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  1. Haha
    rthursdayx got a reaction from tokimedo in PO: Thrice - Beggars Repress   
    Thanks...I think.
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    rthursdayx reacted to brandon260 in FS: Rare, OOP Records (Title Fight, Into It. Over It., Thursday, Moneen)   
    Hey all! Looking to part with some of the rarer records from my collection. PM me with offers.
    Moneen - The Red Tree (White/Red, /500)
    Into It. Over It. - 52 Weeks (Clear Red, /200)
    Title Fight - Floral Green (Floral, /500)
    Thursday - A City By the Light Divided (Red/Black/White Splatter, /1000)
    The Glamour Kills Tour Split (TWY, PBC, IIOI, Transit, TSSF, AL4W) (Black, /1000)
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    rthursdayx reacted to Terminator_Ham in Emergency Sale! Underoath, Phantom Planet/Jonny Craig Tests, MCR, Mondo, The Used   
    Hey Brother,
    I hope everyhting is alright since you first posted your collection for sale.
    I was just looking to see if you had a few items still for sale and if we could make somthing happen. Tried to PM you but you cannot recieve messages.
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    rthursdayx got a reaction from Mchang25 in Emergency Sale! Underoath, Phantom Planet/Jonny Craig Tests, MCR, Mondo, The Used   
    Yes I am willing to part with this FYS Variant if you still need it I can send you pics just let me know thanks! And sorry for the late response!
  5. Thanks
    rthursdayx reacted to NorrisNuts in Emergency Sale! Underoath, Phantom Planet/Jonny Craig Tests, MCR, Mondo, The Used   
    I bought a record from him & he shipped within in a day
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    rthursdayx reacted to Cbolling126 in FS: Need gone soonish! ETID bayside Brand New   
    HELLO!! SO as much as I love some of these records there's something more important I need the money for.  Sorry they are not in order, but shoot me an offer and we will work something out. 
    Iron Chic - Constant one - baby blue
    Everytime I Die - Low Teens - purple
    Everytime I Die - From Part Unknown - black
    Everytime I Die - Ex Lives - Black
    Story of the Year - Page Avenue - Red (sealed)
    The Distillers - Coral Fang - RSD (sealed)
    Childish Gambino - Because the Internet - w/ screenplay
    The Coup - Sorry to bother you - Black
    Cute is what we aim for - the same old bloodrush - pink & blue
    Darkest hour - Hidden Hands of a sadist nation - Green
    Kanye West - The college dropout - slit tear on jacket
    The Lumineers - S/T - black
    NOFX - Wolves in Wolves Clothing - black
    Rise Against - Wolves - Black
    Slayer - reign in blood - black
    State - All Wrong - black
    Kevin Devine - We are who we've always been - Blue/white splatter (sealed)
    Kanye West - 808s and heartbreaks
    Rancid - and out come the wolves - gold
    Rage against the machine - picture disc
    Blink 182 - Buddah - black
    Bikini Kill - Revolution Girl Style Now - Black
    Kevin Devine - Brothers Blood - Purple/Pink Split/Splatter
    Blink 182 - Mark Tom and Travis Show - Clear w/ blue red green splatter
    Blink 182 - take off your pants and jack it - Clear w/ red yellow green splatter
    Blink 182 - California Deluxe - Black
    Blink 182 - Enema of the State - Black SRC #171
    Blink 182 - California - Purple
    Bad Religion - The Empire Strikes First - Black
    Bad Books - Day Trotter Session
    Manchester Orchestra - A black mile to the surface - Black 2xLP
    Minor Threat - S/T - mint green
    Minor Threat - Out of Step - White
    The Strokes - comedown machine - black (sealed)
    School boy Q - OXYMORON - black (sealed)
    Weezer - Pacific Day Dream - Clear with pink
    Brand New - Science Fiction - Clear (sealed)
    Brand new -  Science Fiction - Black (Sealed)
    AFI - Blood Album - Blood red (?)
