how much we hate Jack White for producing a rare variant that is difficult to aquire that we only want because it's rare and differently pigmented. I just wanted to call out that 330% markup people were/are willing to fork over. Worse things have transpired in discussions on this board. Not full black?!? Throw it away.
  10. To be fair, if the variant that was available by the thousands on every corner was colored red instead of black, and the blue/green/yellow were just as rare as it is currently, I'd still advocate for the red one. Its more of a finance and logic argument as opposed to being a "you should get the black because I like black" argument. The plentiful/ inexpensive variant just happens to be black in this case. In fact, I never mentioned the color when I made my point. I simply indicated that the music on vinyl could still be owned and played with a needle at a much lower price point with no fuss whatsoever but it just wouldn't be blue/green/yellow.
  11. I'm just saying, its a 330% increase just to have the pretty color one. Just a touch of perspective. Everyone is free to buy what they want.
  12. This song can play on your turntable for $9.99 - $11.99 + shipping or tax depending on where you buy (physical/online) domestically and you guys want to pay up to $56 to import this particular, technically still in print, edition because pretty colors?