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  1. This is what I would say every time a Victory repress thread would come up. I'm glad someone else thinks so.
  2. My FYE order came in. CD looks legit i.e. I don't think they sold me a bootleg. Until I got this monster in my hands I wasn't going to assume anything about it was correct. Looks right though.
  3. It is for that exact fact of the vender's greed-driven incentivization to be a complete piece of shit that bands need to start vending to their own audiences with new and creative methods of limiting the power and scope of would-be scalpers. Seriously, we live amongst such scum that we can't even get over charged by only the first business just to see our favorite artists.
  4. Yeah. Like right now, on the day of the first on-sale date, within 2 hours of the on-sale time, STUBHUB has between 5 and 140 tickets per section ALL AT INFLATED PRICES from the face value charged on TicketScalpster, in roughly EVERY single section of the venue for the Chicago date. While the original sale site has between 0 and 5 seats listed in only some sections and everytime you attempted to claim a seat, you get a message saying "Sorry! Another fan has done some magical bullshit that you can't do and fuck yourself and go die in a hole somewhere or pay more fucking money to our buddies who have all the fucking tickets you losing cunt. We hate you and can't wait to see you die." It doesn't take a genius to figure out what's going on.
  5. To be fair, ticketing for the last 10 years has been a complete shit show and has benefited only scalpers so it has always warranted complaints. Plus ticket prices are fucking insane at face value now too. Greedy cunt fuck promoters.
  6. I'm completely out. Why show available seats if they're not fucking available. This is not a system. They should just go back to phone and brick and mortar only orders. This is a complete giveaway to scalpers and ticket brokers.
  7. There is literally a direct channel from Ticketmaster to all third party ticker resell websites. They're just a faction of the point of sale seller now. Its complete and thorough corruption at this point and there's no alternative for the consumer. Just got to be one of those lucky few who get a ticket for face value. I'm waiting in a queue right now. If two tickets cost more than $200 after fees and lies and cons I might have to sit this tour out. It will be the first tour I won't have seen since 2001.
  8. 100%. Perfectly articulated just what I was thinking. This isn't their first rodeo. What gives?
  9. I just ordered from the FYE link so thank you very much to @fish for that. All I can say is this vinyl edition had better be basic as fuck. No picture disc, normal ass gatefold or even single pocket and stay at $30 or less. The only "Deluxe" aspect I would like to see from it is if the CD booklet were re-created in an 11x11" or 12x12" format.
  10. I actually thought that $45 was the standard and any place that had it for $39.99 was just being "cool" about it. How you doing down in Dorian land?
  11. Amoeba Hollywood posted that they got more in stock yesterday. Looks like its just a second wave of distribution from the initial pressing.
  12. I think the fact that this album is so new is making me feel as though its creeping into my #1 spot if for no other reasons than: 1. the fact that it is definitely Tool and not a letdown and 2. because the other albums are so fucking heavily worn out on my ears that I almost can't bring myself to spin them all the way through these days. I mean, I fucking pounded every LP of theirs into and all over my brain. Like, I can't believe how many hours of repetition each of them has had on my ears when I think about how little time I actually have these days to just spin full albums. The prior albums are freaking tattooed on my memory. So yeah, the fact that FI is definitively emblematic of this band's unique sound and actually totally rips shit apart at the same time, is reason enough to make it slip into #1. Chocolate Chip Trip is pretty much the weakest link for me as its not really much of a song and I am a drum solo enthusiast. This thing just doesn't quite move me in context of the album. I'd take Faaip de Oiad over this if we had to compare even remotely similar pieces. And as far as the segues are concerned, Mockingbeat is the only one that feels pretty useless and gives me nearly no enjoyment. The others are actually pretty legit in context of the album.