    Bad Books - II - Black (Sealed)
    La Dispute - Rooms of the House - Solid Blue
    Childish Gambino - Awaken, my love! - Box Set
    Anti-flag - The People or the Gun - Black
    At the Drive-in - in-ter a-li-a - Black/Bone Split
    Ramones - Mania - Black 2X LP
    Wonder Woman Sound Track - Black 2X LP
    Josie and the Pussy Cats - Mondo Exclusive
    LOGAN soundtrack - NOIR variant SIGNED
    STAR WARS the force awakens soundtrack - I AM SHARK Captain Phasma (sealed)
    CHRISTINE soundtrack - Blue
    EVERY TIME I DIE - Last Night in Town - Tri Color
    EVERY TIME I DIE - Gutter Phenomenon - Pink Splatter
    THURSDAY - A city by the light divided - 2X LP
    Underoath - They're only chasing safety - Green (no insert)
    BAYSIDE - Killing time - Cream
    BLINK 182 - Dude Ranch - Clear Yellow Splatter
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    rthursdayx got a reaction from tetsuodaironman in Emergency Sale! Underoath, Phantom Planet/Jonny Craig Tests, MCR, Mondo, The Used   
    I got mad love for this dude! And I'm still jealous as hell of that Edmiston Thing Print!
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    rthursdayx reacted to tetsuodaironman in Emergency Sale! Underoath, Phantom Planet/Jonny Craig Tests, MCR, Mondo, The Used   
    He traded me a print before for some cash and a record. Transaction went through smoothly for me.
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    rthursdayx reacted to Rezqua in Emergency Sale! Underoath, Phantom Planet/Jonny Craig Tests, MCR, Mondo, The Used   
    For whatever it's worth I've done a few transactions with the dude. Can't remember specifically but something odd happened one time that ended up working out fine. Got some solid deals, I remember grabbing Tigers Jaw photobooth screen print for like $50. 
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    rthursdayx reacted to Multiverse in Emergency Sale! Underoath, Phantom Planet/Jonny Craig Tests, MCR, Mondo, The Used   
    I've only had good experiences with this dude on here so I guess buy at your own risk
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    rthursdayx reacted to brokieboss in CYBER TUESDAY   
    Brand New - Deja Extendu (2x black 180g) $10
    Bombay Bicycle Club - A Different Kind of Fix $10
    Cartel - The Ransom EP (green) $8
    Circa Survive - Descensus (2x black 180g) $10
    City and Colour - Little Hell (2x black 180g) $10
    Coldplay- Viva La Vida (black 180g) $10
    Copeland - You Are My Sunshine (2x brown) $30
    Copeland - Eat, Sleep, Repeat (white) $15
    Copeland - In Motion (coke bottle green) $20
    Death Cab For Cutie - Transatlanticism (2x black 180g) $15
    Death Cab For Cutie - We Have The Facts And We're Voting Yes (black 180g) $10
    Garden State Soundtrack (2x black 180g) $15
    Iron and Wine - The Sheperd's Dog   (black) $8
    Real Estate - Atlas (black) $10
    Saves The Day - Under The Boards (clear green) $12
    Saves The Day - Sound The Alarm (black 180g) $12
    Saves The Day - Stay What You Are (black 180g) $12
    Senses Fail - Let It Enfold You (clear w/ red & yellow splatter) $12
    The Early November - In Currents (white) $12
    The Killers - Sam's Town (picture disc) $10
    The War On Drugs - Lost In The Dream (black) $10
    Taking Back Sunday - Happiness Is (opaque peach?) $10
    Taking Back Sunday - New Again (black) $10
    Title Fight - Hyperview (grey swirl) $10
    Volcano Choir - Unmap (black) $10
    The Civil Wars - Tracks In The Snow (white) $8
    The Lulls in Traffic/States - Split EP (yellow) $10
    The Civil Wars - Billie Jean (black) $8
    Hidden In Plain View - Twenty Below (blue flexi) $8
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    rthursdayx reacted to KingTacoMunster in PO SOON: Snot - Get Some   
    OH MY, ive been waiting and waiting and waiting for this. CRAZY EXCITE
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    rthursdayx reacted to angryalan in PO SOON: Snot - Get Some   
    Get Some

    To be released on MOV December 1st. 
