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  1. I thought these dudes just faded away. I'm pretty the last LP was in like 2013. I never actually got a copy of if. I love Prefrontal though.
  2. I think the quality of the set is fine as it is. I just think this set as it is could have been priced more like $350 instead of keeping the price as is and making all the components of it heavier. I really enjoy the way the set came out. I have my critiques over excluding the FTM single and how the two 12" singles could have just been an A and B sides of one 12" single. But in the end I'm glad to have the albums in my favorite format and on my favorite vinyl color.
  3. I agree. Why do they have to be held hostage by some nebulous "demand" by "fans" for all their records to stay "limited." They're a band. They should manufacturer in the numbers that they think they can sell, regardless of how plentiful that makes their records. Only insufferable whiners bitch about maintaining the scarcity of their precious variant. They could also undercut flipping by making a large quantity uniform pressing of "boring black" and that would drive down the incentive to flip specific variants in a set of 9 on the steam of how scarce and sold out they are. Their log
  4. No, bro. You're starting drama and arguing with me because my subjective assessment didn't align with your objective assessment and its extremely weird. I wasn't looking to argue. I was just expressing my personal valuation of the costs from 2005 for TMV records and for some reason you took issue with it. Everything I said about prices regarded my personal cost assessment for myself with exception of claims I made of what the actual price tags factually were at that time. The rest was my opinion. I think that would be clear based on the language I used. Seems weird that you needed to meltdown
  5. How can I be wrong about how I felt about a price? "Astronomical" is not a word with a definitive value of the cost for a record attributed to it. We weren't talking scientifically about economics. Its crazy how far you go just to create a dramatic scene over people on a vinyl message board discussing what they would prefer to pay for the records they want. Calm down.
  6. Sorry. I didn't realize we were applying proper Economics by the book to our discussion of how much records should cost. Part of what things cost is a reading on how much people are willing to spend. Sometimes that factor is ignored when a product is priced. I was only talking about how I felt about the cost of that record at the time. It seemed justified to me then and it seems more than justified to me now. Its just a shame its no longer available at that price that I would happily pay today for that record.
  7. I mean, its subjective how people feel about the cost of something against their own comfort level in spending. I didn't find $35 for a 3xLP to be astronomical. I just didn't buy it because as at the time I had a phobia about spending money on things for myself that were not necessities like clothes, etc. And yeah, it was on clearance from time to time for less. I don't recall a ton of 3xLP releases and their prices around that time. General price points of different formats had a lot to do with the popularity of the band and the size of the label as they tend to today. Also differ
  8. I mean, that was a triple LP. To me, that wasn't astronomical and I was way stingier with my money then. The $50 glow in the dark seemed almost astronomical to me at the time. And I'm pretty sure FTM went from around $25 to $35 on GSL direct. So many times around 2005 to 2006 I almost bought Deloused and Frances directly from GSL for their original retail prices and just couldn't get myself to pull the trigger. I later paid way more for all those albums including the GITD.
  9. I think that price sticker is just an example of extreme markup. The standard black FTM was never more than $35 direct from GSL back in the day. I mean, inflation is one aspect but there are still plenty of small labels putting out high quality 2xLP's for around $20 to $25. I don't think inflation alone can determine the going rate for records.
  10. The original Bedlam was around $42 in most retail scenarios and that was an absolutely atrocious price. The original FTM was between $25 and $35 direct from the GSL website. The FTM glow in the dark edition which was 4xLP in a custom PVC slip jacket was $50 direct from GSL.
  11. You just know they priced them this way to calm the outrage that box set owners would explode with if it were cheaper to buy these individually and actually have these at conceivable price points. As a box set owner, I would rather these be literally 50% of these prices which actually would be at the high end of what is justifiable for releases of this quality. I really wanted to score a few backup copies of a few the albums but at these prices, its just too much. I might grab one or two eventually. It would be amazing if some shop like Bullmoose got distributed copies
  12. Well, I haven't double checked but if you look back you probably will find a post by me from last year where I say I can't bring myself to buy any other new copy of this album. To be fair, I don't see how my negative opinion being expressed in a pretty tame fashion should have any effect on anyone else's excitement for having ordered a record they desired then ordered and waited through a long pre-order season for. I'm happy to engage in the discourse about the subjective merits of the album though. I certainly won't disparage anyone for liking the album. Or we can focu
  13. Ok. I'll definitely double check. I just can't believe I couldn't see them.

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