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  1. got a copy of the loser edition today at academy records. was so happy and surprised they had it!
  2. Anger Management - Session 1, Martyr - TEST PRESS /? Capital - Givers Takers, UnComm -TEST PRESS /? Capital - Homefront, UnComm - personalized TEST PRESS /20 Capital - Signal Corps, UnComm - personalized TEST PRESS /20 Crime in Stereo - Love, Run For Cover - TEST PRESS T Crime in Stereo / Kill Your Idols - split, Rocket Punch - TEST PRESS 7/20 I Rise - For Redemption, 1917 -TEST PRESS 2/15 T Incendiary - Crusade, Eternal Hope - TEST PRESS 4/10 Indecision - Campaign For Complete Musikal Destruction(1998 tour) - Justin on the cover, black ink stamp, "Heroes and Conspiracies" 002/500 TRUE TEST PRESS (first one put together to use as a model for the rest of the pressing) Indecision - Unorthodox (repress), Bitter Melody - TEST PRESS 11/20 Indecision / Indifference - split , City Light - TEST PRESS /5 Instilled - Unfinished Business, State of Mind - TEST PRESS /10 Kill Your Idols - For Our Friends, Lifeline - TEST PRESS /10 Kill Your Idols - Funeral For A Feeling, Side One Dummy -TEST PRESS Kill Your Idols - Live at CBGB's July 30th, 2000, Creep - TEST PRESS /? Kill Your Idols - No Gimmicks Needed, Blackout! -TEST PRESS 14/60 Kill Your Idols - Salmon Swim Upstream, Vicious Circle - TEST PRESS 8/13 Kill Your Idols - Something Started Here, Get Outta Town -box set - TEST PRESS(es) /10 Kill Your Idols /Good Riddance - split, B9 - TEST PRESS 14/15 Kill Your Idols /Modern Life is War - Live on WLUW - TEST PRESS /? Kill Your Idols /Nerve Agents - split, Mankind - TEST PRESS /15 Shift - Spacesuit, EVR - TEST PRESS /8 Soul Control - Fundamental Forces, DeadButDreaming - TEST PRESS 15/18 Soul Control - Like Spiders, TBD -TEST PRESS /40 i dont even like soul control and kinda just bought them for the hell of it.
  3. ive bought a ton of kill your idols and other long island hardcore stuff from brian meehan of kill your idols.
  4. off topic kinda. i once sold a pair of skate shoes on ebay. maybe wore them 5 times. when the buy got them he told me the soles separated from the shoe after a day of skating. i told him i didnt believe him and to send a picture. he never did, tried to scam me
  5. http://www.myressurrection.blogspot.com/ heres a link to my record blog
  6. oh yea didnt look to see you live in detroit. dont miss them if the come by on the spring tour.
  7. i cant believe people havent seen inferno yet. ive seen them nearly 30 times. each show is special and exciting. go alone and you will make friends.
  8. i cant wait for this. i just got an og press about a month ago. i hope it drives prices down on the og white so i can pick that up soon