    180 gram audiophile black vinyl, lyric sheet insert, 20th anniversary edition.
    Pre-order links:
    Amazon US — $30.99
    Bullmoose (US) — $26.97
    ImportCDs (US)— $22.23
    Acoustic Sounds (US) — $27.98
    Amazon UK — £22.43
    Amazon Germany — € 25.99
    Face The Music (Hungary) — 6 290, -
    Vinyl Junk (Belgium) — € 21.99
    Shiny Beast (Netherlands) — € 26.95
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    rthursdayx reacted to jaybar516 in FS: All Get Out, Circa, Transit, TREOS, MCS & More   
    Add $4 shipping (no matter how many records)
    All Get Out - The Season (Baby Blue) - $16
    The American Scene - Safe For Now (Clear) - $8
    Knocked Loose - Laugh Tracks (Gray/Blue) - $18
    Circa Survive - Decensus (Transparent Yellow) - $18
    Boys Night Out - Broken Bones & Bloody Kisses (Black) - $35
    Matchbook Romance - Stories and Alibis (2x LP Black) - $20
    Disturbed - The Sickness (Black) - $18
    The Prizefighter Inferno - My Brothers Blood Machine (Trans Orange) - $18
    The Front Bottoms - Back on Top (Black) - $15
    Transit - Listen and Forgive (Pink)  - $15
    Motion City Soundtrack - Go (Black) - $16
    The Receiving End of Sirens - The Earth Sings...(2x LP Clear Black and White Splatter) - $25
    50 Cent - Get Rich or Die Tryin' (Black 2x LP) - $20
    Streets of Rage 2 Soundtrack (2x LP Clear) - $30
    My Chemical Romance - Three Cheers (Black) - $15
    Justin Timberlake - 20/20 Experience (2x LP Black) - $18
    You Me & Everyone We Know - Some Things Don't Wash Out (Clear)
    The Early November - the mother the mechanic and the path (3x LP)
    Hawthorne Heights - Silence in Black and White (Clear) 
    Motion City Soundtrack - My Dinosaur Life (12" Black) 
    Emery - The Question (Red)
    Manchester Orchestra - A Black Mile To The Surface (Black Smoke 2x LP)
    Thanks for looking.
  15. Thanks
    rthursdayx reacted to ifworkpermits in FS - fun., The Format, Steel Train, Nerf Herder, Park, The Wonder Years, The Used, etc.   
    Used to have a 100% complete fun/format collection, but a nasty breakup left my collection in shambles. Selling what is left that I won't listen to, since I'll never be able to rebuild this collection. Also selling a few other things that I'm not going to listen to anytime soon.
    Please do not be afraid to make offers.
    The Format - Time Bomb 7" blue (signed by Sam Means)
    fun. - Walking The Dog 7" black
    fun. - At Least I'm Not As sad (as I used to be) - 7" black with cd
    fun. - The Ghost That You Are To Me - Gold Shaped Picture Disx RSD
    fun. - Point and Light 10" clear with multi color splatter
    FUN. - We Are Young - 7" picture disc
    FUN. - Before Shane Went to Bangkok - 12" black (no Polaroid)
    Steel Train - Steel Train - 12" blue w/ white Splatter
    The Wonder Years - Won't Be Pathetic Forever - 7" Pink /500
    The Used - The Taste Of Ink 7" Black
    The Used - Take It Away 7" Red
    Dashboard Confessional / New Found Glory - The Swiss Army Bro-Mance 7" Black
    Forever Came Calling - Contender 12" clear w/ Orange Splatter /200
    Nerf Herder - Nerf Herder 12" black
    Nerf Herder - American Cheese 12" black
    Park - No Signal 2xLP Black (Advance/Test Press) /24
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    rthursdayx reacted to Team Avatar in Aaron Horkey Two Towers regular press - mondo   
    I have the regular pressing of the two towers print by aaron horkey.
