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  1. I joined in 2008 when VC/Suburban home was still some sort of label/webstore jobby and Virgil was still someone you would email about your order and Seabron was a person who also worked in the store. I bought a lot of my first records from that place. What a weird time... online purchases skirted taxation... so much has changed.
  2. This is awesome news! I had been hoping these would all be released individually since the box came out.
  3. I really wish that this and all Team Sleep material would get pressed or repressed.
  4. That is how you know you actually live in Hell. What in the diarheahing fuck is this world coming to?
  5. The struggle is real. It looked there were some EHG shirts that were printed on more slim fit blanks a few years ago but now everything is Gildan and it kills me. I really would like to represent but there's just no way. Maybe I'll grab one soon and see if I can make it work. Its worth a try I suppose but I do have like around 15 or more shirts with cool designs that I just never wear due to the blank brand.
  6. Yeah, and that reinvention is exactly what made shirts better for me. Different strokes for different folks.
  7. I'm slender/athletic and I feel like the "reinvented" shirts are really well suited to me. I have a feeling you're right about the body type thing. I don't know about @MyEnemy in terms of body type and I'm not trying to insinuate either but you might just be right. I really want a bunch of EYEHATEGOD tees but I absolutely can never allow myself to waste money on Gildan shirts that sit in my drawers that I bought because the design was too cool to pass up but I can't wear because of the product its printed on. I have a Young Widows shirt from a recent run that is on a Gildan "softstyle" or some such that feels much closer to the Bella type style but still has a slight touch of that Gildan rigidity that I hate. I think I'll try to commit to actually wearing it soon and report back.
  8. Oh, I much prefer the soft bed sheet feel. I've never had a problem with the way the fit is though. On 100% cotton V-necks some of those shirts (Bella, American Apparel, Next Level) can get a bit wonky on the collar but other than that those are my perfect fits. The tri-blend collars are actually much sturdier and straighter. Gildan feels like someone is shoving me into a rigid cardboard t-shirt shaped box that put a spell on me to convince me it was actually cotton shirt material. Makes me want to punch things.
  9. Same. Its really hindering my pre-order urge. But I figure if I sleep on it, it will just become another edition of this album that will spike in price as soon as you don't see it in stores anymore.
  10. That's interesting. I'm usually pissed when shirts are NOT on Bella Canvas. Their easily one of the softest and nicest feeling shirts you can print on. What's your gripe with them? I usually pass on awesome shirts when I find out they're printed on Gildan.
  11. Yes, please. Just a simple, thin, black, well mastered 2xLP in a basic ass gatefold sleeve. Keep it under $35. Can we just has this?

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