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  1. hollisbrown

    New Vinyl at Oldies.com

    They undercut their retailers - which sucks - but they also are the kings of sending damaged records. Order enough and you'll see what I mean.
  2. hollisbrown

    SS: Wavves - Life Sux (green /420) - $30 shipped

    I've emailed this guy twice about a problem with no response.
  3. hollisbrown

    WTTF - Scott Pilgrim Soundtrack

    A good portion of the first run was warped so be careful.
  4. hollisbrown

    record store bullshit.

    It's pure BS if a record store won't accept a return for warped vinyl (or any other manufacturer defect). All of my distributors accept returns and I've never turned a customer away because of something like this.
  5. hollisbrown

    Ramones remasters on vinyl

    yeah, and they were all like 10 bucks which i thought was awesome. All of those $10 pressings are taken from CD and they sound terrible.
  6. hollisbrown

    Pro-ject Debut III vs Rega RP1

    I'm of the opinion that your better off buying a vintage Thorens or similar. Go to Audiokarma or the Steve Hoffman forum and do some research before you pull the trigger.
  7. hollisbrown

    Record Store Day Blues

    If you think that pledge is going to make a difference then you're sadly mistaken. I can assure you there will be RSD titles available at ridiculous prices before and after the special day. Do what I do and wait 3 months and buy them. I've picked up everything I've wanted at retail or less. Remember people have short attention spans.
  8. hollisbrown

    PO: The Strokes - Angles

    The UK pressing of Angles is being offered on clear vinyl. I'll have it available for $32 (expensive I know) if anyone wants one.
  9. Take the time to research them and even if they don't turn out to be much you will have learned a lot about the value and grading of records. It might come in hand someday when you stumble on a garage sale with Lightnin' Hopkins 1st record for a buck and turn around and sell it for $1200.
  10. hollisbrown

    How To Pack A Record

  11. hollisbrown

    eBay feedback

    The seller only took responsibility after I placed a claim with Paypal . Someone should post a sticky with proper packing instructions. And don't get me started on how many times I've purchased records here that arrive damaged. It's pretty ridiculous really.
  12. hollisbrown

    eBay feedback

    The contents of that box were totally destroyed. There was over $250 worth of vinyl that was tossed in a flimsy box with no protection whatsoever.
  13. hollisbrown

    eBay feedback

    I've seen far worse packing jobs from a good chunk of sellers on this forum!
  14. hollisbrown

    small set sale . .