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  1. Stupidly, its getting another press in the same ridiculous 120 color combination format as last stupid time.
  2. Looking for this album in at least VG+ condition on records and jacket. Message me if you're looking to sell.
  3. Oddfellows was in print and dirt cheap for a significant time after it's release but a couple years ago I began to notice it was starting to be listed for insane prices all over discogs and eBay. I dig the new track ok. Feels different in ways and familiar in other ways. The basic sound of the band is there but Mike's voice definitely has had a significant evolution in the last few years. I'm not sure I love the way he uses it anymore. I really like his more obnoxious and nasal aggressive attack and lately he sounds Ike he's doing aggressive with more boasting bassy tones. I miss
  4. Bump. Added that I'm also looking for Self-titled instead of making separate thread for it.
  5. Conqueror: Looking for any press on black vinyl. My understanding is there are 2 black presses around 2007 and the one in 2014. VG+ or higher condition preferred on both records and jacket. Self-Titled: Looking for any press on black vinyl. VG+ or higher condition preferred on both records and jacket. DM me if you're looking to sell.
  6. Lol I'm the only poster on this board who can order a black record without going catatonic, silly...
  7. Not to be a party pooper but that looks like the ugliest vomit that ever came out of me when I was 14.

oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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