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  1. I had to take care of some family stuff back home after I last posted. Was gone for nearly 5 months. Back to share a crazy cool soul gem from New Orleans's Allen Toussiant that deals with a similar subject:
  2. There would be so much to do, but all I'd want to do is go to record stores lol
  3. Posting in a Moonbeams thread. I dream of a record person taking a shit ton of money from me to buy a load of Japanese pressings with OBI's whenever they see them cheap and can get me a bunch and ship them to me.
  4. I did, actually! But I need that pic of Mike's crotch.
  5. I have a green WB early pressing of Paranoid and it's great. But if you're willing to spend the money, get the Vertigos.
  6. I moved 2-3K LP's & 45's + equipment from New Orleans to Dallas last August. I packed everything in Uhaul boxes. I had my 45's in white boxes already and made sure there wasn't any movement. I put the LP's in Uhaul small boxes. I wrote fragile on all of them. I hired a 3 man crew to pack my apartment into a Uhaul. I drove to Texas. Hired two guys to unload all my shit into a storage unit. Each loading/unloading event cost $250 + I tipped them.
  7. They redid the Zao Liberate print shirt and I bought two. I love it show much. Also got the new cover shirt. I had a blue in my cart and when I was updating my Paypal it was gone. Whatever.
  8. Yeah, I googled it. I always thought it was beamed.
  9. I had test pressings of Liberate and Self-titled and sold them. #1 & 2 of my record selling regrets.
  10. I don't need another live record but I'm glad they're still making money and producing stuff for fans.
  11. I'm curmudgeon in my old age and I have two records in actual record frames that I never play because they're rare-ish.
  12. Obviously the questions were written by someone who understood the need for an app that puts record collectors and stores together in one place.
  13. I move to Texas last August and you fellas haven't posted. Sad. This is the first pricey 45 I found at an estate sale for $1. I hope it's a sign of things to come. It's not soul. Texas garage: https://www.discogs.com/release/9533117-The-Sons-Of-Barbee-Doll-Psychedelic-Seat
  14. I actually didn't see that until after I made my comment. It apparently is harder to come by because people are paying more for it. But I disregarded it in the past and won't make that mistake again. I buy most copies of the Stranger to flip because I think it's great.
  15. One of the most unnecessary reissues. These are always available in every collection, thrift store, etc. That said, The Stranger is a great great album!
  16. This was so good. A dork calling someone else a dork. Classic.
  17. I most definitely filed the appropriate documentation. But I also wasn't worried because I didn't get a 1099.
  18. In addition to probiotic and fiber, I added enzymes to my daily regimen to control my bowels. It seems to help but my farts are stinkier than normal.
  19. From July 2020 through August 1 2021, I made more than 10K selling records online. I guess I won't be doing that again without keeping track of what I spend, cost of supplies, shipping, other expense, etc.
  20. Pretty cool to see this. Now I can weep for records I once possessed but have now sold. Still have most of these, though: https://deadformat.com/collection/somethingvinyl
  21. I'm sure you've been super lame for a while. Most people didn't become self-aware enough for it to be fully realized until their mid-30's.