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  1. Damn it I need that cunninlynguist album
  2. Havnt drank 40s since I gained self respect but im ready for a mid life crisis. Might have to pick up that koozie.
  3. Pretty good but popcorn and tea would of completed the meme
  4. OTW still much better album IMO, but guilt show does sound like the bridge between those albums
  5. Looking to clear some space, dont listen to what's left of my collection anymore so willing to unload some. Prefer if you buy in multiples, only have a few mailers. Common records willing to sell discog minimum or cheaper for multiples on most of them. Message for condition or pictures, some unopened or unplayed just opened to check variant. Feel free to offer: https://www.discogs.com/user/thewmatic/collection
  6. I ordered it the day it came out and still have no notification, hmmmm
  7. that bubble gum bump. Also willing to trade them for vinyl. lmk!
  8. I'll def go here at least once a month, its right by my ladies parents. As long as the used selection is diverse and the prices decent i'll be there.
  9. Heres a few xbox one games I'm selling. All in great condition. Will throw in a dvd with each purchase, Prices are PPD Far Cry 4 - 30ppd Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - 30ppd Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare - 20ppd Lego Marvel Super Heroes - 20ppd Metal Gear Solid V - 20ppd all 5 for 100ppd Also willing to trade them for some records, just lemmie know what you want.