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  1. get it pressed at GZ or musicol and cover songs wont be an issue.
  2. i was on about 24 minutes after the email came in that it was up for sale.
  3. all you fuckers that bought both colors, thanks for making it so i couldn't get one.
  4. all have been ship, but the store didnt log a few order and we thought we got em all sorted out. email. [email protected] full name. address and phone number. I'll get hem out today or tomorrow. BOO YAH. sorry bout the delays folk. our store is being glitchy and neither Bryon nor i have the nerd know how to fix this piece of shit. you will be rewarded with bonus goodies. i promise. love all you doods. except for those of you whose records i smashed on purpose or intentionally sent to someone more deserving -glenn
  5. supposedly its coming out on vagrant, at least that's what kevin told me when i saw him last.
  6. Hey errrrybuddy, I'm sitting in an all vegan resturant in NYC. Hasd to stop in and let you know that the VRGNS lp is now up for sale in the kiss of death store. www.kissofdeathrecords.com. More to come when I get back to Tampa next week. If yr going to the Iron Chic house show tonight I'll be there so come say HI!