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  1. Didn't pull the trigger and it sold out again. Waiting til it comes back to deepdiscount.com.
  2. Its back but goddamn it! $140 for this thing.
  3. The alteration in Maserati's sound feels much more dramatic to me than the ISIS evolution. Like, they still did essentially the same music but added more clean passages and some clean vocals and the production generally got a little cleaner as well but the overall mood and attack of the music wasn't drastically different than the first album or two. The first two EP's were definitely more consistently heavy but they were also shorter than a full album. There are similar moments on all ISIS albums to those EP's but with more variation mixed in. But when you compare Pyramid of The Moon to The Language of Cities, there's practically no thread between them stylistically. That's my opinion anyway.
  4. Let's be clear about the sound quality on Vol. 4 though. That record was recorded or mixed in a way that has a huge midrange hump across it and for that, it pretty much lacks any sharpness in the high end. The bass area isn't terrible but its not extremely strong. It sort of sounds washed out overall and I don't think there has been anything done to counteract that overall tonality until the late CD age and even then, it still pretty much sounds how it sounds. I'm the kind of listener who hates when midrange seems to be scooped out or cut heavily but Vol. 4 is a weird example of too much and too wide. Once you adjust to this its a great record overall but it takes some getting used to for me anyway. I have an Australian Vertigo pressing and had a US Warner Bros. pressing. I can't remember exactly which US WB press it was though. They pretty much sounded about the same in terms of being the same album. Can't really recall much difference between them. For what that album is in terms of mixing and EQ, both sounded great.
  5. Yeah, that's very well described there. I just can't with that second half of their catalog. Its just so blech for me. Language and Inventions definitely inform what was my best understanding of the Post Rock genre overall. I haven't listened to those in some time either but rest assured, if I'm spinning Maserati, it will be one of the first three records.
  6. I haven't listened to this in a long time but I have an original white/gray copy and always wanted to grab the original black. I remember thinking it reminded me a bit of Hum's YPAA. Will definitely grab the black one from TRR though. Glad this was cut from original tapes. I didn't realize this was a thing until I saw it on discogs with a release date of yesterday. Totally blew me away that this was in the works. My Maserati collection pretty much ends after Inventions For The New Season. Pyramid of The Sun just didn't do it for me and everything I've heard since that feels similarly undesirable. I have the Pyramid of The Moon 12" single but I don't even know why I got it.
  7. So of course once I stop paying attention to this thread MC comes back in stock but right back out of stock before I see it. Son of a bitch. And with that deepdiscount code would have been super nice. I have the original 2012 shithole mastering job version. I need a fixed one.
  8. https://www.temporaryresidence.com/collections/maserati/products/trr349 Available on Black and Midnight blue Originally released in a very limited capacity in 2001, Maserati’s debut album finally gets reissued on all formats to commemorate the band’s 20th anniversary. Remastered from the original master tapes by Josh Bonati, 37:29:24 featured Maserati’s original lineup of Coley Dennis, Matt Cherry, Steve Scarborough, and Phil Horan, and includes many of the most placid and medicative moments in the band's storied catalog. 37:29:24 is a darker, more pensive night drive than they would come to be known for on their later albums. LIMITED EDITION COLORED VINYL: MIDNIGHT BLUE (EDITION OF 500) LIMIT TWO (2) PER CUSTOMER ALL VINYL FORMATS INCLUDE MP3 DOWNLOAD COUPON INSIDE PACKAGE TRACK LISTING 1. A Border Dispute 2. I Have A Dagger, It's Shaped Like A Lightning Bolt 3. The Width Of The Atlantic 4. We Blew Up The Arch And Now St. Louis Is Boring 5. Swimming Versus Fatigue 6. When The Third Wheel's A Brat
  9. Completely 100% agree on "New Song." I wish it didn't exist. Disagree, however, regarding the quality of the middle two albums. I think collectively, those albums (minus "New Song" obviously) are astounding examples of the particular craft that Warpaint have been pursuing. The Fool falls apart a little for me on the back half with "Baby" and "Majesty" especially in contrast to the genius that is the first six songs on the album but those first six songs are unbelievable. Warpaint (the self-titled album) is pretty much high quality start to finish. I can't complain about any track on there. Some of my favorite jams and just totally a consistent full listen. Heads Up pretty much only has the one aforementioned blemish and the rest is pretty much gold to me. Feels like another home run like self-titled otherwise. At first, I thought "White Out" was a bit of a 90's pop song that felt a little off to me, like too nicely polished vocals but when I really listened in and heard the liveliness of the instrumental and the fact that the lead vocal is just straight up killer chops and beautifully melodic, I got over that gripe pretty quick. It turned out to be a real gem for me. RLT is taking some getting used to. I really feel like "Hips" is the most forward sounding track and it makes me wish they'd gone more experimental for the rest of the jams. When I finished it the first time I felt surprisingly positive about it in whole but revisits have revealed some blemishes for me. I think it could end up being a favorite of mine if the trajectory of my experience finds it settling in as a grower but there are some obstacles. That whole weak opener and weak finale thing is making it pretty hard on me. I've spent the least time with EC. The "Billie Holiday" song is mostly a stinker for me but I remember feeling fondness toward all the rest of it however less familiar I am with it as a whole. I should spin that soon. I recommend you give the middle two another shot by maybe listening to them back to back and feel free to skip "New Song" when you do. It might end up being a revelation for you.
