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  1. I would trade a sealed starburst Luminiferous for a black Euro Luminiferous if anyone is interested.
  2. This release is being handled by literally ONE man who runs his own recording studio, record label and is in at least two bands all the while packing and shipping probably around 2000 or more copies of this record. It may be a while before he responds and it may be even longer before you get any notification of your order shipping.
  3. OK. The reason I ask is because I see a shit ton of Live At Third Man LPs all over the place and am not familiar enough with their vaults or the nature of a LATM vault exclusive to have been aware that those other standard ones I saw never had a colored vault exclusive version only to have a standard version available later. Thanks for clearing that up. Looks like I have pretty much have to get this one and then be sentient enough to remember to cancel after it ships.
  4. Yeah, that clip sounds pretty good. Vocals are pretty quiet but shit. This might just be worth it. Are we sure there won't be a standard version of this like all the other LATMR releases??? Anyone???
  5. I vaguely remember listening to one online and thought it sounded really distorted and clipped. I don't know if it was just that one that was like that or if they all end up getting cut too hot like that.
  6. Looks like its $60 which isn't too awful. I was expecting it to be a lot more.
  7. Hmmm... I think I'm most sold on the bitching opportunity.... and the patch is a close second. But I am correct that basically every other Live At Third Man disc has had a standard release that you can buy in a record store usually, right? Another question: Don't a lot of these direct to acetate recordings sound a little ass-y?
  8. So.... there won't be a standard edition that I don't have to buy a vault in order to get like basically all the other Live At Thirdman LP's???? Someone please explain this bullshit to me.
  9. The original multitracks for YPAA were recorded on DAT cassettes so you you'll never have an "all analog" pressing but if they mixed the DAT to a stereo 1/2" tape and then did the standard LP cutting you could get pretty close.
  10. Vinyl edition of new album available Spring 2040.
  11. In that case Matt could go fuck himself and disappear from the face of the planet...
  12. Yeah, I just shoved both the LP and the EP into the oversized bag that came with the EP. Kind of sucks but it works.