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  1. I'm finally listening to a lot of those jazz albums I posted about almost a year ago. Then I see this thread pop up. Kismet?
  2. Someone trade me for a first press with the matchbook. I've been chasing that forever.
  3. Oh, is the OP in Florida? There's all kind of problems there with the termites. They can carry.
  4. If you sell any of your records ever, you're required to disclose this information. Something to do with a the Fair Commerce Act 1974.
  5. Purchased a 240 LP collection from a musician who actually took care of his records in January. Spent the most money I've paid for a collection thus far. A surprisingly number of good ones were in there. I’ll probably actually hold onto 90-100 to keep or sell off which is higher when compared to the usual 30-40 LP’s one finds. These are the best. He wasn’t quite old enough to have bought the grail 1950’s mono pressings. Most of these are 70’s stereo pressings with a few exceptions. 97% of the vinyl is cleannnnnnnn.
  6. Maybe now the FF will come down in price. I don’t want to pay $90 for it. But I’ll grab one of these too.
  7. I moved to Dallas last year. It's not NOLA. Let's just say that! Hope you're well!
  8. Are we still talking about Walmart $15 records? I bought a bunch, even got an Iron Maiden (it was released that same Friday during the six days the sale occurred which is why many wouldn't sell them for $15). Anyway, I just wanted The Beatles White Album w/ Esher demos. Would happily trade if anyone found one of those.
  9. Mine came today after sitting 30 miles south of me in Dallas for 10 days. They look great. Reading back through the thread, I don't know what I worried about with these selling out. I too panicked on release day worried about them being scooped up. There's 4K of each album, so 12K total. Since they've all been OOP for years, it'll eventually sell out. But not within hours like everything else that's limited to 1-2K.
  10. I bought a collection five or six years back. Had a couple of his LP's in there, but latter ones. JLH was a unique voice in blues. I always hold out on stuff like this because I hope to come across original pressings from the 50's and 60's.
  11. Don't know if I ever posted this before. If I did, it's been years. Found this one cheap in NOLA. Maybe $10 or less. Selling on Discogs for $100. Nice. I should sell it, right? Well, I play it from time to time. Soulful, tight, 70's funk. It's really good. What I'm more interested in now is finding the other stuff released on the label, Metro-Dome. When I bought it, never heard of the label. As you're aware, small label stuff can be terrible or excellent. Even though Discogs only has about five listings for this label, I'm particularly interested because it's a label out of San Antonio. There's got to be more. Being that I moved to Texas last year, and I'm unfamiliar with most of the music made in this area besides the mainstream artists, I'm obsessed with small labels of 60's-70's indie and underground music. Please enjoy!
  12. All my records are in storage and I didn't get to the F's before I moved when cataloging my stuff. I hope I have a copy of this. Crazy the dead stock sold out so quickly.
  13. I had to take care of some family stuff back home after I last posted. Was gone for nearly 5 months. Back to share a crazy cool soul gem from New Orleans's Allen Toussiant that deals with a similar subject:
  14. There would be so much to do, but all I'd want to do is go to record stores lol
  15. Posting in a Moonbeams thread. I dream of a record person taking a shit ton of money from me to buy a load of Japanese pressings with OBI's whenever they see them cheap and can get me a bunch and ship them to me.
  16. I did, actually! But I need that pic of Mike's crotch.
  17. I have a green WB early pressing of Paranoid and it's great. But if you're willing to spend the money, get the Vertigos.
  18. I moved 2-3K LP's & 45's + equipment from New Orleans to Dallas last August. I packed everything in Uhaul boxes. I had my 45's in white boxes already and made sure there wasn't any movement. I put the LP's in Uhaul small boxes. I wrote fragile on all of them. I hired a 3 man crew to pack my apartment into a Uhaul. I drove to Texas. Hired two guys to unload all my shit into a storage unit. Each loading/unloading event cost $250 + I tipped them.
  19. They redid the Zao Liberate print shirt and I bought two. I love it show much. Also got the new cover shirt. I had a blue in my cart and when I was updating my Paypal it was gone. Whatever.
  20. Yeah, I googled it. I always thought it was beamed.

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