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  1. I think their discography starts great, gets better, becomes amazing, peaking with Plans and slowly stars going downhill thereafter. Plans is amazing, right? I really like most of Narrow Stairs. But Codes and Keys is like a 2 out of 5 stars. Then Kintsugi isn't anything I vibe with.
  2. Man, I'm so late to the party. I think I want to hear it before I commit to buying.
  3. somethingvinyl

    FS: My Entire Collection

    I want all those H2Os.
  4. somethingvinyl

    SOUL, FUNK, and BLUES Record Thread

    I have a CD double set, which is good but not quite complete. This is every Johnson recording. The CD handled it right, though. The CD set I have arranges the songs in takes or alternate takes. So disc one is all version one and the second disc is the second versions of the songs that probably all didn't make shellac.
  5. somethingvinyl

    SOUL, FUNK, and BLUES Record Thread

    More stories from record buying: Got this from my favorite local shop, Domino Sound. He must have bought a lot with a few of them in there because he was selling it pretty reasonably. 3xLP of Robert Johnson's complete recordings (never been reissued as this set) for $25. Looks NM too. https://www.discogs.com/Robert-Johnson-The-Complete-Recordings/release/804433
  6. somethingvinyl

    Shower Farts

  7. I'm reading about it online. I gotta at least see that Omega vs Okada match.
  8. somethingvinyl

    PO: Dashboard Confessional Reissues

    I had an original A Mark, A Mission.... and traded it away so maybe first pressings will come down in price now. Or maybe this eventually gets to super duper clearance and get it for cheap. Back to TGUK talk, Something is still my favorite. I loved OAW back then and even more now. Guilt Show has some great songs on it too. 4MM was an album I heard after a few had been out so I never really connected with it.
  9. somethingvinyl


    Ha, I got an email notification about something that I've wanted for a while (A Mark, Mission...) and saw the pics in the email. Closed it until I could get home from work to look. Can't believe nobody has thought about it with records. I'm sure it's been done before on ebay.
  10. somethingvinyl

    Pedro The Lion entire Catalogue Repress

    By themselves, it's a tough call to which I enjoy more: IHTFAF, Winners or Control. They're perfect in their own way. Achilles Heel is so good, but doesn't move me like the others. That said, I think Curse Your Branches is my favorite Bazan-related material of all time.
  11. I would have loved this in 2002.
  12. somethingvinyl

    Pedro The Lion entire Catalogue Repress

    I sold a Coke bottle clear in 2010 that skipped for $40, lol. I also paid $45 for the dark green pressing in 2012-13-ish. So it's all in the same in the end.
  13. somethingvinyl

    Pedro The Lion entire Catalogue Repress

    This reminds me, I need a few PTL records to complete my discography of the first pressings: Bazan/Foubert Split 7" "Helicopter" (red) 7" "I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day" (green) 7" "It's Hard To Find A Friend" White LP And these more recent things that slipped past me: David Bazan ‎– Taster b/w Read My Mind (came out in 2015 on Polyvinyl) David Bazan ‎– Sparkling Water (Joyful Noise).
  14. somethingvinyl


    I feel like I know less about punk than I thought simply because I've only heard of a couple of those bands.
  15. somethingvinyl

    Shower Farts