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  1. So my 3xLP arrived yesterday and the mailer was so thin that the corner of the mailer was bent leaving a sizeable crease across the bottom left side of the jacket. Of course, it would be nice if that didn't happen to a $54 record but I'm past sweating that stuff. I would understand someone wanting blood over it but I can't live that life anymore. Ordered from Pop Market and honestly, this is the first problem I've had with their packaging. I should say that this is really the flimsiest mailer I've ever gotten from them and flimsiest I've gotten from a seller who wasn't from Europe. Also they used NO cardboard pads or anything. Just the record in the thin mailer. I recently got an original copy of Pretty Hate Machine that came from like Sweden or something like that and the mailer was fairly thin but there were no bends or damage at all. Its pretty much always a coin flip when you're getting records shipped but if the vendor takes measures like padding it definitely goes a long way. I also would like to point out that there is no way my copy is anywhere near 180g. The LP's have plenty of wobble to them and I'm happy as hell about it. The third LP with the etched backside is probably the most rigid of the three. And after all that, I still haven't had a chance to listen to it but the vinyl itself looks very clean, shiny and high quality. Pretty much everyone says this thing sounds great so I'm optimistic about that.
  2. Yeah, I've seen it for as low as $26-ish which is way better than $40.99 even though I understand the CH "Kinetic" edition is supposedly different from the retail one due to a reflective gold foil cover which is not worth double the cost of a standard single LP at all. I don't know. I can see myself liking the album if it ends up feeling more like "Black Light Shine" than the other two songs overall. I'm being super picky about spending the money on this or saving it for anything else that I already know I like which is not normal for me but money has gotten tighter. Sucks.
  3. You know, even understanding as a long time huge TMV fan how much "Vigil" might have been jarring to other TMV fans, I really don't understand why its THAT bad to everyone. I know its like the antithesis of "Tetragrammaton" and that is one of my favorites songs specifically because it is so bloated and wild and excessively long and all that but still, I find it hard to understand why "Vigil" was the line for so many. That said, the second two singles together are making it difficult for me to commit to pre-ordering this along with the excessive cost of even being in the price range that I earlier stated I would probably be comfortable paying. I'm not saying those songs are the worst thing on Earth but taken together with the cost, its just not inspiring me to put down even an agreeable amount of money for it. So I don't know. Maybe I'll just bite the bullet on a whim one of these days. I imagine this won't be too hard to come by if I wait for it to show up in physical stores but who knows.
  4. WHAT is with those physical media prices???? How the fuck much more does being kinetic need to boost the premium on a single LP out here? I'll buy this for $29.99 max if I see it for that much or less somewhere.
  5. Damn I got chumped so hard on that 5xLP. Deep remorse on that buy. Got shipping confirmation for my 3xLP though. I'll actually open and play that one. And true to form, it will be discounted about 40% in about 2 months as predicted above.
  6. What an absolutely infuriating format and joke of a price... End stage capitalism plagues early 2000's post-hardcore band.
  7. Sale prices are reflected once you add to cart. I was thinking that those prices were pretty garbage for being a sale but the displayed price on the product page is the regular price. Subtotal reflects sale total after you go to check out as well.
  8. Cheapest shipping is $13.86. Goddamn. Still the only listing I've seen for the 2xLP as it is though and very fair base price for the record.
  9. SHIT, YES! Thank you so much. I totally tend to forget that Earache ends up having a lot of great titles in their shop that weren't ever actually put out by them. That's awesome! Thanks again!
  10. Yeah. I'm really hoping to find a copy of the 2xLP remaster new in a store in the states but so far all I'm seeing is the 5xLP box from $99 to $130. Can't I just get the damn album for like $30 max? Damn.