  10. Thanks. After posting this I listened to the whole thing again and solidified some of those second half tracks in my memory. "Melting" and "Altar" are definitely two the the highlights of side B. I'll pretty much consider the former to be the acting finale of the album as I sort of pack "Send Nudes" into the category of "epilogue." Love the bass line on it but those lyrics are just too cheeky to stand up to the finales on the previous albums. I'm not loving the main chorus lyrics from "Proof" because that's just a goofy ass adage to build song title and chorus out of but sonically the song is pretty good. I really do wish that they had treated some of these songs in their current forms as demos and then instead go back and re-perform the whole tracks all together as a band in live takes for the final recordings, as I understand they built a lot of the songs in separate shifts without all being in the studio together at the same time, contributing their own parts after the bones of the songs were established. Many of these songs would feel much better if they felt like the band playing live like most of The Fool seems to be and a number of the best tracks on all the subsequent albums.
  11. So this came out. Looks like only three of us were looking forward to it. I ended up cancelling my pre-order which still had not shipped as of the release date and I grabbed it from my guy's local record shop. Glad I went that way. The damn official band merch vendor was based in the UK and I would have been waiting my ass off for this thing while it was available right down the street. So the verdict: I would say this album has their catalog's weakest opening and closing tracks. "Champion" is more enjoyable that "Send Nudes" but it does NOT hit like any other album's opener. Its also probably the second weakest track on it overall with the closer being the weakest. That's tough for me when I've loved every other album's bookend tracks which is a quality that really drives me to re-spin them. "Hips" has to be the most satisfying expansion of their palette on this album. So many cool effects and performance styles. This is the type of track that invigorates a first listen to a new Warpaint album. Its so fucking cool. "Hard To Tell You" has instrument/vocal harmony sections that reference both "Mad World" by Tears For Fears and "Africa" by Toto. I'm not mad about it but it was slightly jarring at first. Song is good. "Stevie" has possibly the most beautiful bass/guitar chord progression harmonies of any Warpaint jam. Very uplifting and sweet sounding. Another awesome expansion of style with that interplay between guitar and bass. I really can't overstate the genius in that. "Like Sweetness" is a nice jam but its one of several songs that I still don't completely remember how to recite in my head for the most part. I do recall it having a great melody. "Trouble" stood out right away with great melody and an uncharacteristic piano driven progression. I'm still having trouble (no pun intended) recalling anything significant about the rest of the tracks aside from "Send Nudes" and I'm not super fond of remembering that track. Its melodically nice but the titular lyrical theme is just so mundane it really shuts me down about it. I'm hoping more of the back half will grow on me. I'm feeling generally positive about the album but it doesn't really have a track that can stand up "The Stall" or "Intro/Keep It Healthy" or "Warpaint" (the song from The Fool). Weird that they have a song named after the band itself. Its one of their top 5 best tracks though. One thing this album is missing for me is a lead vocal from Jenny. Its always good to hear her voice in front when they do that. Gonna keep listening of course. I am still enjoying getting familiar with it.
  12. On Bullmoose now. Both black editions ($23.97) and the blue Easter ($25.97). https://www.bullmoose.com/pid/1211785/these-arms-are-snakes-oxeneers-or-the-lion-sleeps-wh https://www.bullmoose.com/pid/1099793/these-arms-are-snakes-easter https://www.bullmoose.com/p/35417665/these-arms-are-snakes-easter-iex-translucent-blue-amped-exclusive
  13. Just a heads up, the prices cited in this post are back down to the first day levels. If you wanted to score these editions for these prices I'd jump on it.
  14. I'm just so glad I locked in my price. I've been trying to be extremely sparing with my overall expenditures and have limited my record purchases drastically. I knew I had to get these so there was no two ways about it but I wanted to do it as inexpensively as possible. These are also one Barnes & Noble for $24.99. https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/oxeneers-or-the-lion-sleeps-when-its-antelope/37567026?ean=0045778221318 https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/easter/37567027?ean=0045778221417 I'm actually feeling seriously fucked off by Jade Tree for not having these in their store like they do with pretty much all of their other recent vinyl reissues. I was really looking forward to that $18 to $20 price tag like the rest of their single LP black editions of reissues.
  15. So I went with Deep Discount and scored one of each for $21.58 a piece yesterday. Just checked today and the price is $26.08. Just checked Pop Market and they are up to $31.79 a piece. Yesterday they were like $23.58 or something. Import CDs was $23.XX and today $27.38. Glad I locked in my price but damn. I was hoping to see prices go ever so slightly down and in a day they jumped wildly pretty much in every place that they were available yesterday. As far as "retail retail" goes I mean. I haven't even checked the indie sites.

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