    I'm looking for $170 + shipping!
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    rthursdayx reacted to dmac8706 in FS: Alexisonfire/Thrice/Underoath/Stick to Your Guns/ Letlive   
    ready to make some deals at some good prices. let me know thanks
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    rthursdayx reacted to [Banned User] in What Test Presses do you own?   
    blink-182 - Untitled RTI (SRC) test press
    bljnk-182 - Enema of the State URP (Universal) test press
  19. Thanks
    rthursdayx reacted to rrd in What Test Presses do you own?   
    Get Up Kids, The - Loveteller [Test Press - Blue/Black Swirl #12 of 12]
    Get Up Kids, The - Ten Minutes (Sub Pop Singles Club V2 #11) [Test Press - Black of 8]
    Get Up Kids, The - Woodson [Test Press - Black - 15th Anniversary Repress]
    Get Up Kids, The / Coalesce - Split [Test Press - Black w/ Erika Labels #4 of 8]
    Get Up Kids, The / Coalesce - Split [Test Press - Black w/ White Labels - Bill Smith]
    Matt Pryor - Self Titled (No Sleep Records Special Subscriber & Friends Series) [Test Press - Black #3/20]
    Matt Pryor / Dan Andriano - Split [Test Press (Approved) - Black #1/10]
    Matt Pryor / Dan Andriano - Split [Test Press (Rejected) - Black #1/10]
    Matt Pryor / Gates - Burn Bright Vol. 1 [Test Press - Black - 1st Rejected #4/15]
    Matt Pryor / Gates - Burn Bright Vol. 1 [Test Press - Black - 2nd Rejected #4/6]
    Get Up Kids, The - Red Letter Day [Test Press Black]
    Anniversary, The - Your Majesty [Test Press - Black - Original Pressing]
    Bjork - Homogenic [Test Press - Black]
    Fall of Troy, The - Doppelganger [Test Press Black #1 of 15]
    Get Up Kids, The - Eudora [Test Press - Black - 1st Lp Only, 2nd Lp Missing]
    Get Up Kids, The - Four Minute Mile (1997) [Test Press - Black]
    Get Up Kids, The - Four Minute Mile (2001 Remastered) [Test Press - Black]
    Get Up Kids, The - Four Minute Mile (2008 Repress) [Test Press Black]
    Get Up Kids, The - Four Minute Mile (2012 Repress) [Test Press - Black - 15th Anniversary]
    Get Up Kids, The - Four Minute Mile (2015 Repress) [Test Press - Black of 5]
    Get Up Kids, The - On A Wire [Test Press - Black - 2013 Repress]
    Get Up Kids, The - On A Wire [Test Press Black]
    Get Up Kids, The - Simple Science [Test Press Black #12 of 15]
    Get Up Kids, The - Something To Write Home About (1999) [Test Press Black]
    Get Up Kids, The - Something To Write Home About (2008 Repress) [Test Press Black]
    Matt Pryor - Confidence Man [Test Press Black]
    Matt Pryor - May Day [Test Press Pink]
    Matt Pryor - Wrist Slitter [Euro Test Press - Black Labels w/ Screenprint Chipboard Sleeve "x of X"]
    Matt Pryor - Wrist Slitter [Test Press - Erika w/ Misprinted Chipboard Sleeve]
    New Amsterdams, The - At The Foot of My Rival [Test Press Black]
    New Amsterdams, The - Outroduction [Test Press - Black]
    New Amsterdams, The - Worse For The Wear [Test Press Black]
    Reggie & The Full Effect - No Country For Old Musicians [Test Press - Black #12/15]
    Reggie And The Full Effect - Promotional Copy [Test Press Black]
    Soundtrack - Music From Vanilla Sky (2x12") [Test Press - 200gm Black]
    Various - Fadeaway Friends (3x12") [Test Press - Milky Clear #16/19]
    Various - Metroschifter Encapsulated (2x12") [Test Press - Black]
    Various - Where Is My Mind: A Tribute To The Pixies [Test Press Black]
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    rthursdayx reacted to holyvacantsholyhell in FS- Brand New, AJJ, Boris, Wintersun, Nothing, MCR, underOATH. Tons of Colored Vinyl, Limited Editions, First Presses, etc.   
