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  1. This is a must. I just wish that these all got the remastered treatment for this.
  2. I get it. Being old and mature is super fucking cool and radical and not at all boring and trite. They could have easily just started a new band as this SOUND is a complete detachment from even Eulogies.
  3. New song put me to sleep. Unfortunate that they burned their roots and went for the Epitaph sound.
  4. I hear the slightest difference in the remaster...or maybe I'm just telling myself that because I was expecting it to blow me away.
  5. Oh, I would never. I'll rub one out with you, brother. In solidarity.
  6. This album doesn't have a "nudy cover"....and, you know what they say, if it ain't broken then nobody is making you listen or forcing you to look for that matter.
  7. I'll echo the holy $30 goddamn dollars sentiments. I was excited but this is bullshit.
  8. This came in today. They sent me a sealed copy of the record and a second signed copy of just the jacket as well. Pretty cool, even though it's been four months.
  9. I got a shipping notification as well. It's been so long I forgot I ordered.
  10. Yeah. Can we get some new material. Are they secretly broken up or on a hiatus?
  11. On first listen there's only two Todd songs and he tries to actually sing, which sadly, I'm not into. The bass is also almost non existent? And, the abrupt ending to most of the songs make them seem unfinished...I did thoroughly enjoy it, though.
  12. Haha. The Bronx is top five live bands in my book. I don't have to ever see The Used to know that The Bronx is not only better live, but also more relevant...wait, why am I even responding to this nonsense. Fuck. THE USED LOLZZZZ
  13. If anybody got any Zeke or Cryptic Slaughter I'll gladly take them off your hands.
  14. The extra songs are two Government Issue covers and a Corrosion Of Conformity cover.

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