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  1. This might be controversial, but I start by grouping by similar genre (Punk/Hardcore, Metal/Black Metal etc, Disco/Funk/Soul, House/Electronic etc. etc.) then sort by artist/chronological.
  2. https://usgolf95.bandcamp.com/album/us-golf-95-vinyl
  3. Directly from the order page: Pressing Information: 500 Blue/Yellow/Red Tri-Color (Run For Cover Exclusive) 1000 Clear w/ Pink & Green Splatter (Deluxe Photobook) 1000 Brown-in-Green (Cooking Vinyl + UK/EU Indie Stores Exclusive) 1500 Half Pink/Half Green w/ Black Splatter 6000 Hot Pink
  4. There's an Australian store, have patience: http://artistfirst.com.au/collections/run-for-cover-records?page=1
  5. If anyone could grab an extra copy of the tour press for me I'd throw in an extra 10 bucks for your trouble!
  6. I'd love to take this off your hands! (and a Fest music for Fest people 10" if you still have one?) Happy to cover cost, shipping and beer/carrying tax
  7. Great distro, great customer service. Alan runs a great shop, backed hard!
  8. If someone from the US could pick me up a South Park 7", I'd cover the cost, plus shipping, plus throw in $10 to cover part of your spend! Thanks
  9. Something anyone shipping goods to the UK should be aware of is customs charges, they are an absolute joke. I know that I personally no longer order from certain labels as they refuse to mark the goods at a lower value, which adds an extra $20 minimum fee to my order. The rule is: If you order or purchase goods other than alcohol, tobacco, perfume and toilet water from a country outside the EU then you have to pay: Customs Duty on goods with a value that exceeds £135 ($230) import VAT (20%) on goods with a value that exceeds £15 ($25) This is on top of an £8 ($13) processing fee. So please think about this before sending records to your friends across the pond!
  10. Hey Kyle - I've spoken with Alan at Different Kitchen and we've sorted things out. Thanks to you both for being so helpful!
  11. Has anyone else received a pack of 5 black 7"s? Apart from that, these records are amazing! Can't wait to pick up the ones I'm missing.
  12. 1 x $18.00 The Greatest Generation Dark Blue LP 1 x $10.00 Eagle Charcoal T-Shirt Medium 1 x $3.00 Paper Poster 12x12 1 x $0.00 The Greatest Generation 1 x $7.00 Devil Clear 7Inch LP
  13. I'd also like to drop my name in the bag for a copy of the tour press. Will cover cost & shipping & your ticket.
  14. Yes! The yellow/blue split has been the first nofx colour record I've missed from Fat in years. Glad it went back up. Thanks for the heads up
  15. Just ordered a bundle of Defeater/Alcoa stuff that I've been waiting to jump on. Thanks for the heads up! Seth, adding the pressing info is a huge improvement, you have two thumbs up from this guy on that one.
  16. Me too. Permafaust, how easy would it be to receive a refund? I'd also save on customs charges by ordering from King's Road Europe.
  17. 1 per person, but I was with 3 friends who were there to see Converge!
  18. I picked up two extras for my board bro's. tokimedo gets first dibs on one for helping me out multiple times with USA stuff in the past, the other is up for offers. PM me. Edit: these were £20 (GBP) each at the show for anyone interested..