    Bump, added Circa Survive- Blue Sky Noise on blue transparent to the list.
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    rthursdayx reacted to holyvacantsholyhell in FS- Brand New, AJJ, Boris, Wintersun, Nothing, MCR, underOATH. Tons of Colored Vinyl, Limited Editions, First Presses, etc.   
    Posting full collection for sale and possibly trade. Discogs is blahhdippel, if you want to peep my extensive wantlist. $5 shipping. All sleeves and media are at least VG, PM me for details on specific items. I'm apparently bad at pricing, so I'm wide open to negotiations, looking to get around discogs median value for these.
    After Dark 2 (3xLP Ultra Clear)
    AJJ- People (Random Color)
    AJJ- Can’t Maintain (Random Color)
    Alcest- Ecailles De Lune (Magenta Trans)
    Alcest- Kodama
    Angel Du$t- Rock the Fuck On Forever (Yellow Trans)
    As Cities Burn- Come Now Sleep (Green Trans)
    Atheist- Elements (Orange)
    Bayside- Vacancy (Fried Egg)
    Beach House- Teen Dream
    Beach House- Depression Cherry (Clear)
    Beatles- Sgt. Pepper (Red)
    Beatles- Abbey Road
    Beatles- Let it Be
    Bled, The- Found in the Flood (Blue)
    Boards of Canada- Geogaddi
    Bongzilla- Amerijuanican (Purple Kush)
    Boris- Feedbacker
    Boris- Heavy Rocks Hits Volumes 1-3
    Boris- Pink (3xLP Pink/Purple Swirl)
    Boris- Heavy Rocks 2011
    Boris- Noise (Grey Marble)
    Boris- Dear (Yellow/Black Marble)
    Boston- Boston
    Boston- Don’t Look Back
    Brand New- Your Favorite Weapon (Deluxe Reissue, Triple Crown)
    Brand New- Deja Entendu (Triple Crown Repress after RSD version but before P!MT mass repress)
    Brand New- The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me (MOV Black)
    Brand New- Daisy (First Press Gatefold)
    Brand New- I Am a Nightmare
    Brand New- Mene (Clear)
    Brand New- 3 Demos, Reworked
    Bring Me the Horizon- That’s the Spirit
    Bruce Springsteen- Born to Run
    Burial- Rival Dealer
    Chiodos- All’s Well That Ends Well (White)
    Chiodos- Bone Palace Ballet: The Grand Coda (Rose Red w/ Black Marble)
    Circa Survive- Blue Sky Noise (Blue Trans)
    Circa Survive- Descensus (Clear w/ Blue, White, Yellow Splatter)
    City of Caterpillar- City of Caterpillar
    Converge- Axe to Fall (Brown)
    David Bowie- Blackstar
    A Day to Remember- For Those Who Have Heart (Black/Yellow Marble)
    A Day to Remember- Home Sick (Purple Starburst)
    Defeater- Travels (Gold)
    Defeater- Lost Ground 7” (Red)
    Dillinger Escape Plan, The- Dissociation (Clear)
    Dillinger Escape Plan, The- Limerent Death 7” (Silver)
    Dir En Grey- Dum Spiro Spero
    Do Make Say Think- Stubborn Persistent Illusions
    Doomriders- Black Thunder (Red)
    Electric Wizard- Time to Die (Clear)
    Elton John- Elton John
    Elton John- Tumbleweed Connection
    Elton John- Caribou
    Elton John- Madman Across the Water
    Elton John- Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road
    Elton John- Greatest Hits II
    Every Time I Die- From Parts Unknown
    Explosions in the Sky- The Earth is Not a Cold Dead Place
    Explosions in the Sky- The Wilderness (Clear w/ Rainbow Splatter, Tour Exclusive)
    Frank Turner- Sleep is for the Week (Brown)
    Frank Turner- Sleep is for the Week (10 Year Anniversary Edition)
    Frank Turner- Poetry of the Deed
    Frank Turner- Love, Ire, and Song
    Frank Turner- England, Keep My Bones
    Frank Turner- Tape Deck Heart
    Frank Turner- Positive Songs for Negative People (Signed)
    Frank Turner- Positive Songs for Negative People Acoustic
    Full of Hell- Roots of Earth Are Consuming My Home (Godzilla’s Eye)
    Full of Hell- Trumpeting Ecstasy (God’s Eye)
    Full of Hell & Merzbow- Full of Hell & Merzbow
    Gates- Bloom and Breathe (Electric Blue Trans)
    Gates- Parallel Lives (Clear)
    Goatsnake- Black Age Blues
    Godspeed You! Black Emperor- F#A#inifnity
    Godspeed You! Black Emperor- Slow Riot for New Zero Kanada
    Godspeed You! Black Emperor- Lift Yr Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven
    Godspeed You! Black Emperor- Allelujah! Don’t Bend! Ascend!
    Hammock- Everything and Nothing (Clear w/ Black Smoke)
    Intronaut- The Direction of Last Things (Red/Black Marble)
    Jack White- Lazaretto
    Johnny Jewel- The Hacker/The Key (Clear)   
    Junior Bruce- Endless Descent
    Kayo Dot- Coffins on Io   
    La Dispute- Somewhere at the Bottom of the River Between Vega and Altair (Purple Trans)
    La Dispute- Wildlife (Grey Opaque, Clear)
    Lost In Translation OST (Green)
    Mastodon- Crack the Skye
    Maylene and the Sons of Disaster- Maylene and the Sons of Disaster (Red/Yellow Split)
    Modest Mouse- The Moon and Antarctica
    Mongol Horde- Mongol Horde (White)
    Moving Mountains- Pneuma (Clear w/ Green, Blue, White, Yellow Splatter)
    My Bloody Valentine- Loveless
    My Bloody Valentine- mbv
    My Chemical Romance- I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love
    My Chemical Romance- Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge (Clear w/ Blood Splatter)
    My Chemical Romance- The Black Parade (Bone, White, Black Marble)
    Nails- Abandon All Life
    National, The- Boxer
    No Devotion- Permanence
    Norma Jean- Polar Similar (Purple/White Smash) 
    Nothing- Downward Years To Come (Red/White Split)
    Nothing- Guilty of Everything
    Nothing- Guilty of Everything- (LGBT Jacket, Trans Blue w/ Rainbow Splatter)
    Nothing- Tired of Tomorrow (Blue Inside Milky Clear, Tour Exclusive
    Nothing- Tired of Tomorrow (Vertigo Flowers Edition)
    Nothing- ACD (White)
    Nothing & Whirr- Nothing & Whirr (Cream)
    Number Twelve Looks Like You, The- Put On Your Rosy Red Glasses (Milky Clear w/ Grey Smoke)
    Number Twelve Looks Like You, The- Nuclear, Sad, Nuclear (Orange Haze/White Marble)
    Number Twelve Looks Like You, The- Mongrel (Red Trans)
    Number Twelve Looks Like You, The- Worse Than Alone (Grey Marble)
    Paramore- After Laughter (Teal Marble)
    Refused- The Shape of Punk to Come
    Refused- Freedom
    Rush- A Farewell to Kings
    Scary Kids Scaring Kids- The City Sleeps in Flames (Gold Inside Beer w/ Black Splatter)
    Senses Fail- Let It Enfold You (Orange w/ Black Smoke)
    Senses Fail- Pull the Thorns From Your Heart (Pink Marble)
    Seven Sisters of Sleep- Children of God (Glow in the Dark)
    Sigur Ros- Kveikur
    Silverstein- A Shipwreck In the Sand
    Silverstein- This is How the Wind Shifts (Blue Inside Clear)
    Silverstein- I Am Alive In Everything I Touch (Bone w/ Brown Marble)  
    Silverstein- Dead Reflection (Pink/Orange Split w/ Black Splatter)
    Sleep- Holy Mountain (Purple Trans)
    Sleep- Dopesmoker (Indica) 
    Sleep- Dopesmoker (Picture Disc)  
    Sufjan Stevens- Carrie and Lowell
    Super Snake-  Summer Girls/Rider (Baby Blue)  
    Swarms- Old Raves End (3xLP White)  
    Tallest Man on Earth- The Wild Hunt  
    Thrice- Vheissu (Blue Trans)  
    Thrice- To Be Everywhere Is to Be Nowhere (Teal Marble, Tour Exclusive)  
    Thursday- Full Collapse  
    Thursday- Kill the House Lights (Red/White Marble)
    Touche Amore- Stage Four (Peach, Tour Exclusive)
    Trophy Scars- Alphabet. Alphabets. (White w/ Blue Splatter)
    Trophy Scars- Bad Luck (Red/Black Splatter)
    Trophy Scars- Holy Vacants (Crystal w/ Smoke)
    underOATH- The Changing of Times (Clear)
    underOATH- Sunburnt/Unsound 7” (Picture Disc
    underOATH- Rebirth (White)
    United Nations- United Nations (White Album Reissue on White) 
    Vampire Weekend- Vampire Weekend  
    Wintersun- S/T (White)
    Yes- Close to the Edge
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    rthursdayx reacted to Juturna90 in FS: Born of Osiris, HRVRD, Mewithoutyou, Taking Back Sunday   
    Born Of Osiris - The New Reign (Orange/Blue Haze) $25 ppd shipped 
    HRVRD - The Inevitable and I (2xLP Ocean Blue) 1st Press $45 ppd shipped
    HRVRD - From The Birds Cage (Black) $25 ppd shipped
    Mewithoutyou - A to B Life (180 Gram Black) $30 ppd shipped
    Taking Back Sunday - Tell all Your Friends (Black) $14 ppd shipped
    Dissociation (2xLP Transparent Blue)
    Ire Works (Hot Pink/Electric Blue Euro Press)
    Option Paralysis (Red/Blue/White Marble)
    Instrumentalist (White) RSD Title
    Limerent Death (Silver)
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    rthursdayx got a reaction from Adrenaline King in WTB mewithoutYou - all variants/presses/TPs   
    Do you have A-B Life, Circa Survive/mewithoutYou 7" Split, mewithoutYou/Say Anything 7" Tour Split or Catch For Us The Foxes!? I have all of these except CFUTF and I regret it everyday that I sold my Dark Opaque Red Variant!
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    rthursdayx got a reaction from Rip in The Mondo Records Thread - You think limited? Will sell fast?   
    Thanks for the best of luck wishes! I just scored the '17 SDCC Edmiston Eyes Without A Face Set for $100!! Very Excited, I was very tempted to get your set on Ebay for $350 but couldn't pass this deal up! Goodluck with your sale man!
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    rthursdayx reacted to tetsuodaironman in The Mondo Records Thread - You think limited? Will sell fast?   
    Gunning for that Hellraiser box set or the screening edition!

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